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Re: Alien Bodies Recovered After UFO Crash In

From: Andy Roberts <Brigantia@compuserve.com>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 08:43:58 -0400
Fwd Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 08:56:07 -0400
Subject: Re: Alien Bodies Recovered After UFO Crash In

 >Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 03:01:32
 >To: updates@globalserve.net
 >From: Stig Agermose <stig.agermose@get2net.dk>
 >Subject: Alien Bodies Recovered After UFO Crash In Wales?

 >Source: The Daily Mirror, London
 >Redfern's book was published months ago.

The recent Berwyn 'UFO Crash' piece in the Daily Mirror cannot
be allowed to pass without comment.



 >Farmer claims he saw UFO

 >A TOP-SECRET Government research base was used to store alien
 >bodies after their UFO crashed in a remote Welsh valley, it was
 >claimed yesterday.

 >The mysterious craft came down in the Berwyn Mountains, Clwyd,
 >according to a new book by top UFO investigator Nick Redfern.

 >In a chilling echo of the infamous Roswell Incident in New
 >Mexico, scores of troops were dispatched on a secret mission to
 >recover the wreckage.

 >One soldier, quoted in the book under the pseudonym James
 >Prescott, was ordered to Llandderfel with four others and loaded
 >two oblong boxes into their armoured truck.

The source of this 'information' has always been anonymous. Tony
Dodd _claims_ to know who was involved but, as usual, won't
share his secrets. No-one actually saw a _craft_ of any kind!

 >They then ferried the bodies back to the Chemical and Biological
 >Defence Establishment at Porton Down near Salisbury, Wilts,
 >under strict orders not to stop for anything.

Again this is information derived from an anonymous and almost
certainly non-existant source.

 >Retired Mr Prescott, who is too afraid of reprisals to be named,
 >said: "Once inside, the boxes were opened by staff at the
 >faculty in our presence. We were shocked to see two creatures
 >.which had been placed inside decontamination suits.

Consider: Would the 'delivery boys' be allowed to stay around to
see the Greatest Secret In The Universe being unveiled? And with
no protective garb being worn? Why were the 'bodies' transported
by truck and not helicopter?

 >"It was obvious the creatures were not of this world and, when
 >examined, were found to be dead.
 >"The bodies were about five to six feet tall, humanoid in shape,
 >but so thin they looked almost skeletal with a covering skin.
 >"Although I did not see a craft at the scene of the recovery, I
 >was informed that a large craft had crashed and was recovered by
 >other military units."

Research in the villages of Llandrillo, Llanderfel, Bala and Corwen
indicates that there were very few military personel around
for this 'incident'. Police (who had initially thought a plane had
crashed) and a three man team from RAF Valley were involved.
There is no evidence, other than the anecdotal, to the contrary.

 >Farmer Huw Lloyd, 39, was a boy of 14 watching TV at home in
 >nearby Llandrillo on the night of the crash in January 1974. He
 >said there was a huge bang followed by a tremor and a blinding
 >blue light.
 >Huw recalled: "I was amazed at how quickly the police responded
 >and how many people came here."

In an interview I conducted with Lloyd in 1998 he stated that
there were no more than two car loads of police, which is not an
unreasonable amount if they suspected a plane crash. They
arrived at his father's farm about 30-40 minutes after the earth
tremor. Not a particularly fast response time.

 >The incident has remained classified and the Ministry of Defence
 >refuses to comment.

Utter nonsense! The MOD are quite happy to answer letters about
the 'event' but will say they have no knowledge other than the
fact that RAF Valley was called out. The squadron log for RAF
Valley for the relevant date is entirely freely available and
was not classified.

 >Details were uncovered by expert Mr Redfern after years of
 >research and are published in his book Cosmic Crashes.

Even Nick now says that the Berwyn Case isn't as clear cut as he
once thought, although we agree to differ in our conclusions.

I hope to be able to post a full analysis of the 'James
Prescott' scenario in a week or so. Kevin McClure has done some
excellent work on this aspect and I have asked him if he will
write a summary.

It seems that there are certain UK ufologists who are desparate
to turn a mundane incident into our very own Roswell. Fun ahead!

Happy Trails


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