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Filer's Files #43

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 17:49:42 EDT
Fwd Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 22:55:56 -0400
Subject: Filer's Files #43

Filer's Files #43 -- 1999,  MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer,  Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
October 28, 1999,   Majorstar@aol.com  (609) 654-0020
Visit our Web Site at www.filersfiles.com. Chuck Warren Webmaster.



CAPE CANAVERAL -- The first human to set foot on a place beyond Earth found
an airless, waterless, lifeless world.  Nevertheless, Neil Armstrong is
convinced life thrives elsewhere in the cosmos.  "We have no proof," said
Armstrong, who stepped onto the moon 30 years ago. "But if we extrapolate,
based on the best information we have available to us, we have to come to the
conclusion that other life probably exists out there and perhaps in many
places."  Thanks to Todd  Halvorson of Florida Today


BROOKFIELD - Morgan Clements Director of WWUFORC reports that a witness
observed a Flying Triangle craft on October 22, 1999.  The witness stated, "
I have seen these triangle aircraft several times."  I was just walking home
in the woods behind where I live from scouting deer for the upcoming hunting
season.  It was getting pretty dark, so I was in a hurry and got tired
walking up the final hill.  I stopped to take a quick breather at 7:30 PM.
When all of a sudden one then two, three and then four Flying Triangle craft
went right by me in the bottom of the small valley.  They were totally silent
and appeared to be sneaking through the valley.  They were triangular in
shape and about 75 feet long and as wide.  There were no outside lights, but
being so close to them I could tell there was lighting inside.  I was scared!
  All of a sudden three large noisy planes came screaming by as if they were
chasing the triangles.  This is the second night I've seen these craft. I
thought I saw two craft the weeks before, but they caught me off guard.  I
caught them going over the ridge, but was not quite sure what I'd seen.
Morgan Clements  Director,  World Wide UFO Reporting Center
www.ufosightings.net  uforeports@aol.com.


DOVER - On October 23, 1999, Anjali Shalit was driving west on Route 10
towards Dover.  Anjali wrote, " In the Parsippany area I noticed an extremely
bright light which appeared to be stationary in the sky at 10:10 PM."  I
thought it might be a plane heading directly towards me and looked for
blinking lights.  I saw, very faintly, a blinking blue light to (my) left
near the object.  I'm not sure there was one on the right.  There was almost
a full moon and the light was perhaps between a quarter and a third of the
size of the moon.  It was not quite as big as the end of my thumb at arm's
length.  It was much brighter than any star or planet I've seen in the sky,
and certainly much closer and stationary as I drove on.  I had the light in
view for about 5 minutes and when I looked again, there were two.  A second
light, appeared horizontally across from the first.  I saw no small blue
blinking light associated with the second light.  The second light was maybe
half way up to my elbow from the tips of my fingers.  The luminosity of both
lights appeared identical.  Again, there appeared to be no movement.  I think
I must have watched them for about ten minutes and then they disappeared.
Thanks to Anjali Shalit, STARBROOK@prodigy.net.


PENSACOLA BEACH  On October 9, 1999, the witnesses were Red fishing in
Pensacola Pass when a strangely configured craft came into view over Fort
Pickens State Park at an altitude of 200 feet at a quarter of a mile.  The
witnesses are an ex-USAF Security Policeman and a retired US Army Chopper
pilot presently a city police officer.  The UFO was traveling west over the
Gulf of Mexico in a Zig Zag fashion at 7:57 PM.  The craft flew slow 100 to
300 knots sliding south and back to north in a continuing forward motion.
The craft moved in a Z pattern erratic with no sound. It seemed to be
suspended in flight at various positions.  The craft was silent with high
intensity blue arcing lights that fluctuated around the entire craft.  These
lights resembled electrical charges coming off an alternator's brushes.
Further observation revealed three larger lights in a triangle configuration
dimly lit with variable output glowing blue to pale yellow.  The UFO appeared
triangular in shape but this might be a deception as skin structure could not
be seen.  The FM radio receiver suffered extreme static during event.  The
craft changed locations in split seconds covering distances of approximately
half a mile to over a two miles instantaneously. At least four times it
hovered for 30 seconds with longest delay of about a minute and a half over
the southwestern boundary of Pensacola Naval Air Station.  One Aircraft was
launched from Sherman Field about three minutes into event but, seemed
unaware of the UFO and turned away in an easterly direction.  When the UFO
was first observed a trailing sound of a helicopter could be heard but never
could be observed.  The UFO left the area after fifteen minutes at 8:12 PM
local time moving west along the coast. One witness suffered from nausea for
about 10 minutes but the other was fine.  "I have never seen a conventional
craft operate in this manner nor has my friend."  Thanks to Peter Davenport,
UFO Reporting Center, http://www.UFOcenter.com


ASHLAND - On October 25, 1999, Jessica, 21 states, "I was walking my dog at
6:00 PM, and saw three orbs hovering over Lake Superior for about three
minutes."  "They flew off over the hills across the bay."  Thanks to: Morgan
Clements Director, World Wide UFO Reporting Center www.ufosightings.net.


HITCHCOCK -- Shelley Ritter writes: "My husband, our two children and I went
out target practicing, three miles west of Hitchcock on October 24, 1999.  At
6:45 PM, we noticed a jet with contrails.  Then all of a sudden out of
nowhere appeared a shiny round metallic object that was visible for about 45
seconds, it disappeared for about 30 seconds and then reappeared for another
45 seconds.  The object was round, shiny, and extremely bright.  It was about
3 to 5 miles away and about the size of a BB held out at arm's length.  We
thought that it was unusually strange that the sun was setting behind it, but
it was still shiny towards us, instead of having a shadow.  Thanks to Shelley


SANTA FE - On October 3, 1999, My girlfriend her friend and I were sitting in
the hot tub enjoying the sunrise at 6:00 AM, when both of us saw a bright
light moving very fast from south to north.  It seemed to be around 3,000
feet t above ground and was not blinking like a plane.  It was going north
much faster than any jet.  It only took about 25 seconds to go from horizon
to horizon.  Thanks to Morgan Clements Director, WWUFORC at


SAN JUAN MOUNTAINS -- Michael Curta State Director of Colorado MUFON reports
that Armando had a visual sighting in Ouray and San Miguel County on October
10, 1999.  Armando states, "At 7:05 PM, I was hiking along a ridge, in a
southerly route after sunset to return to camp.  I heard what I thought was a
whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, of a bird flying overhead.  I looked up and saw what
I first thought was a satellite, but the light would suddenly vary it's
speed, not traveling at a constant rate.  Also, I realized it was nearer to
the mountains, which were still quite visible.  As the point of light
approached the horizon line, I figured the reflection would disappear, and it
did, in two to three seconds, The light traveled across the entire mountain
range from Whitehouse  Mt. to Mt. Sneffels.  I estimate it was traveling
between 10 to 40 miles per second.  Less than ten minutes later two military
aircraft (my assumption) were flying in a similar course, parallel to each
other, 50 miles apart at an altitude too low for commercial planes in a
mountainous region.  Thanks to Michael Curta ufomedic@net1comm.com  and
Arechiga a_arechiga@hotmail.com


Initial reports indicate an apparently very large triangle was seen by two
commercial jets on October 26, 1999, over Western US.  The planes were 100
miles from each other, and the object passed between them, and overtaking
them, headed east.  Both pilots reported that the object was "huge.  It was
as big as their fists held at arm's length.  Thanks to: Peter B. Davenport,
Director National UFO Reporting Center PO Box 45623 University Station
Seattle, WA 98145 director@ufocenter.com http://www.UFOcenter.com


On July 7, 1947, Colonel Blanchard, Commander of the 509th Bomb Wing at
Roswell announced the Army had recovered a flying saucer and it was being
sent to Fort Worth, Texas.  On July 8, 1947, some debris from the alleged
saucer was flown from Roswell to Fort Worth aboard an aircraft and met by
Col. Thomas DuBose.  He carried the debris to 8th Air Force Commander,
General Roger Ramey's office.  J. Bond Johnson a photographer for the Fort
Worth Star Telegram was sent to General Ramey's office to photograph the
debris.  When J. Bond Johnson entered the General's office he was met by Col.
DuBose who suggested that he unwrap the debris, while DuBose looked for the
General.  Bond spread the debris out on the floor to set up his photo
session.  Later the General arrived holding a message.  Photographs were
taken of General Ramey, Col. DuBose and Intelligence Officer Major Marcel
with the debris.  These photographs are virtually the only public evidence
that remains of the debris.  They were used throughout the Air Force's
reports and explanations as proof that the debris was a Mogul balloon and a
kite like RAWIN radar reflector.  One glimpse at the photographs has
convinced many the debris was paper covered with thin metallic sheets of foil
and a few sticks of balsa wood that was a RAWIN reflector.

RPIT Director and now retired Colonel J. Bond Johnson writes: "Almost fifty
years later the international Roswell Photo Interpretation Team (RPIT) has
undertaken to evaluate these photographs."  Neil Morris, senior photo
interpretation specialist and a veteran technical staff member of the
Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester in
England, is an original member of the RPIT group.  Morris and the RPIT group
for more than a year have carefully compared every part described in detailed
blueprints of the MOGUL and RAWIN devices with Roswell debris pieces
displayed and photographed.  The RPIT members have been unable to associate
any of the pieces examined through the use of modern computer enhancement
techniques with any parts expected to be found in a MOGUL/RAWIN crash.
Morris and with others have made some amazing discoveries.  They have
determined that key parts of the debris contains hieroglyphic like writing.
What originally was reported to be thin, paperbacked foil and solid wooden
sticks -- such as might be found in a MOGUL/RAWIN train -- actually appears
to be thick, massive sheeting attached to carefully formed and drilled hollow
beams.  The beams are covered with very unusual glyphs, which are undergoing
further examination.  Neil Morris states "I realize some people have
concluded that the RPIT project is nothing more than a wild goose chase
reading symbols into "smudge" marks etc. But I hope you will take the time to
go to the RPIT web sites to see some of the new discoveries."  Some of the
debris looks like a saw cut through thick aluminum.  This does not look like
any part of a Mogul Balloon train.  It looks like a saw cut or fracture in
the metal.  I live in the Northwest of Britain in the area that gave rise to
the "Industrial Revolution," the builders of the 18/19th century where "cast
iron" was often used.  It has a grainy, crystalline structure, when subjected
to high impact as from a demolition hammer it gives just this brittle type of
fractured edge.  I'm not for one-second saying this is cast iron, I'm just
suggesting whatever it is might have similar properties of structure, e.g.,
tough, crystalline almost ceramic like, but when pushed beyond it's limits
brittle, like smashed pottery.  Some of these type of fractures can also be
observed on the broken ends of some of the "sticks."  I also wonder if this
thick material is all solid, if you check the thickness around some of the
edges you can see that it varies, thinning out in areas which seem to have
sustained additional damage.  Shadows cast onto the edges also seem to hint
that the surfaces of the edges are not all flat, but sometimes slightly
"hollowed out" as though an inner "softer" core material might have been
eroded by whatever process generated the initial fracture damage.  I'm left
with the conclusion that this _is_ a large piece of 1/2 inch thick material
which is totally at odds with the "usual" explanations for the debris.
Morris states, "I'm not saying it's ET at this point, but as sure as hell
it's not part of a Mogul balloon train!"  But_ When numerous details within
these images fail to match the official blueprints of the ML307a- radar
reflector nominated by the USAF as being identified as the cause of the
wreckage within these images, I start to smell a rat.  I have footage of the
MOGUL launches showing the train configuration, I have details of the
equipment packages and instruments they carried, I see none of this in the
images, I therefore conclude, in my opinion, this is _not_ MOGUL debris.
Thanks to: Neil Morris and RPIT Project Director James Bond Johnson,

Editor's Note: At first glance I'll admit the debris looks like a RAWIN radar
reflector.  However, the new findings of the fracture damage to thick metal
infers a strong impact with the ground.  Several military witnesses describe
a large and long crash site that matches this finding.  Again the damage to
the debris indicates something crashed at high speed or in a free fall from a
high altitude.  This discovery tends to rule out a Mogul balloon train that
normally settles to Earth comparatively gently.  These structures only
fracture with an explosion or from a high speed impact.  These photographs
are evidence that tends to prove something other that a MOGUL RAWIN kite like
device is in the photographs. If Neil's analysis is correct its apparent
thick half inch beams were not used in the Mogul according to the Army Air
Force's own specifications.  I congratulate Neil Morris and members of the
RPIT team for their findings.  This debris is much more likely to be part of
some type of a craft, but certainly not part of the Mogul balloon.  The RPIT
discoveries are at http://adm2.ph.man.ac.uk/.  and


Excellent researcher Wendy Connors of Project Sign has obtained a taped
interview with Colonel Andrew Hemstreet, that states Alfred Loedding was sent
to Roswell, and was the only one at T-2 to know the whole story.  In 1947,
T-2's job was to acquire, collect, analyze and produce foreign aerospace
scientific intelligence for the Army Air Force.  It later became the Foreign
Technology Division.  Civilian aeronautical engineer Loedding was an expert
in such areas as Vertical Takeoff aircraft, the hydro bomb, rockets/fuel and
low aspect ratio aircraft.  Documents show Colonel Howard McCoy sent Loedding
to the Pentagon as the first liaison between T-2 Intelligence and the AF
Office of Intelligence (AFOIN).  This was done in July 1947 because General
McDonald wanted someone to work with Dr. Charles Carroll in setting up the
preliminary outline for a formal and parallel project to investigate the
"flying disc" phenomenon that was rapidly developing.  Loedding's expertise
was necessary because at the time the "boys at the Pentagon" were of the
opinion that the discs were advanced technology from Russia and invading US
airspace.  Loedding wouldn't tell any of them what he knew, even though the
Roswell incident was a big topic of conversation with the T-2 boys and
Loedding had been sent there.  Wendy says, "I had nowhere to go with this
statement since it was only his memory and really no way to back it up."
Then, from out of nowhere, during a discussion with a new source who knew
Loedding well (worked next to him for years), stated that Loedding was not
the one ordered to Roswell at the time of the incident.  (This source did not
know of Hemstreet's admission at the time because neither of us told him.)  I
was given the name of this person.  The Roswell crash is not a dead issue?
In my mind, it certainly should be maintained as a valid exercise in
Ufological research because at least one person from T-2 was ordered to go to
Roswell by Colonel McCoy.  Two separate confirmations by two different people
who did not know what the other had said.

Wendy says, "Our research is on-going.  Many yelling for the end of the
Roswell research don't have a clue to the reality of actual research."  They
sold out way too short when there are questions that still need answers.  I
do understand the simple concept that until enough documentation or
circumstantial evidence is presented the Mogul theory, or any other theory
can and should be questioned.  Theories exist and efforts should be to prove
their validity.  It is important that those researchers, so inclined, be
allowed to continue their work.  Those who call themselves researchers who
have not either been to Roswell, submitted FOIA's or even talked personally
to some of the people involved, have no valid opinion except their own belief
system or what they gleen from the work of others.  Nothing more.  I don't
think it was a flying saucer that crashed, but something damn well important
happened and that exceeded the secrecy of a balloon laying tattered on the
ground.  Thanks to: Wendy Conners.

Editor's Note: Congratulations to Wendy on some great research.  It seems
rather doubtful that Colonel McCoy would send aeronautical engineer Loedding
from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio to Roswell, New Mexico to investigate a Mogul
Balloon. The balloon train was not classified, only its mission to listen for
Soviet nuclear explosions was classified.  T-2 personnel were not balloon
experts, their expertise was aircraft.  Its reasonable to assume that
Loedding flew to Roswell saw the wreckage and flew to the Pentagon to brief
his findings to the general staff.  He was then appointed key man for further
technical study of flying discs.  Loedding later patented a disc shaped
aircraft that is capable of flight.  It seems logical that his patent was
based on what he saw at Roswell.

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chase occurred.  The 6th person to walk on the moon said, "The night it
happened I investigated it myself and this was a real event."  Sam Sherman's
audio documentary tape called THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE ENCOUNTER on the
night of October 7, 1965, uses the actual voice recordings provided by the
Air Force.  During this event 12 high tech luminous UFOs invade secure air
space and came down low over the runways at Edwards AFB.  Tower operator Sgt.
Chuck Sorrels spotted them and notified the Air Defense Command.  Sgt.
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the event as it is heard on the archival recordings.  The UFOs are described
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Filer, all rights reserved.  Readers may post items from the Files on their
Websites provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and
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