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Re: When Disclosure Serves Secrecy

From: Robert Gates <RGates8254@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 14:02:38 EDT
Fwd Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 10:29:20 -0500
Subject: Re: When Disclosure Serves Secrecy

 >Re: When Disclosure Serves Secrecy
 >From: Steven M. Greer <DrSGreer@cs.com>
 >Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 11:08:37 EDT
 >Fwd Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 12:26:05 -0400
 >Subject: Re: When Disclosure Serves Secrecy

 >>From: Robert Gates <RGates8254@aol.com>
 >>Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 02:14:41 EDT
 >>Subject: Re: When Disclosure Serves Secrecy
 >>To: updates@globalserve.net


 >>If Greer has all the information he claims to have, he could go
 >>public and end the secrecy himself.  He doesn't have to wait for
 >>Congress, the White House, the so called evil military
 >>industrial complex, or some covert govt agency working on the
 >>UFO problem to disclose information. Previously it had been
 >>suggested that the reason he doesn't go public, is because the
 >>witness's would not stand up to independent verification. A
 >>position that sounds more credible everyday.

 >On the contrary, we are prepared to come forward immediately as
 >soon as common sense strategic plans can be actuated. This have
 >been described publicly and in writing for a couple of years.

I recall some of these disclosure tales that are always being
talked about for 3 years as happening shortly/very soon and so
forth.  Although always in the future tense.

Bottom line on those is 5 years from now we will still be
getting lengthy emails about how its going to happen soon blah

 >Those of you who are naive enough to believe that you simply
 >call a press conference and it is a 'done deal'  are badly

You are the one claiming to know all the plans, is aware
of all this information, and you sit around waiting for
somebody else to disclose the information in a manner that
suits you.
 >If the Congress will not hold hearings (the best venue) then a
 >civilian led disclosure will need to be done very well and very
   I recall various stories how folks were  working
with this or that committee and or Congressional staffers.
Supposedly the Congressional people claiming that "they" were
interested in holding hearings and were sympathetic to
ending UFO coverup.
   Like I said at the time, this is the same story they
tell everybody that walks through Congressional doors with
an issue they want somebody to do something about.
   The bottom line is Congress will not hold hearings
UNLESS the issue is politically expiedent and or has some
massive public out cry behind it.  For example, if the country
was in the middle of a UFO flap like 52 and or 66, you would
stand a far better chance at getting hearings because people
by the millions are calling the Congress people up.
  If Republicans or Democrats
thought they could one up each other with an issue such as
this you MIGHT generate some intest.
 >carefully. In particular, we are not interested in selling out
 >to intel. cut-outs who have only one goal: a disclosure spun in
 >the desired direction of 'Independence Day', the movie.
   So, in your mind (bias is more accurate) anything that doesn't
go along with your apparent theory that ET's are the most
wonderful race of beings in the galaxy, further that are the savior of
the planet and only GOOD can flow from them is apparently
an  "intel cut-outs who only one goal..."
   As I mentioned before, if the many abduction accounts are true,
those accounts are not from a race of beings intent on the good of the planet.
Naturally I would expect you to rationalize these away by claiming
that any "bad" abduction was in fact part of the evil military industrial
intelligence community, WHILE all the so called good that came
from ET abductions was in fact this wonderful race of beings,
bent on ending the ills of humanity .. blah blah.

 >We know who these players are we know who their handlers are.

One would suspect that since you won't name them, or the
civilian UFO initiatives that are involved, you lack the
necessary proof needed to make your case.

 >That you are gullible enough to think that a matter this
 >sensitive is not continously being influenced by such assets is
 >your problem. We will not make it ours.

Been listening to this story about so called informants/insiders
and upcoming UFO/ET reality claims for years, but no one
including yourself has every stepped forward and offered any
kind of evidence.  Only shadowy storys, from shadowy figures
that can't ever be totally checked out or verified by anyone
other then the person unloading the story to the general UFO
community. You weren't around then, but years ago one of these
so called government insiders in a one hour TV special we
learned the vital, can't live without fact, that  supposedly
aliens just adore strawberry icecream.

 >Ultimately all we ask is something quite reasonable: that a
 >disclosure be factual, scientific, evidence driven and hopeful

So _if_ the disclosure dosen't have lots of "hope" about how
wonderful aliens are, it is unreasonable..at least in your mind?
I guess it goes along with your personal opinion.

 >We are not interested in a xenophobic 'Alien Invasion' paranoid
 >- fest (besides thats been done already by the media and the UFO
 >organizations and researchers). When the support and means are

Define "support and means."  One could suspect that this means
pumping loads of cash into CETI coffers, while others would
think that you are just using this as a means to put people off.

 >there to do this right it will be done. Until then, we can be
 >very patient....

Its called 5 years from now we will still be hearing talk about
something to happen sometime in the immediate future. Cheers,


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