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UpDate: John Carpenter's Australian Video

From: Gary Hart <geehart@frontiernet.net>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 20:34:01 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000 10:44:14 -0400
Subject: UpDate: John Carpenter's Australian Video


This communication came to me from a colleague in Australia.



Greetings Australian Researchers,

This message is just going out to the researchers in Australia,
as it concerns just them at present. Though other "abductees and
experiencers" around the world should be warned and aware that
this can happen to them.

I've received several replies stating that John Carpenter did
not have the permission of those he interviewed for his
"research video" to make this video commercially available. This
video, "Encounters in Australia" is being sold at UFO
conferences in USA and through several UFO Magazines both in USA
and England.

In fact, I got my copy from a video contact who attended a big
UFO conference in USA a couple of years ago and bought it from
Carpenter's bookstall. Perhaps John C. figured that no one way
"down here" in Australia would ever find out. John Carpenter
does not do his work on the Internet, so his ignorance of how
fast news can travel these days is understandable but not

Without violating requests for anonymity, here's how a
well-repected person in publishing here put it:


Dear Mike,

When John Carpenter conducted those interviews, it is clear that
he did not seek permission from them to sell those interviews.

I know that several on that list were outraged to learn that a
supposedly professional, private interview was being sold
through UFO magazines on video format, with no permission or
royalty being granted.

Shame on John Carpenter for his actions I say!


So it would appear that Mr. Carpenter has much to answer for
these days. Of course, progress on this issue is best served by
putting enforceable policies into place that would prevent such
abuse of "patient's confidentiality" in the future, not by going
after the person responsible like some kind of lynch mob "witch

Though I must agree with positions expressed by many researchers
recently on this Internet discussion, that when a well known
and high profile "celebrity" researcher can get away with
selling 140 abductee files at $100. each (with audio tapes)
and pocket $14,000 without due consideration for the consequences
to his "patients" or his suffering reputation, then it's


and let the chips fall where they may...

You know the old but ever so true saying:

"When good people do nothing...evil flourishes!"


We can learn from each other's mistakes,
but only if we all examine exactly what went wrong!