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60% of Abductees Are Gay - Randle & Estes

From: Kelly McGillis <kellymcg@netcom.ca>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 21:00:49 -0500
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Subject: 60% of Abductees Are Gay - Randle & Estes

Hello Errol!

I found this post quite interesting, and thought you might too.

I hope all is well!

Kelly McGillis


Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 14:07:56 +1300
From: earthman <hardjube@IHUG.CO.NZ>
Subject: [CTRL] 60% of Abductees are GAY

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From: Mike Farrell <vidhunter@hotmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2000 12:02 AM
Subject: 60% of Abductees are GAY!(not that there's anything wrong with

The Keith Basterfield Network Australasia -


Greetings Abduction
Researchers and Therapists,

"It has also been noted by a number of researchers that gay men
and women are overwhelmingly represented in the abduction
population.  One estimate suggests that as many as 60 percent of
those claiming abduction are also gay." (pg.292-The Abduction

Did that arouse your curiosity?  Then read what follows!


"The Abduction Enigma" The Truth behind the mass alien
abductions of the late 20th century. by Kevin D.  Randle, Russ
Estes, and William P.  Cone, PHD.

"This is an important book that everyone concerned with the
alien abduction phenomenon should read.  This book deserves a
careful reading by all who are concerned with abduction research
and the victims involved ~ especially those who are willing to
re-examine some of their basic assumptions and put them to the
test.  The skeptical case against the physical reality of alien
abduction has never been made more brilliantly or powerfully."
(by Michael Miley from UFO MAG-USA-Dec'99)

I have to agree with the above recommendation.  I actually found
this book at our modest public library, so look for it at your
library first.  This is the kind of book that "cries out" for
someone more qualified and more knowledgeable than me to review
and respond to it.  I can only say that after collecting and
reading just about every book, magazine, article and video from
just about every "alien abduction" researcher, therapist,
abductee and/or experiencer, this new skeptical book challenges
just about everything I thought I knew about the alien abduction

Here are a few random quotes that jumped out at me from this new
book: (my comments & questions follow in parenthesis)

1) "Most abduction researchers routinely withhold specific
information from the public as a way of cross-checking the
validity of an abduction story. These 'secret clues', when
mentioned by someone claiming abduction, provide some validation
for the new tale." (pg.59)

(for example, I've heard that the "grays" as described by
Whitley Strieber and featured on the cover of his infamous book,
"Communion" are not exactly what they appear to be.  I've heard
that those "grays" were not bald, but had fine wispy white hair.
So the popular image of the "big-bald-headed" alien is not true
but has come to be accepted worldwide.  It makes you wonder how
much information published on abductions is either incorrect or
misleading from the researchers we have come to rely on. So how
can we in the public domain ever hope to know what's really
going on if every researcher and witness is hiding "secret

2) "The sexual component of the abductions has been reduced to
reproductive experimentation or genetic research, but when
examined carefully, it is little more than sexual intercourse.
This is an important aspect that has been generally ignored by
those conducting abduction research.  A very high percentage of
both male and female abductees that we interviewed openly stated
a sexual preference of homosexuality or bisexuality.  An equally
high number were hypersexual and highly promiscuous in their
human sex lives.  Of the remaining abductees at least half of
them claimed they had no sex drive whatsoever.  That leaves us
with a very low number of abductees who claim to have what would
be considered a 'normal' sex life.  Beyond that, however, as
many as 90 percent of the abductees have some kind of sexual
dysfunction. Their tales of rape and sexual activity on board
the UFO are evidences of these sexual problems." (pg.97-100)

(The sex issue raises it's ugly head here, but take for example
the case of Jesse Long, as profiled on my "ALIEN UPDATE-DEC'99
videotape, featuring clips from "Confirmation" and the "Roseanne
Files".  This lifelong abductee has been forced to give up his
"precious fluids" to aliens during hundreds of encounters. And
he is also "gay" (not that there's anything wrong with that!:->)
Yet nowhere in the abduction literature or from the accounts of
"gay abductees" like Jesse Long do we find any descriptions of
"gay sexual activity or fantasies" taking place during these
alien encounters.  So after all these years and literally
millions of abductions, and subsequent invasive examinations and
mindscans, these single-minded aliens have seemingly failed to
grasp that humans have different sexual orientations. Why don't
these aliens use "gay" imagery and activity to excite and
extract bodily "precious fluids" and emotional bonding from
"gay" abductees? I guess there's no such thing as a "gay alien"
or we would have heard something about that by now!  So it would
appear that Mars really does need women!:->))

3) "There are those who remember their abduction without the aid
of hypnosis, but many of those 'conscious' memories first
surfaced in dreams. These witnesses are later convinced that the
dreams are real and not fantasy." (pg.142)

(This has always been a big bone of contention.  Could we ever
get accurate figures on how many abductees remembered their
"encounter" without hypnosis, how many with hypnosis only, how
many were actually conscious during the whole or parts of it,
and how many remembered only after reporting their dreams?
According to these skeptics, no abductee can establish the
reality of a genuine alien abduction without the aid of an
well-intentioned but misinformed abduction hypno-therapist, and
the reinforcement of the popular media and culture.  They also
say that there's "something" in the human mind that creates
these kinds of tales on a regular basis, as shown by traditional
folklore, satanic ritual abuse, multiple personalities, and now
with "alien abductions" and spacecraft. Are we unknowingly
helping to create the very phenomenon that we are trying to

4) "Not one study has ever shown the existence of screen
memories, or that the mind can produce them.  There is no
evidence that people use sexual abuse as a screen memory to
protect themselves from the trauma of being abducted.  The only
evidence eof this has come from 'abduction researchers'
repeatedly using hypnosis.  A well-trained therapist knows that
traumatic memories are not repressed, and that screen memories
do not exist, according to current psychological thought.  What
is not addressed here is that if, in fact, aliens can instill
memories, how can one be sure that the entire abduction event
doesn't consist of these sorts of memories?  Maybe people aren't
actually undergoing any of the procedures they recall. The whole
experience could be instilled, and not necessarily by alien
abductors." (pg.216-7)

(Obviously, there is a considerable gap between popular and
professional opinions on critical subjects like recovered and
false memory, the value and misuse of hypnosis, and the
psychology of sleep disorders and sexual dysfunction.  How can
we pop the balloons of misconception and get at the truth of how
the human mind really works during these life-altering
"encounters" with the unknown?)

5) "According to the experts and scientific evidence, there is
no difference between a real memory and an induced memory. The
scientific data and findings bear this out in study after study.
In fact, even the psychologists who do the research have been
surprised by the results because facts we thought to be true
about memory turn out to be myths.  These myths provide what
most of us believe about memory.  We have been told by various
'authorities', that memory is the storehouse of everything we
have ever seen, felt, experienced, or done.  We are told that
memory is like a giant videotape on which everything we have
ever see, done, or participated in is recorded with the accuracy
of videotape. And while that point has been strongly contested
by psychologists and scientific evidence, we learn that the real
purpose of memory is not to store data (that's a computer's
job), but to allow us to function on a day-to-day basis.  Memory
is not meant to be an accurate record of our past or even a
storehouse of our experience but rather an inner representation
of who we are and how we feel.  More important, it does not have
to be very accurate to carry out these everyday functions.  Most
people do not realize just how bad their memory really is." (pg

(It would seem to me that our understanding of human "memory" is
a crucial aspect to the research and validation of alien
abductions. So how can we get an accurate consensus on how
memory really works? This also reminds me of a spoken sample
from the Monkees movie soundtrack album: "The central nervous
system, which feeds its impulses directly to the brain, both
conscious and subconscious, cannot distinquish between the real
experience and the vividly imagined experience.")

6) "The desire to be an abductee or the victim of abuse is not a
conscious choice.  It's actually the combination of a weak sense
of self and desperate need to fit in somewhere.  Many abductees
wear their experience like a badge of honor.  It is the
strongest sense of identity they have ever had.  And contrary to
the opinion of most researchers, it is, in fact, a club that
people will fight to belong to." (pg.291)

(In addition to all the books, magazine articles, and videos, we
now see websites from just about every researcher and abductee
in every country. Contamination of witness accounts is at an
all-time high.  It's like trying to see the stars on a cloudy

7) "Support group members are no longer people with problems;
instead they are "abductees", multiples, survivors of incest,
and codependents.  Instead of people moving towards resolving
their problems, they now learn to incorporate them into the very
core of their identity.  The recovery support groups of today
are based on the premises.  (1) All psychopathology is caused by
abuse. (2) Most abused memories are repressed.  (3) The path to
healing is to remember the abuse, and often to attack the
abusers.  (4) The person is forever to be labeled as
"recovering".  (5) Recovering people need group support in order
to function in society. And instead of being a short span of
time in which a person recovers from a negative experience,
recovery has now been redefined as a never-ending, lifelong
process." (pg.308)

(So a good question for researchers and abductees would be; how
long should one remain in therapy or a support group to overcome
the negative effects of an alien abduction and yet avoid
allowing the experience to define one's life and identity?

8) "Keith Basterfield, in the International UFO Reporter, wrote
'Given that alien implants are said to have been introduced into
us, for what purpose are they placed there?  A fairly
consistent, small range of options exists.' He expands on the
idea of a tracking device, writing that others have speculated
that the devices might not only be for tracking but for
monitoring, communications, or even control." (pg.318)

(This was the only reference I found to an Australian Abduction

9) "But how many alien beings, how many ships, and how much
equipment is necessary to abduct so many people?  A group of
American researchers, looking only at the numbers for American
abductions, postulated a fleet of 75 ships, each with a crew of
16.  It defies logic, but the researchers are still crunching
the numbers to prove that alien abduction is not only real but
common." (pg.344)

(It appears that the authors of this book have not seen the
formidable report by Australia's own abduction researchers such
as Robert Marx, Rocco Delillo, and Mathew Favloro, who also made
an admirable attempt to estimate the logistics of abduction in
their 1988 release of "UFOs~ The Conveyor Belt ~ The Real Size
of the Problem." Look it up on the Australian Encounters
website: http://www.flex.com.au/~eagle1/ or go to direct link:

10) "The whole concept, in the vast majority of abduction cases,
was the belief of the researcher.  If we look at the history of
psychology we see no case in which someone undergoing hypnosis
for something else such as to lose weight or stop smoking
spontaneously came up with an abduction story.  In other words,
as demonstrated time and time again, if the researcher believed
in something other than alien abduction, then the subject
manifested those symptoms. The abductee sought out someone doing
abduction research, so it should be no surprise that the
researcher found the tale of alien abduction. The theory of
researcher manipulation, though subtle and sometimes
unconscious, explains how and why some people believe they have
been abducted by aliens. For too long, we have been persuaded by
'authorities' who tell us that alien abduction is real.  They
present case after case, demanding that we prove that the
abduction isn't real. But that isn't the way science is supposed
to work. The researchers who claim the abnormality are required
to prove that it exists.  They have failed to do so." (pg.362-3)

(This is how the book concludes.  The largest share of it's
skeptical arguments are against the "abduction researcher and
therapist". In fact, about a third of the book is aimed directly
at the abduction researcher and the role they may play in
manufacturing the "alien abduction scenario".  I for one, would
sure like to see some rational responses and healthy debate from
researchers and abductees to the detailed and well presented
skeptical arguments in this book. At the very least, reading
this thought-provoking book should "rustle some feathers" out
there! Give it a fair go!  You might even learn something new!)



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