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CONAIPO Information

From: Victor Quezada <conaipo@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 15:07:01 -0800 (PST)
Fwd Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 19:42:26 -0500
Subject: CONAIPO Information


The National School of investigating Paranormal and UFO is an
Mexican organization without ends lucre that arises in the face
of the necessity of a better knowledge it has more than enough
abnormal and extraordinary phenomenon’s that so much calls the
attention of people in this time and that very few times, before
the desperation of those who have gone by an experience of this
type, are truly investigated.

For the real impossibility that the few researchers that exist
embrace in form and time each one of the cases that are
presented and to arrive to the truth, the school presents like
an option so that people become the investigators of their own
cases, providing tools, technical, accesses to databases and
professional consultant ships that together with the interest
and enthusiasm of those involved allow new roads to try to find
the truth and to diffuse this knowledge to the humanity.

For those who have not had an experience it has more than enough
over these topics and however they want to know but, the School
is presented like an alternating source of information and as a
link with other people with interests, Research Investigation
Paranormal’s National School and UFO have the mission of
educating, to investigate, to find the truth and to diffuse the
knowledge on these abnormal and extraordinary phenomenon’s.

The School wants it achieves that these studies are respected
and they are done with the seriousness that corresponds it.

And this attempted it by means of the implementation of
technical didactic, combinations of technologies and exchange of
experiences with expertise recognized in these topics.

It looked for to increase the knowledge and the development of
a bigger culture on these topics in the country.

The School has in these moments a strong presence in the
Investigation of the phenomenon UFO, same that has grown since
in this millennium end, the man has wakened up to the
possibility of not being alone in the Universe.

When beginning on this vast field of interesting facts, it
offers the opportunity from a new light to the history and the
human progress and a glamorous action field.

The School is in if a regulator in the way of working so diverse
in the investigation of the UFO and of the multiple groups that
have arisen in our country, interested in investigating this
topic and that in an or another way they spread to allow to lose
the valuable achieved  knowledge, for the lack of continuity of
its investigations, for the lack of means to extend its
communications and the uncertainty of the permanency of its

For all the above-mentioned this institution is manifested as a
concentrator of knowledge willing to channel it to all the
interested ones.

The man has wakened up to the possibility of not being alone in
the universe and this shakes its thought, it breaks ideals and
old forms. The man needs so much being it leaves of something
big as standing out, he needs to belong to the winning team and
the same time to shine with own light, has fear of extinguishing
, let us pass to the history like our destination demands and
let us teach something to the humanity.

That we have the power of carrying out the dreams.

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Lic. Víctor Quezada.