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'Chuck Shaw?' Flight Director - On STS-75 UFO Video

From: John W. Auchettl <Praufo@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 01 May 2000 13:05:06 -0400 (EDT)
Fwd Date: Mon, 01 May 2000 21:53:33 -0400
Subject: 'Chuck Shaw?' Flight Director - On STS-75 UFO Video

Hi EBK and Researchers,

Is this a first? Is it real?
Extracted fron Forum: "alt.alien.visitors".
The post follows.


Forum: alt.alien.visitors
Thread: FOX UFO Show on STS-75 "UFO Video"
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Subject: Re: FOX UFO Show on STS-75 "UFO Video"
Date: 04/30/2000
Author: JamesOberg <jamesoberg@aol.com>

RE: STS-75 Question
Date: 03/03/2000 9:26:59 AM Central Standard Time
From: charles.w.shaw1@jsc.nasa.gov (SHAW, CHARLES W. (CHUCK) (JSC-DA8))
To: JamesOberg@aol.com ('JamesOberg@aol.com')
CC: ed.campion1@jsc.nasa.gov (CAMPION, ED (JSC-AP))

Hi Jim,

I was the Lead Flight Director for STS-75, and was on console
for the tethered satellite deploy operations and at the time the
tether broke. Operations had been nominal up to the point Jeff
Hoffman called down that the tether broke, and then we saw the
status in telemetry a couple of seconds later.  The behavior of
the satellite and the tether remnant on the satellite was
exactly as we had expected for a tether break case.

In the footage of the video, etc. which was examined in GREAT
detail post flight in hopes of finding SOMETHING to aid in what
had caused the tether break, we never saw anything that was
"unexpected". Your comments as to artifacts and small
debris/dust /ice particles/lens reflections/blooming/etc., are
all quite common and we have seen those things in virtually
every shuttle mission's video.  What was present in the video
and the data that was examined post flight was all within this
type of artifact and/or expected results.

Post break, we called upon tracking and imaging resources world
wide to be able to establish a trajectory for the satellite and
tether remnant, in order to determine the feasibility of a
rendezvous and recovery, in addition to being able to command
the satellite transmitter on to gain some science data from it,
even though the tether was broken. At no time did any of these
tracking data show anything unexpected, and we were LOOKING for
unexpected things (like extra pieces of tether, or debris from
the satellite and/or science booms) that could cause us to not
want to fly up in the vicinity of the satellite

As it turned out, the arcing of the voltage in the tether to the
deployer structure burned the tether in two.  Rather ironic that
the experiment worked so well to show the ability of the system
to generate power, and in fact worked so well as to fatally
damage the experiment!

I have always been fascinated by UFO investigations, and
"personally" I hope we are not really alone in this wonderful

Hope this helps,


Chuck Shaw
Flight Director
Mission Operations Directorate, NASA
Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas


Best regards,

John W. Auchettl - Director PRA Research

Phenomena Research Australia [PRA]
P.O. Box 523, Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia, 3170
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