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Re: Psychological Trauma - Velez

From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic@verizon.net>
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 02:38:23 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2001 07:36:07 -0500
Subject: Re: Psychological Trauma - Velez

 >Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 22:55:32 -0500
 >From: Ron Cecchini <Ron.Cecchini@GD-CS.COM>
 >Subject: Psychological Trauma [was: UFO/ET Book For Children]
 >To: UFO UpDates <ufoupdates@home.com>

 >>Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 13:07:39 -0400
 >>To: ufoupdates@home.com
 >>From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic@verizon.net>
 >>Subject: Re: UFO/ET Book For Children

 >>If so, has any consideration been given to the fact that; a ten
 >>or twelve year old who 'may be' having disturbing UFO/alien
 >>experiences already, and who has not yet made any connection
 >>between those experiences and UFOs/aliens (on their own,) are
 >>being "introduced" to an "explanation" that they may wrongly (or
 >>rightly) accept and cling to for life?


Hiya Ron,

You wrote:

 >Color me curious, but I'd be really interested in hearing the
 >stories of those who've had to go through what you went through:
 >the questioning, the doubts, the fear, the paranoia, the "Am I
 >losing my mind?", the slow unravelling of the clues, etc.

 >I have a fairly vivid imagination, and I'm seeing a
 >"psychological thriller" of sorts playing out in my head, and I
 >can't help but be very interested to hear what the actual steps
 >were that some of you had to take.

I hope you don't mind if I get 'lazy' but I'm just going to do a
cut/paste from a note I wrote to someone else privately
recently. I hope it will answer your question.

_Before_ I went to Hopkins I subjected myself to a complete
psychological evaluation. I did that for two reasons.

1. I honestly believed that I might be losing my mind because I
was 'seriously' entertaining the idea that the
experiences/events were based in physical reality. That thought
was so repugnant to me (on many levels) that I chose to question
my own sanity before accepting something so outrageous as being

Just a note:

I 'passed' with flying colors. In fact, the shrink was so
complimentary of me during my evaluation that I felt embarrassed
at times. The point is, other than some 'normal range' neurosis,
(doesn't interfere with my ability to function in the world) I
checked out just fine. In all candor there were some issues with
'anger' and which is something I've kinda had all my life, and
some unresolved anxieties, but no 'major' glitches. I'm
generally stable, in good touch with my feelings and the people
around me, and my intellectual faculties are functional and

2. I didn't 'know' Hopkins and therefore I did not 'trust' him
to give me a completely objective/unbiased evaluation. He
-earned- that trust from me over time. A period of about six

Briefly, about Budd:

I don't know what your opinion of him is Ron. There is a lot of
BS out there about Budd and his character. All I can tell you
from my own fist hand experience is that he is an intelligent
and honorable person who conducts his 'business' (work with
abductees) in a completely straight, professional, and above
board manner. No 'leading', no 'contaminating' no none of the
things that he is accused of (usually) by people who have never
spent any time studying him live, in-person, and close-up.
Negative comments always seem to come from folks who really do
not know him at all. If you'll notice, the folks that tend to
'defend' Budd when such attacks occur are people that _know_ him

The bottom line is; I was very careful and thorough about how I
looked into my own 'case'. I went to the very best people I
could find. With all sincerity, I have come by my opinions and
beliefs honestly. It hasn't been easy.

That is why I react to certain "abductees" the way I do. Keeping
the noise level down in an environment like the Internet is just
mission impossible. It's like a public toilet. Anybody can walk
in and drop a stinking load. But there is a 'core' of solid
people with solid cases that cry out for further investigation.
The din created by a certain faction (mostly over the Internet)
makes it all the harder for folks to focus on these more
'tangible' cases.

Beyond all that, to fairly describe all the psychological,
emotional and intellectual ins-and-outs of the process of
'coming to grips' with the situation, it would _literally_ take
a book to do it. No BS.

 >Just curious, but have you had x-rays taken?

Only when my physician deemed it necessary Ron, and only on the
part of my body that he was trying to 'check out.' Funny you
should ask, one of the first things I volunteered to do for the
producers of the NOVA segment on abduction (when she first
invited me to participate) was, that I would be willing to take
any kind of medical exam i.e.; MRI, X-rays, blood tests etc.
(anything short of intrusive surgery actually) but they never
performed any of those tests. And for the same reason my own
doctor won't do 'em... they do not want to subject anyone to
tests that they cannot justify on medical grounds. They'd catch
all kinds of hell from their insurance outfits and medical
review boards. As much as I'd like to get 'head shots' and scans
of one or two other parts of my body, unless I break something
in the general area, it's no dice. Besides, an MRI scan of the
head alone costs $1000.00 + US funds. I'm a working stiff - I
don't have that kind of scratch to burn.

I do have an interesting story though. I had a chest picture
taken about 25 years ago that freaked the doctor out. There
appeared to be a solid looking metal tube inside one of my
coronary arteries! I've never had a 'stent' or any kind of heart
surgery. He took two more shots and the thing appeared in all of
them. I never went back to him so there was no follow-up to the
story. But 'curious' nonetheless. I have also been told by
doctors that there are 'signs' of "surgical procedures" (their
choice of words, not mine) having been performed inside my head.
(Sinuses) I've never had any of that either. My body is also
living in complete stasis (no damage being done) with Hepatitis
C. Something my gastroenterologist (who specializes in diseases
of the liver) tells me makes me "one in many million." Who
knows, could be my genes and metabolism. But, it could also
represent a genuine physical anomaly. I'll never know until
someone actually checks it out.

 >I wonder how many people who suspect they've been abducted, and
 >who may or may not have weird bumps and scars on their body,
 >have been able to get, say, x-rays of their entire body, to see
 >if there's more than just a mere scar.

See above. They won't do it as an 'elective' procedure Ron.

 >God knows I've tried (for health purposes -- for the heck of it.
 >I mean, I've been paying ungodly amounts of money to insurance,
 >so why not, right?), and doctors are very reluctant to do it.

Because you can turn around and sue their pants-off Ron.

 >I've got a couple of small cysts that I'd liked checked  out...
 >See if maybe they trigger the ol' metal detector...

 >(Just kidding.)

 >(I think...)

You won't be laughing very hard if the sucker 'beeps!'  <LOL>


John Velez  ;)

                       A.I.C. - Abduction Information Center
     "Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind."

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