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Re: Psychological Trauma - Mortellaro

From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 13:28:13 EST
Fwd Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 07:37:53 -0500
Subject: Re: Psychological Trauma - Mortellaro

Popcorn. In a microwavable bag. Buttery and delicious. A stark
contrast to the 'moments' which often lurk on UpDates. 'Moments'
cannot be ascribed to all, or even to most, but to a few
die-hard souls who perceive themselves to be experts on the
subject of UFOs and the abduction phenomenon. Some for, some

An absolute truth is an indefectable truth. One which is purely
simple, so simple that anyone may comprehend. So sayeth my
friend Merriam.  Uh, we _are_  just friends.  So, having said
that, having defined the word, can anyone say that his or her
truth about the abduction experience is absolute?

Allow me the luxury of giving the complete definition, again, as
explained by (we're just friends) Merriam:

ab-so-lute (adjective)

[Middle English absolut, from Latin absolutus, from past participle
of  absolvere to set free, absolve]

First appeared 14th Century

  1 : free from imperfection : PERFECT

  2 : having no restriction, exception, or qualification <an ~
       requirement> <~  freedom>


  8 : perfectly embodying the nature of a thing <~ truth>

Fascinating that this definition by (we're just friends) Merriam
should be so... so... absolute, eh? Now if I apply the
dictionary definition of absolute truth to my experiences as a
perceived abductee, I shall not be able to truthfully admit to
my memory being so correct as to be absolute. And had I been
regressed by hypnosis, I would have had further doubts beyond
that of the truth of them being absolute. I would have been
concerned over the possibility that I would have been led into
the memory.

So, John... whilst my memory is absolute (read: perfect) to my
mind, it is not so to my intellect. Whilst my memories ring true
to my own personal truthsense, they do not to my common sense.
That is to say, the truth of my experiences is not absolute.

Can anyone naysay me? May anyone not contest the possibility
that his or her memories are not absolute? That maybe, just
maybe, there is another explanation?  May you, John? I ask you!
Absolutely true (beyond any shadow of doubt)?

I interviewed about 30 abductees who were regressed and about
twice that number who were not regressed. I asked each one what
their opinion was concerning the nature of the alien agenda.
That is nearly 100 people. Not quite half were regressed. Some
by Budd. Some by David and some by Mack. A number were regressed
by therapists who had no formal opinion regarding the nature of
the alien agenda. Here is a preview... a general breakdown of
the results.

In your opinion, is the alien agenda good or evil?

Jacobs regressed clients   = 95% say "evil"
Hopkins' regressed clients = 95% not evil
Mack (too few to include here)
Balance of regressed abductees = 95% said they were not strongly
      committed either way to good or evil intent.

Those whom I interviewed who were not regressed largely were
just plain angry at the alien, no matter their agenda, which was
largely unknown anyway. Which is the category I occupy. I hate
them and what they've done. But I do not have any preconceived
notions about what the heck they are getting out of all this.

Now to my feeble, uneducated mind, this small sample survey has
great meaning. Statistically, the sampling is correct enough to
draw the conclusions I came upon.

On the matter of how strongly the abductees felt about their
memories, there was a definite bias in favor of those whose
memories were retrieved through recall. Those who were regressed
as a rule, felt that while their memories were real enough,
there was some concern over being led.

Draw you own conclusions. I've drawn mine.

Jim Mortellaro

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