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'Abduction In My Life' - A Review

From: Katharina Wilson <kwilson@alienjigsaw.com>
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 17:19:36 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 04:44:44 -0500
Subject: 'Abduction In My Life' - A Review

'Abduction In My Life'
by Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D. © 2001

Reviewed by Katharina Wilson

[This review was recently published in the MUFON UFO Journal,
October 2001, Number 402.]

'Abduction In My Life' is a novel based on generally accepted
facts derived from years of abduction research from various
researchers. It is also a 'book within a book' and the book
'within' is definitely not fiction. 'Abduction In My Life' seems
to cry out for its own category and perhaps Nonfiction / Fiction
or 'Faction' might best describe it.

The novel is about a science fiction writer who is happily
married with one son. He is the person telling the story and
from here on, I will refer to him as the author. He is a
'virgin' to the UFO phenomenon and all that it encompasses. He
is completely oblivious to the fact that anything remotely
associated with the subject could ever be 'real.' As far as he
is concerned, it is a subject for 'crackpots."

All of that slowly begins to change when a friend tells the
author about a sighting of a red light he had. It occurred some
30 years prior on a cold Vermont night while he was working in a
sugar maple orchard with another man. After their sighting, the
men noticed that one of them was missing some clothing and,
well, there were other odd things that just did not seem

The author tells his friend he will try to help him figure out
what happened. He decides that in order to help his friend, he
needs to understand what it is he is getting involved with so he
checks out a book at his local library. The book he checks out
is actually the nonfiction book you will read while reading the
novel - and - it is an extremely informative book!

He brings the book home, begins to read it and hides it from his
family while trying to finish it. While he reads the book you
get a clear picture of what this man thinks about the UFO
phenomenon. He has to force himself to read it and slams it
closed on occasion while cursing the author of the book, a man
named Mac Sargent, Ph.D. (Those of us 'in the know' think we
know who this man really is…)

This nonfiction book introduces the author (and the reader) to
the history of the UFO phenomenon. It covers BMI's (Battelle
Memorial Institute's) Special Report #14 and the proceeding
Status Reports of Project Stork. He learns about Projects Sign,
Grudge and Blue Book, Kenneth Arnold's sighting, the Condon
Report and much more. He learns about scientific skeptics like
J. Allen Hynek and debunkers like Dr. Donald Menzel. In short,
the nonfiction book he reads begins to slowly change his
attitude about people who say they have seen a UFO, and it helps
him to better help his friend who had the sighting nearly 30
years ago. It will be easy for a lot people who have studied the
UFO subject to look back and see themselves in this same
position some 10, 20 or even 30 years ago.

The author eventually finds contacts to help his friend and the
man who was with him when he saw the red light. He becomes more
and more involved, but still tries to reject some of the
information he feels forced to consider: The government and the
(Army) Air Force hid the truth from the American public. He
tries to rationalize this while he attempts to understand the
implications of the many detailed reports he has read. Just when
he thinks his mind has absorbed about all it can take; his wife
drops a 'bombshell' on him.

Because she discovers the book her husband has been hiding from
her, she feels it is 'okay' to mention a few things about her
past. Doing so leads the author's family on a journey of
self-discovery and forever changes their lives.

 From the book:

      "Whoa, baby," I said. "Things aren't that bad." And
      then I told a big lie. "It's not like the world is
      coming to an end." I knew it was a lie because the
      world, _our_ world was coming, _had come_ to an end.
      The future would not be like the past. I just sat
      there holding her to me. I couldn't think of anything
      else to do or anything profound to say so I just
      reassured her.

If the readers of this book choose it because they enjoy
fiction, they are in for a really big surprise, because even the
fictional portion of the book is based in fact. Speaking as
someone who has experienced this phenomenon firsthand, Maccabee
has definitely done his homework on the abduction aspects of the

I'm not sure which book I actually enjoyed the most. Because I
have never reviewed fiction before and do not normally read
fiction, I found myself leaning towards enjoying the nonfiction
book more at times. When the nonfiction book ended however, the
fictional book really took off and I found myself getting more
into that part of the book.

The last two chapters of 'Abduction In My Life' are terrific. In
'Question Everything' Maccabee forces the reader to consider
some interesting concepts relating to spirituality, religious
beliefs, evolution and philosophy. There is also a discussion
about 'societal infrastructure' and how the ET presence could
affect human life one day. The Epilogue is a 'wrapping up' of
the novel.

Maccabee weaves the 'abduction novel based in fact' in very well
with the 'nonfiction history of the UFO phenomenon.' I learned a
great deal from the nonfiction book within this novel. It is a
great review for people interested in ufology and I came across
a lot of information I normally would not have read had it been
presented in another book that was only about UFO sightings.

This is probably what is most important about 'Abduction In My
Life.' If marketed properly, it will introduce people to certain
aspects of the UFO phenomenon who would not normally read a book
about abductions or UFO sightings only. They don't have to know
the novel is based in fact and they will learn a great deal
about how our government, the (Army) Air Force and the media
kept the public from learning the truth about UFOs for over
fifty years.

My main criticism about the book rest with the publisher and
editors. In my opinion, they did not do justice to Dr. Maccabee
by leaving out his biography. For a scientist who has done so
much for ufology, not to have his biography published in his
book is something I do not understand. Perhaps there were
reasons, but in this reviewer's opinion, it would have added a
great deal more credibility for the reader who is new to the

Maccabee, of course, has been active in UFO research since the
late 1960s when he joined NICAP. He is the author of about three
dozen technical articles and more than 100 UFO articles. He is
co- author of  "The Gulf Breeze Sightings," and is the author of
"The UFO/FBI Connection." He is the MUFON State director for
Maryland, and in 1979 led the establishment of the Fund for UFO

I highly recommend 'Abduction In My Life.'

You will learn a great deal by reading this book and you will
learn about a scientist who has been a friend to ufology for
many years. 'Abduction In My Life' has an index, a great
'Bibliography and Footnotes' section and a great price at
$15.00. It is a book you will enjoy even if you think you know
it all and it is a book that will make a great gift for friends
and family members who just aren't convinced that any of this is
real. Boy - are they in for a surprise!

To learn more about Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D., visit his
Web Site: http://brumac.8k.com/
(Contains UFO research articles)

Ordering Information:

'Abduction In My Life' by Dr. Bruce Maccabee can be ordered from
Wildflower Press, Post Office Box 1429, Columbus, NC 28722 or by
calling 800.366.0264 or by visiting


Katharina Wilson is the author of "The Alien Jigsaw,' 'The Alien
Jigsaw Researcher's Supplement,' and a monograph, 'Project Open
Mind.' http://www.alienjigsaw.com

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