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The Rendlesham Revelation!

From: Tim Matthews <TMMatthews99@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 21:54:34 EST
Fwd Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 13:31:07 -0500
Subject: The Rendlesham Revelation!


'BUFOSC's Tim Matthews announced today at an event held in
Runcorn, Cheshire, that he had solid information that a serious
leak of radioactive material had occurred at the Sizewell A
nuclear power station, situated on the coast a short distance
from RAF Woodbridge-Bentwaters, during the Christmas period in
December 1980.

He reported that his information came from a credible source, a
former manager within the nuclear industry, and from people
within the anti-nuclear movement. "Leaks from Sizewell A and
similar facilities were well known at the time," he said, "and
continue today. the late 1970s/early 1980s have been described
to me as "dark times" for the British nuclear industry."

Matthews said that he was convinced that many of the stories
regarding aliens and crashed craft that emerged in East Anglia
in January 1980, in some cases before the Halt Memorandum was
written, were part of a deliberate smokescreen put in place by
elements associated with both the nuclear industry (security)
and the MOD. Matthews particularly concentrated upon stories
generated by a "mystery" character, Steve Roberts, who contacted
Rendlesham researchers Dot Street and Brenda Butler at the time
and was the first to spread what proved to be disinformation of
the worst sort.

Tim also called into question the role of Jenny Randles who, it
emerged, wrote letters to the MOD in 1983 and 1984, now in his
possession, offering to assist the MOD in terms of its "public
relations position", to help educate the public that there was
"no UFO cover up" and much, much more besides. Her private
letters to the MOD and public statements were, he said,
seriously at odds with each other. He said he intended to
publish the Randles letters, in their entirety, at some point
next week.

Eric Morris and Carolyn Buckley had, it emerged, agreed to
reopen their investigation into Rendlesham after speaking to a
number of witnesses to events in December 1980 featured in
contemporary newspaper reports. Their testimony had not been
included in later magazine articles and books on the incident.
Perhaps new information might move the overall investigation

Matthews also noted the interesting parallels and timing of the
operations of the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations
(AFOSI) in North America and the UK between 1980-1983. he said,
"It is worth pointing out that, at the same time, Master
Sergeant Richard Doty was spreading stories of aliens and crash
retrievals around the US UFO research community. Why not do the
same thing in Britain? According to Georgina Bruni, AFOSI had
several operatives close to the Rendlesham Incident."

In January 1981, the exact same time the Halt Memorandum was
written and Steve Roberts first came forward, a Public Enquiry,
subsequently chaired by Sir Frank Layfield, into the
construction of a second, controversial, nuclear plant at
Sizewell (Sizewell B) was  announced. At the most crucial time
of the enquiry, held between 1983 and 1985, the massively
exaggerated mass media reporting of the supposed "alien crash
landing and UFO retrieval" began in earnest. October 2nd, 1983,
saw the first report in the News of the World newspaper which,
according to staff at the MOD, "stirred up a hornet's nest" and
which, Matthews added, possibly directed people away from the
truth behind the events of December 1980...

In another coincidence, a "whistleblower" and peace activist,
Hilda Murrell, said to have vital information on actual and
potential leaks from UK nuclear facilities, and who had written
a damning report on the subject that later vanished, died under
mysterious circumstances in March 1984.

One writer described the Murrell situation as follows: "At the
time she died, Hilda Murrell was writing a paper to present at
the Sizewell [B] Enquiry. To do this, she had been in contact
with other people in CND and the anti-nuclear movement. She had
been helped by Don Arnott, an anti-nuclear campaigner living in
Wales. Arnott believes he was under surveillance and harassment
by the security forces. Most damning here is the anxious phone
call Hilda Murrell made just a few weeks before her death, to
her friends, Gerard and Fern Morgan-Grenville, to tell them she
believed her own life to be in danger."

The truth, said Matthews, was that between 1980-1983 Cold War
paranoia, the stationing of Cruise missiles at UK bases and the
failings of the nuclear industry were all political hot
potatoes. He said that the intelligence services were working
overtime to keep a lid on possible leaks of information and on
the situation in general. Perhaps the hapless UFO community
might be a useful target for disinformation?

Tim added that an unusual, albeit genuine looking "hoax"
document, revealing information on a claimed "contact" scenario
involving alien beings "of 1 1/2 metres in height" and US Air
Force personnel, written on headed Ministry of Defence
notepaper, had made its way into the 150 page Rendlesham File
recently released to BUFOSC and others. The MOD, it emerged,
"had no idea" where the document came from, despite the fact
that it seems to have been internally generated. Was this
document used to mislead UFO researchers back in the early 1980s
or was the information contained therein a template for
subsequent disinformation? It would seem so...

All in all, there is much to research and many new leads to
follow. Tim Matthews is not claiming to have anything like all
the answers but this new information requires us to reconsider
the events of December 1980.'


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