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The Curse of Corso - Pflock Pfumes

From: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@home.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 05:24:27 -0500
Fwd Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 05:24:27 -0500
Subject: The Curse of Corso - Pflock Pfumes



Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 16:16:27 EST
From: Karl Pflock <Ktperehwon@AOL.COM>
Subject: The Curse of Corso

Dear Colleagues - On Nov. 8, I attempted to post the message
below on UFO UpDates. Since then, I've retransmitted it to Errol
twice - after adjusting line length to be sure it conformed with
his requirements. I've also politely queried Errol, asking why
he hadn't posted my message and what I might do to adjust it to
make it acceptable. I've had zero response from him and,
needless to say, my message remains unposted. Oddly, I receive
UpDates posts and have successfully posted other messages there,
but on this issue...

So now I'm posting it here and on a couple of other lists. My
intention was to get the facts out on a very sleazy situation. I
thought Errol to be committed to the free exchange of ideas on
UpDates. It appears I was wrong. So now there's a second sleazy
or at least highly questionable situation here. I urge all who
are interested/concerned, and regardless of their views on Corso
and Roswell in general, to re-post this anywhere they think it
will do some good and, if they're so inclinded, to ask Errol
what gives. Of course, he has the right to exclude what he
wishes from his list, but given what he HAS posted on this
matter, I find it more than a little out of line that he refuses
to let my message see the light of virtual day on UpDates - and
a little common courtesy wouldn't hurt, even if it's to tell me
to buzz off.

-- Cheers, KARL



Along with all traffic between us over the years, your last
five, sit in your mailbox here.

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All posted to the List.

You may recall this:


Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 12:18:27 EST
From: Karl Pflock <Ktperehwon@AOL.COM>
Subject: UFO UpDates

Can anyone out there enlighten me as to the current status of
UFO UpDates? In recent days I've zapped Erol a couple o e-grams
asking to be put back on the list, but have heard nothing back
and haven't had my mailbox flooded with UpDates postings.


As a result UFO UpDates flooded onto your screen again. Not
because your re-subscribe e-grams made it to this address.

I made a mental note then Karl, to key-you suggesting you might
be using an incorrect address. Time and good intentions.....

Its a mystery to me. Your mail is not, currently making it

Indeed, a "highly questionable situation". Very public too.

The UFO UpDates List address is:





Fellow List Fiends --

In my book Roswell: Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe
and in a 1997 MUFON Journal review of the late Lt. Col. Philip
Corso's The Day After Roswell (TDAR), I exposed the fact that
Corso had pulled a bait and switch on Senator Thurmond (R-SC),
his former employer. Corso, who had worked for Thurmond for two
brief periods in the 1960s and '70s, had given the senator an
outline of his memoirs, grandly entitled I Walked With Giants
(My Career in Military Intelligence), asking him to pen a
foreword for the book. The senator did, and much to his chagrin,
his brief, plain-vanilla comments--laudatory of Corso but
containing nothing specific about the book itself--found their
way into the first printing of TDAR.

When I saw the senator's name and foreword in the bound galleys
of TDAR I was sent by Simon & Schuster, Corso's publisher, I
contacted his office. Thurmond's staff was stunned, and in short
order, the senator contacted S&S, told them what had happened,
and demanded that his foreword and name be removed from further
printings of the book and not be used in any way to further
promote it. The embarrassed publisher quickly complied.

The Oct.-Nov. 2001 UFO magazine (U.S.) carries a fatuous attempt
to rehabilitate Corso and, by implication, UFO's publisher
William J. Birnes, who coauthored TDAR with Corso: "Honor
Restored: The 'De-Pflocked' Facts About Philip Corso," by Don
Ecker, the 'zine's director of research. Ecker recently posted
the text of this gem on UpDates, conveniently not including the
illustrations. The most important of these is a Simon & Schuster
release form signed by Senator Thurmond, allegedly giving his
permission for Corso's publisher to use his foreword in TDAR.
The form as reproduced in UFO has the words "Roswell Book" typed
in the blank left in the boilerplate text of the form for a book
title, with the other blanks, for "undersigned" and "author,"
left, well, blank.

I made a copy of Ecker's piece available to Senator Thurmond's
chief of staff, and a few days ago, I received in return copies
of several very interesting items. One of these is the release
form in the senator's office file, on which ALL the blanks in
text are, well, blank. No "undersigned," no "author," but, most
important, no book title, not even the generic "Roswell Book."
This clearly is the same form reproduced in UFO, as the
senator's signature and date of signing match--but it is as it
was when the original left the senator's office, BEFORE someone
(gee, wonder who?) typed in "Roswell Book." Hmmm...

Along with this revealing document, I received the complete
outline for I Walked With Giants, wherein nary a word about UFOs
or Roswell (incident or town) is found. A perusal of this
outline and a reading of the senator's foreword leave no doubt
in any reasonable mind that the latter was intended for the
outlined proposed memoir, not the ufoological (NOT a typo) wet
dream to which it was appropriated. Other than the inclusion of
many of the non-UFO-connected tall tales and pulp-fiction prose
that appeared in and animated TDAR, the only resemblance between
the proposed book and what finally saw print is Corso's Walter
Mittyish ego strutting across the pages.

Also included in the package were the senator's June 5, 1997,
press release about the matter ("Right Foreword, Wrong Book"),
and his June 11, 1997, letter to Simon & Schuster Deputy General
Counsel Eric Raymond, demanding the removal of his
misappropriated foreword from TDAR.

I will not engage in further debate on this matter, on this list
or in any other forum, but will be glad to provide copies of any
or all of these documents to anyone who's interested enough to
cover the cost of copying and mailing. Those who'd like the full
details of the Right Foreword, Wrong Book Caper, will find them
in chapter 16 of my book. Oh, and for what should be a last
laugh, don't miss the hilarious transcript of Paola Harris' July
5, 1997, interview with Corso in the Nov.-Dec. 2001 NEXUS New
Times magazine (pp. 59-60; website: www.nexusmagazine.com),
wherein you'll find babblings that were too goofy even for

-- Cheers, KARL PFLOCK

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