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The Rendlesham Case - Lighthouse

From: Georgina Bruni <georgina@easynet.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 20:53:07 -0000
Fwd Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 23:20:27 -0500
Subject: The Rendlesham Case - Lighthouse 

One List member asked me, if, in the light of new information,
my publishers had decided to omit the a section that I had
planned to include on the lighthouse theory in my paperback, You
Can't Tell The People. If so, would I be prepared to post it on

The truth is, that I personally decided to exclude it because
the new information, especially that from Halt and one of the
primary witnesses, seemed to demolish the theory that it could
have been a lightship, as Robert McLean now thinks.

The fact is, that Halt admitted that the red light was in the
forest and when it stopped in front of him at eye level, it was
a solid object. I cannot imagine that a lighthouse or a
lightship for that matter, would able to fly through the sky,
move in and out of the trees and hover at about five foot.
Unless of course, Dr Who had anything to with it :-)

I am posting the piece that was intended for the paperback, here
on Updates. This is based on Robert McLean's research into the
lighthouse/lightship theory. I respect Robert's research but if
you have read the paperback update, you will see why I made this
decision. Apart from Halt's latest, there are so many other
things to consider, such as the events that happened 100 years
ago. Even if the lighthouse was around at that time, which I
have not yet checked, I don't think the lightships were in
operation. The other factor is that Robert has not proved
anything, and for me, I'd rather go with first hand witness
testimony and facts, such as the recently discovered USAF
photographs of the landing site which feature ground
indentations exactly like those mentioned in Halt's tape
recording of the event. And let us not forget the famous memo,
which describes one of the objects.

We simply must move on with the case and the sceptics should
accept that the lighthouse and lightships were not responsible.
After all, there is so much else to take in. One cannot just
take a fraction of this huge case and spend a lifetime trying to
make things fit into a theory. You must take the whole case and
try to understand what the UFOs were and where they came from.
That is what we need to understand.

Here then is the piece that was intended for the paperback.


It was not my intention to give more space to the tired
lighthouse theory, especially as I have dedicated an entire
chapter to addressing this and other sceptical claims. However,
several sceptics have accused me of not dealing with these
theories in detail, but it is worth mentioning that these same
people have totally ignored the new evidence, which proves that
the lighthouse was of no significance. But not to further
disappoint those who favour the lighthouse theory, I consulted
local researcher Robert McLean, who is himself somewhat of a
sceptic. McLean does not believe it was a real UFO encounter and
argues that the lighthouse was not the only factor, but that
other terrestrial lights may have been partially involved. Just
the same, he is sceptical of the traditional lighthouse theory
and is of the opinion that the latter does not stand up to
careful analysis.

As we know, the traditional sceptical theory is that Lieutenant
Colonel Halt mistook the beam of the Orfordness lighthouse for a
UFO, and followed it into the farmer's field where it can be
seen to line up with the Boast house. According to McLean, the
line of sight to the lighthouse, using a compass for
measurement, would have been about 98 degrees. However, Halt's
audio recording of the event clearly reveals that the light the
patrol initially followed was about 110 or 120 degrees on the
compass, and as such, the debate continues whether or not there
was a 12 or 22 degree measurement error. McLean points out that
a clue to the identity of this light is given by Halt on his
tape, that they "made sighting again at about 110 degrees" when
in the "second farmer's field". When Brenda Butler discussed the
incident with Halt in 1983 he apparently mentioned that during
their walk they had reached a hill where they could see a river
below. Brenda thinks the location is probably that of Burrow
Hill, which is about 2.5 km east of the landing sites. McLean
states that the lighthouse cannot be seen from the top of Burrow
Hill because trees and farm buildings block the view. But he
explains that there is an unobstructed line of sight at about
115 degrees on the compass to where the Shipwash lightship was
situated at the time of the incident. This was taken out of
service on 25 October 1993. Charles Halt has confirmed that the
patrol recognised the lighthouse, which he has described as a
white light that was 30 to 35 degrees off to the right of the
UFO. But McLean is of the opinion that Halt was referring to the
beam of the Shipwash lightship. He has it in writing from
Trinity House that the beam was indeed white and was not blanked
off at any point, but was an "all around" light.

However, the implication of this, according to McLean, is that
the light initially seen in the forest was also that of the
Shipwash lightship, or sceptically, the light from Orfordness
lighthouse, and that the UFO appeared off to the left shortly
afterwards. He refers to a section on the tape where Master
Sergeant Ball says "at about 11 o'clock" and "Look to the left."
Followed by Sergeant Nevilles "There's two lights. One light to
the right and one light to the left." McLean points out that the
flash sequence of the Shipwash lightship, matches the interval
of the light initially seen just as well as the regular
five-second pattern of Orfordness lighthouse. Sceptic Steuart
Campbell was the first to argue the lightship theory after
listening to Halt's recording of the incident in the 1980s. He
was also of the opinion that the flashes of the UFO were
consistent with the Shipwash lightship. But McLean is certain
that there was no direct view of the Shipwash lightship from the
alleged landing sites because of intervening trees in Oak Wood.
Only the light from Orfordness lighthouse could have been
visible, however this disappears from view at a point of 126 m
from the eastern edge of Rendlesham Forest. This in turn begs
the question of what happened during the subsequent 2.4 km on
the way to Burrow Hil,l when no lighthouse or lightship could
have been visible. Assuming this was the route taken, Colonel
Halt's patrol would have needed to cross, or find ways around,
up to ten drainage ditches on their way to Burrow Hill and not
just the one ditch that he has often mentioned. It is worth
pointing out that I personally came across the ditch Halt refers
to, in fact I almost fell into it, and as far as I am aware, it
is not in the position recognised by Robert McLean.

As a result of these difficulties McLean questions whether the
location of the landing sites have been correctly identified. He
suggests that if Burrow Hill were the location of the second
farmer's field, then Colonel Halt's patrol would have seen the
light from yet another lightship 26.5 km distant, with the odd
name of Sunk. The Sunk lightship is still visible today from
Burrow Hill, and would have been seen in 1980 at a magnetic
heading of about 171 degrees. McLean suggests that this
lightship may have been the source of the "strobe-like flashes"
mentioned by Halt. I commend McLean's research and there is no
doubt that he has done an excellent job of mapping and measuring
the area but like Charles Halt and indeed all the witnesses, I
have to argue that there is far more to this case that flashing
lights from a nearby lighthouse or lightships.



For those of you who have contacted me to inform me that my
paperback is not yet available with www.netstoreusa.com that's
because it was only published in the UK last week. Please try
www.amazon.co.uk who will post overseas.

Thank you
Georgina Bruni

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