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Re: The Rendlesham Revelation! - Bruni

From: Georgina Bruni <georgina@easynet.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 20:53:13 -0000
Fwd Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 23:25:01 -0500
Subject: Re: The Rendlesham Revelation! - Bruni

 >From: Tim Matthews <TMMatthews99@aol.com>
 >Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 21:54:34 EST
 >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@home.com>
 >Subject: The Rendlesham Revelation!

In response to the latest statement from Tim Matthews regarding
the Rendlesham Revelation, I have several comments to make.

Firstly, I am disappointed that Tim claimed to have some new
revelations to the case, to quote from one of his posts

'A completely new revelation on Rendlesham, quite remarkable and
perhaps the British UFO story of the year.'

The revelation is not what it seems and unfortunately is another
of Tim's famous spins. And don't we just love them ;-)

 >'BUFOSC's Tim Matthews announced today at an event
 >held in Runcorn, Cheshire, that he had solid information that
 >a serious leak of radioactive material had occurred at the
 >Sizewell A nuclear power station, situated on the coast a
 >short distance from RAF Woodbridge-Bentwaters, during
 >the Christmas period in December 1980.

 >He reported that his information came from a credible
 >source, a former movement. "Leaks from Sizewell A and
 >similar facilities were well known at the time," he said, "and
 >continue today. the late 1970s/early 1980s have been
 >described to me as "dark times" for the British nuclear

Tim, the Sizewell leak was not an isolated one and it is not
exactly a short distance from where the incident took place.
There were several problems at that plant.  The alleged 1980
leak was reported to me during my research for the book, but
like so many other rumours that were going on, I did not think
there was enough substance to it. As I explained to your
colleague Eric Morris, who kindly wrote to me recently
concerning this and the rumour about HMS Norfolk, even if there
was a radiation leak, it is unlikely it had anything to do with
the incident in Rendlesham Forest. Don't forget that the
radiation readings were much higher inside the landing site than
they were on the outside, this especially applies to the trees.

 >Matthews said that he was convinced that many of the stories
 >regarding aliens and crashed craft that emerged in East Anglia in
 >January 1980, in some >cases before the Halt Memorandum was
 >written, were part of a deliberate >smokescreen put in place by
 >elements associated with both the nuclear industry (security) and
 >the MOD.

What about all the incidents prior to the 1980 incident, as
reported in my book? And what about the events that took place
before we had aircraft or nuclear plants?

 >Matthews particularly concentrated upon stories generated by a
 >"mystery" >character, Steve Roberts, who contacted Rendlesham
 >researchers Dot Street >and Brenda Butler at the time and was the
 >first to spread what proved to be disinformation of the worst sort.

Steve Roberts was probably telling the truth when he first
talked to Chris and Brenda a few days after the incident. I have
come to this conclusion due to the latest information from Halt
and one of the primary witnesses. I managed to find Roberts, not
his real name of course, and interviewed him for my book, so
he's not a mystery anymore, at least not to me. I think the
later stories were disinformation, which was a result of
influence by Colonel Halt. Recall they arrived in England at the
same time and Roberts was a messenger for Halt when he visited
Chris and Brenda. It's not the first time that Halt has
influenced the witnesses into not being open about certain
aspects of the case, as I report in my book. Penniston and
Burroughs were shocked that he led the Strange But True? TV team
to the wrong landing site. Halt has his own reasons for this,
and I'm not going to go into this at this time. But suffice to
say that he does not want all the truth to come out because it
would be too shocking.

 >Eric Morris and Carolyn Buckley had, it emerged, agreed to reopen
 >their investigation into Rendlesham after speaking to a number of
 >witnesses to events in December 1980 featured in contemporary
 >newspaper reports. Their testimony had not been included in later
 >magazine articles and books on the incident. Perhaps new information
 >might move the overall investigation forward?

I'd be interested to see what Eric comes up with because I spent
days reading newspaper reports from that period and other dates,
interviewing many of the civilian witnesses. I'm sure there are
many more out there which have not yet gone public.

 >Matthews also noted the interesting parallels and timing of the
 >operations of >the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations
 >(AFOSI) in North America and the UK between 1980-1983. he
 >said, "It is worth pointing out that, at the same time, Master
 >Sergeant Richard Doty was spreading stories of aliens and
 >crash retrievals around the US UFO research community. Why
 >not do the same thing in Britain? According to Georgina Bruni,
 >AFOSI had several operatives close to the Rendlesham Incident."

Sorry Tim, no way was the AFOSI spreading disinformation of a
UFO nature, quite the opposite in fact. I interviewed Wayne
Persinger, the Deputy Base Commander of the AFOSI for the bases.
The disinformation was that they were trying to cover up the UFO
story, not what you suggest. His wife (see my book) finally
admitted that she also witnessed the UFO during Christmas week
and that her husband refused to accept her testimony at the
time, suggesting it was a helicopter. Diana's testimony to me
proves that this was not the case. AFOSI did have several
operatives at the bases. In fact it was Wayne Persinger who set
up the original AFOSI units in the UK, the first one being at
RAF Lakenheath.There are AFOSI units in most US bases, with a
head office, that at the time was at Uxbridge. I also reveal the
names of all AFOSI agents including the commander and those who
briefed (interrogated) the witnesses. One of these names was
confirmed by Jim Penniston, and at the time I did not offer him
that information. Not only did Penniston's information match,
but the agent, I learnt (not from Penniston) said the files on
the incident ended up at the Pentagon.

 >In January 1981, the exact same time the Halt Memorandum
 >was written and >Steve Roberts first came forward, a Public
 >Enquiry, subsequently chaired by >Sir Frank Layfield, into the
 >construction of a second, controversial, nuclear plant at Sizewell
 >(Sizewell B) was  announced. At the most crucial time of the
 >enquiry, held between 1983 and 1985, the massively exaggerated
 >mass media reporting of the supposed "alien crash landing and
 >UFO retrieval" began in earnest. October 2nd, 1983, saw the
 >first report in the News of the World newspaper which, according
 >to staff at the MOD, "stirred up a hornet's nest" and which,
 >Matthews added, possibly directed people away from the truth
 >behind the events of December 1980...

I am sure that the Government would want to keep the UFO
incident a secret for several reasons, including the fact that
the Bentwaters base deployed nuclear weapons, but I think you
are going off track here by suggesting that this the Government
invented this incident to take the heat off something else. This
is not at all a revelation, but a ridiculous theory, almost in
line with the lighthouse and tractor stories we hear. The very
fact that the MOD files record that the evidence was given to a
US General, that Defence Intelligence Staff were involved in the
inquiry, along with numerous other data, is sufficient to prove
that the government did not invent this. And what about the USAF
photos I discovered recently, and all the countless witnesses.
The only reason the case was finally reported in the press was
because CAUS had acquired Halt's memorandum, which was given to
Dot Street, who went public with it at a BUFORA conference,
which resulted in it becoming public knowledge. Nothing
conspiratorial here. The rest is history.

In another coincidence, a "whistleblower" and peace activist,
Hilda Murrell, said to have vital information on actual and
potential leaks from UK nuclear facilities, and who had written
a damning report on the subject that later vanished, died under
mysterious circumstances in March 1984.

When I first heard about the alleged Sizewell connection during
my research, I borrowed a book from my father, titled "Enemies
of the State by Garry Murray. I recommend this as excellent
reading for anybody interested in the Sizewell plant and
especially Hilda Murrell. The reason I took an interest was
because Murrell's son had contacted Brenda Butler wanting to
discuss his mother's murder. As far as I can remember, it was
nothing to do with Rendlesham, but because Brenda lived in the
area and had been mentioned in the press. However, Brenda did
not follow it up because it was too sensitive. Anyway, Gary
Murray gives a full account of the Sizewell story, and as a
former RAF Police Special Forces Investigator, and private
investigator assisting MI5, he exposes the facts behind
Murrell's murder.

 >The truth, said Matthews, was that between 1980-1983 Cold War
 >paranoia, the stationing of Cruise missiles at UK bases and the
 >failings of the nuclear industry were all political hot
 >potatoes. He said that the intelligence services were working
 >overtime to keep a lid on possible leaks of information >and on
 >the situation in general. Perhaps the hapless UFO community
 >might be a useful target for disinformation?

Please read my book, chapter "Defending The Realm" where I
report on several nuclear accidents and cover a good deal of
information concerning the Government cover-up. If anything, it
is more likely that the UFO events were a result of our
harbouring these weapons. Several such bases around the world
have had similar UFO encounters. Nothing to do with the
Government instigating UFO incidents.

 >Tim added that an unusual, albeit genuine looking "hoax"
 >document, revealing information on a claimed "contact" scenario
 >involving alien beings "of 1 1/2 metres in height" and US Air
 >Force personnel, written on headed Ministry of Defence
 >notepaper, had made its way into the 150 page Rendlesham File
 >recently released to BUFOSC and others. The MOD, it emerged,
 >"had no idea" where the document came from, despite the fact
that it seems to have been internally generated. Was this
 >document used to mislead UFO researchers back in the early
 >1980s or was the information contained therein a template for
 >subsequent disinformation? It would seem so...

Tim, this document has been around since 1984. We have a very
good idea who was responsible for it. Dot's 1983-84 tapes offer
good explanations. I did not include this in my book because it
was so ridiculous, and besides I might have been tempted to
reveal other hoaxes perpetrated by well known ufologists. One
such incident involved using Halt's son (I have the original
recording) as a witness, dressed up to make him look older, and
ready to talk to the media. These hoaxes were not only time
wasting but very childish. I felt by reporting them it would
make British ufology look ridiculous.

I know how much you like to spin Tim :-) but I didn't think you
would bring up old information and claim it is:

"A completely new revelation on Rendlesham, quite remarkable and
perhaps the British UFO story of the year."

Come on, you can do better than that! Isn't it time you got your
facts right.


Out now, the paperback version (Updated) "You Can't Tell The
People". The Definitive Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO
Mystery by Georgina Bruni. Published by Pan Books (Macmillan)
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