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Re: More Baloney Detection - Hatch

From: Larry Hatch <larry@larryhatch.net>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 12:13:53 -0800
Fwd Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 08:37:44 -0500
Subject: Re: More Baloney Detection - Hatch

 >From: Jim Mortellaro <Jsmortell@aol.com>
 >Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 13:24:08 EST
 >Subject: Re: More Baloney Detection
 >To: ufoupdates@home.com

 >>Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 02:13:14 -0800
 >>From: Larry Hatch <larry@larryhatch.net>
 >>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@home.com>
 >>Subject: Re: More Baloney Detection

 >>>[BS] By Michael Shermer


 >Dear Wilbur and Larry, also List and EBK,

 >>How about a straw poll? I'll cast the first vote if
 >>nobody beats me to it:

 >>* Are there other intelligent beings elsewhere in the cosmos,
 >>perhaps within our own galaxy of billions of stars? I would vote
 >>yes with a 99% likelihood. Your vote?

 >____Same as yours, Mr. L _____

 >>* Have living beings from other stars come here in the flesh
 >>(muck, protoplasm, tentacles or whatever) ? I would vote no.
 >>Seems dumb to me, see above.

 >Your vote? _________

 >Why dumb? Presuppose these dudes are the explorer type, or maybe
 >like to infiltrate life forms on various planets in order to
 >improve the breed, or for that matter, their own breed using our
 >DNA. Who are we to assume human terms for what may likely be a
 >very high form of life compared with our own?

Hello Jimbo, friends, romancers and Canadians:

I say "dumb" because bio-engineered and/or cybernetic critters
could do ALL of those things above and below, and possibly much
better, while the native Curtuglians (or whatever) enjoyed
umbrella drinks by the methane pool as grass-skirted Wahikis and
musicians provide entertainment.

 >Let's do a "What if!" What if there was a way beyond our own
 >knowledge of physics, with which to span the distances sans the
 >need for long trips?

That's a tough call! _If_ such a thing were possible, and I see
absolutely no sign of it being possible, then _Yes_!! By all
means go and see it for yourself!! [Stock up on nicotine gum
first of course.]

Problem is, it may _not_ be possible. Even the tantalizing
findings of "quantum entanglement" in physics, which seem to
imply FTL (faster than light) travel possibilities to the
layman, offer NO such prospect if you read the fine print.

So far, nobody is seriously proposing that you can send _one
single bit of information_ , let alone a living being anywhere,
FTL. Zero. Zippo.

It may well be that this is a fundamental, and forever
impenetrable law of nature; one which _no_ mortal being may
overcome, for all time.

Prove otherwise, and they will scrap the Nobel Prize and name
the new one after you!

Failing that, as I strongly believe we will for all time, we are
left with slow trains to Georgia ( or wherever. )

 >And what if that method required small amounts of energy?

Oh heck. ET, sufficiently advanced has _loads_ of energy. That's
no real problem.

 >On that assumption, which is not at all a wild assumption,
 >wouldn't _YOU_ go from here to Plaeides to see
 >the people? IF you answer "no!" I just don't have any faith in
 >your brew. Try something donestic.

I would go there in one hot second if it weren't for my asshole
of a boss. Of course I would. Just give me the formula for FTL
travel, and I can kiss my cruddy job goodbye.

 >>(Now I would like but I don't know how) to ask a large
 >>representative group of SETI people, against whom I bear no
 >>rancor really, to tell us whether they indeed proceed from the
 >>assumption that humankind is alone in the universe, in term of
 >>thinking rational beings .. capable of asking these very

 >>Maybe they would prefer to speak for themselves; I'm sure the
 >>UFO people would.

 >Yeah, well, just what the hell is a "UFO people" anyway, Larry?
 >It almost sounds as if we are a cult of nerds and nitwits, and

Some are, others make more sense.

 >Allow me to answer for me at least. A UFO people is someone who
 >allows for the possibility that we've been visited. Someone who
 >has the imagination to at least perceive the level of
 >attribution of truth of those who claim to have seen them. Not
 >counting the really crazy loonies who think they've been
 >abducted by space aliens, God help their souls.

 >Dammit, Larry, this one got my juices going. I am a little
 >surprised at the tone of the post toastie. I _know_ you are
 >someone with an open mind. Heck, it was you who invented the
 >phrase, "Pair of Dimes" and without Gripple even. So what's all
 >this negativity about?

Negativity? Please Jimbo! I just don't think that the native
Glerkoids come here in person, that's all. I see absolutely no
need for that.

None of this rules out the abduction scene, or anything else
associated with UFOs in general. Its almost a non-issue as we
could not tell a super intelligent but artificial "being" from a
native (you-name-it) if we went out with them for a round of

 >No one has more doubts about what is in my memory than I. And
 >even thru all of that doubt, there is not one iota of evidence
 >that anything _else_ could have happened than what I recall did

 >>PS: I rather agree with the rest of Shermer's presentation, odd
 >>as that might seem. -LH

 >It does seem odd. Having seen Squirmin Sherm in the flesh in NY
 >and witnessed the veritable _joy_ he has when he makes fun of
 >us, I can tell you that anything he has to say, even if true,
 >comes from a mind hell bent on making fools out of all of us who
 >have sightings of perceive abduction. That man should seek help.

I have to back off on that one! Bruce Macca(you spell it)
pointed out several other glaring logical errors in Shermer's
essay. I stand corrected on that score.

 >Now for the really important news. Tomorrow I shall break bread at
 >mom and dad. And at 89 years of age, I want you all to know that
 >my dad makes the best martini the world has ever known. Aha! you
 >say, the man boasteth verily too much.

Peace and Dos Equis to all of good will. Except the androids of
course; may they either fess up or choke on my smoke.

Best wishes sincerely

- Larry Hatch

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