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Re: Back-Engineered? - Kelly

From: Christopher Kelly <tophar@iprimus.com.au>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 13:33:16 +1100
Fwd Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 05:10:59 -0500
Subject: Re: Back-Engineered? - Kelly

Dear List and Readers,

I know Lazar has been covered in-depth before, though I still
find his alien craft very interesting. Wether his claims are a
hoax or not, the spacecraft he has brought before the world does
in many ways fit the criteria required for reliable space travel
in a spacecraft.

Looking deeply into the craft's design does show consistencies
with the sorts of requirements required for such space travel.
The one requirement that I have concluded is a most when
considering the design of such craft is the fact that you cannot
have moving parts. The moment you have moving parts the life of
that part and its reliability runs out the door.

Lazar has three cylinder type units beneath the floor as moving,
I really don t think these move at all, these three cylinders
rather just regulate the polarity and strength of the
magnetic/electromagnetic field. With the craft now in this
configuration, there are no moving parts at all. The reliability
and life of the craft is now supreme. This conclusion in itself
points to the possibility of the craft s existences. After all
the seemingly successful debunking that has been do on Lazar
himself, the craft on the other hand has stood up well to
criticism. It is if nothing else a great design, one any
designer would be proud of. If this design is just someone s
imagination they are very very good and should be working for
JPL or NASA or ME.

The craft looks like a short-range scout class vessel to me. I
cannot see this one travelling from a distant Galaxy to here, so
this brings up the question of how did it get here? By mother
ship, would seem to be the logical answer or it was built near

Lazar has an official web site but it cost to join, though it
says Robert pops in for chats now and again, so I m thinking
about joining just to see if I can take this up with him

I would also like to ask him about this back engineering thing,
what could be the advantages of an alien race giving us
something like that to back engineer? That to me would be like
giving a third world country an armed atom bomb to back
engineer. There is no way we can use such a craft, even though
women fair better than men do around magnetic fields, those
sorts of levels of magnetic fields would still bring a female to
a screaming mess on the ground. So I fail to see what benefits
it is or was supposed to bring to us.

I m starting to think along the lines that this craft if it is
real is something the US has had for ages and just hasn t been
able to figure out completely. Maybe even or AA friend used to
once pilot aforesaid craft?

I wouldn t be surprised to find or learn that this was the case.
Much seems to revolve around those events and time period.
Roswell I mean.

Cheers Tophar

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