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Re: Gordon Cooper Talks UFOs With Defense

From: Christopher Kelly <tophar@iprimus.com.au>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 10:42:04 +1100
Fwd Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 15:24:42 -0500
Subject: Re: Gordon Cooper Talks UFOs With Defense

 >From: Grant Cameron <sqquishy@altavista.com>
 >Date: 27 Nov 2001 19:03:55 -0800
 >To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
 >Subject: Gordon Cooper Talks UFOs With Defense Secretary

 >In an August 30, 2001 Dr. Steven Greer made the following statement:

 >"Recently I was in Washington meeting with a very famous
 >astronaut. Everyone would know this person's name... This
 >particular astronaut had during his career been in possession of
 >a very specific piece of incontrovertible piece of evidence
 >related to UFOs.

 >It is something that if disclosed would clear and definitive.

 >This astronaut described how he had approached and worked
 >directly with President Clinton's Secretary of Defense William
 >Cohen to look into and retrieve from classified projects this
 >specific piece of evidence -  of that which he had all the
 >specific details... the words used by this astronaut to me were
 >'there was an inordinate large amount of money and personal time
 >by the Secretary of Defense William Cohen was spent to locate
 >this evidence, and he was never given access to it.'"

 >The identity of the astronaut is Gordon Cooper. That fact is
 >confirmed in a September 13, 2001 Disclosure event in Salem


 >The event involved a UFO landing film, which Greer had mentioned
 >in an earlier lecture.

 >Greer met with Cooper at the International Platform Association
 >speakers convention in Washington in August 2001, where they
 >were both presenting.

Evening all,

Wow, what a great convention that must have been. One I would
have really liked to have attended. Thx to Grant for passing
this link along.

However, I do have one issue I would like to take up in regards
to something Dr Steven Greer talked about. This mistaken idea
that the energy source the Grey's ect are using will be a good
replacement for our energy consumption needs.

Oil will run out soon and we do need to either find another
source or learn to make sacrifices by living without some of
these so-called luxuries we have become so reliant upon. It
would seem more logical to do without the 10 percent of people
using these resources than to stumble around hoping to find
another source or risking self extinction by rushing in and
using another resource we know little or next to nothing about.

Resource like what ET's are using as a fuel source is one of
these that I know we know nothing about, especially what effects
these have upon our world and upon us. (Well for most anyway.)

My research into magnets and what powers magnets lead me to
believe a craft using magnetic fields was possible and was 'the
only way to go' for travelling around in outer space in a short
enough time to make travelling worth while. But what I also
found out was that these elements that are needed to make all
this kind of space travel possible, come with a price. When
mined and processed for just such use, it takes away the
magnetic field/magnetic properties from the planet it is mined
out of. So if we started mining and processing these elements
here on Earth it wouldn't be too many years down the track
before the effects of all this mining started to make its
presents felt. I dare say everyone here would be able to
understand what would happen to our planet if we started the
reckless mining of the very elements that keeps this remarkable
little planet of ours orbiting the sun. Not to mention these
magnetic fields keep the Moon were it is.

I took up the UFO challenge to find out if my research into
magnetics was correct and to work out if the Greys or any other
alien race was getting their resources to build and power their
vessels from our planet or Moon. If this is the case I am very
determined to stop them and tell the world as to what is going
on. This goes for any people of Earth that wish to start messing
around with these same elements.

I mean why does everyone think these ET's live in space for? If
you think about it, couldn't they just find another planet and
settle down on it? Of course they could, but they don't, because
they like what they have and what they are doing, not to mention
they get to live incredibly long lives and they aren't about to
give up this life style any more than many of us would give ours
up. But as with all such life styles there comes a price for
someone or something.

As I listened to Dr Greer talking it suddenly occurred to me
that perhaps this very knowledge of such elements/alchemy was in
fact what was being kept from us, not so much the ET's

I can see why this would happen now, as we all know even if the
whole world knew that the use of these elements/resources would
see an end to Mother Earth and all life on it, there would still
be those idiots out there that would use it and gladly put all
of our lives at risk for a profit. So on one hand, whom ever it
is, that is keeping this info from us is really doing us a
bigger favour than we might think. On the other hand they also
might be just keeping it all for themselves.

It is a fact of life that the dollar drives science and
scientists into areas they would never under normal circumstance
go or even dream of going. This greed and short mindless that
now drives most of our science may just be our greatest undoing
if we aren't careful.

We as a race have to make a decision about what is an acceptable
use of limited resources by the few that get to use them; there
is no such thing as free energy. We have one planet left in this
solar system that will support terrestrial life such as ours. So
any mistakes we make now we will be paying for very dearly in
the future. Reincarnation will be pointless if there is no
planet for one to be reincarnated on.

We can have a great life with a life style to rival a king,
without putting the planet or any other life at risk. It will
take time, it will take commitment for us all, it will take
scarifies and compromises. It will take longer than our life
times to achieve. But it can be done, if we want it too.

I see this period in Human kinds history as being a turning
point, were we go from here will either see us head towards our
extinction or our continued existence. There is no short, quick,
easy answer, no quick fix to get us out of our pending energy

So I can see why some are rushing to find solutions to these
problems, but hast makes waste. Better I think we start to learn
to make sacrifices and start using less.



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