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Re: 'Angel Hair' In California - Lehmberg

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 14:20:14 -0600
Fwd Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 16:41:17 -0500
Subject: Re: 'Angel Hair' In California - Lehmberg

Humbly submitted as a measure of what we've lost, continue to
lose, and know to get back. This points up the value, utility,
and validity of the different drumming individual, each of us to
one degree or another, and provides a valid framework from which
to reach further in that rewarding attempt to increase ones


The Pyramids of Maslow

An Epic song
by Alfred Lehmberg

It's called "self actualization," and it comes to one with luck
-- if one's found out its existence, and ones courage measures
up. A cosmic drug, but safer (in fact healing, I should say).
Surely, vanquishing the shadows as it drives them far away. It's
built up, like a pyramid, just one level at a time, and when
it's been constructed there's a treasure one might find!

Why, one can look for miles, friend, and perceive the grandest
things; one could feel very deeply, but could still detach from
things; and one could SEE, at last, some "thing" - for what it
really was, and write it down for you and me, describing what it

The FIRST tier of this pyramid's a wide based, harsh, affair.
Requirements must dictate what the 'real world' shares. Food -
and plenty of it, food for health, and day to day. Food that
feeds the body (and the mind I'm quick to say). Food that's
never ending, food that's always there, food that won't distract
you from that 'upward' path so near. Without it one must perish;
without it one looks down; without it one is looking for its
smell or taste and sound. Without food one will perish and shall
think of nothing else; One's, at the least, distracted as one
tightens at ones belt.

The NEXT tier of this pyramid's 'almost' as wide and harsh. It
presupposes shelter, a roof, some clothes - a hearth. Ones life
requires sanctuary, security - retreat. Refuge and good cover
are essential, basic needs. Without it one's distracted from a
self-affirming path. Without it one is doomed to beg - and
grovel for a laugh! Without it one is lost at sea without a hook
to use. Without it one will suffer if his home has been abused.

The THIRD tier is relaxing and it gives one time to think. It
hinges on security - or how closely lies the 'brink'. It's
SAFETY that concerns one - no 'gators in the swamp... as one
might work to drain it (?) - be undistracted by their "romp"?
It's protection from disaster, and defense against disease, it's
redress from all the worrying if one gets up off ones knees.
It's a loss of all ones anxiousness, that distraction from the
path... that ruins satisfaction, and runs a motor out of gas.
With safety one has time to think - to ponder, more, the stars .
. . to give some thought to flying things, like saucers and

The FORTH tier's near as massive though maligned -
misunderstood. Worshipped and detested, call it lust or
something 'good'. It's tumultuous, a wildcard! It can make you
sick as hell. It's like dancing with the stars and hearing
ringing - pealing bells. Providing for ones basic drive it's
woven into love, or pounded into razor blades and used to prod
and shove. One shall _not_ rise above it... this tyranny of
genes - denied it sneaks upon you, and shall visit you with
'dreams'. A column for ones total drive, it shall not be
dismissed. This tier of your potential is the tier that would be

. . . And then one wants "belonging" as a FIFTH tier finds its
place. One wants to feel useful and... a PART of something, Ace!
And, this is fine and dandy 'till it's used to take your hand,
and then lead you down some prim rose path - mere fodder to be
damned. One finds belonging to ones SELF a better path, you see
- a path so ever upward in a climb to make one free. Free from
despotism that will take away ones edge, free of harsh elitists
that would have us live THEIR dread. Free from all behaviorists,
their programs and their chains, free from all the guilt
imposed, the charges, and the blame. Belonging's fine until it's
used to cause one further pain. It's, then, a mechanism for a
collar on your brain.

Oh, then there's recognition, and rewards that that entails. A
SIXTH tier may be added, and one reaches, grasps... or fails.
Yes, here there's contribution. Here, ACHIEVEMENTS can be made
that makes repairs or shreds and tears - to clarify or fade.
One's competence unquestioned (?) and esteem needs justly met
(?), one looks around for what is left, to pick up, savor - GET!
Perhaps one takes the high road and decides, instead, to give
... in a manner chance providing one - with WHAT one can
believe. Perhaps it is the time one has... to put her hand on
things... undistracted by the children that still fall -
torrential rain. Perhaps it is the time one has to clarify his
mind, to look instead into a light he's 'warned' would strike
him blind?

The SEVENTH level's sweeter than the pyramid implies. Greater
than its sum of parts, a synergy's contrived. It's here there's
elevation that your 'God' has even feared. It's here there comes
advancement as one cuts away ones fear. It's here there is
progression as the grasp assumes its reach. It's here, perhaps
advancement as the reachers turn to teach. It's here, mayhap,
improvement of an efficacious kind; it's here one knows the
_pleasure_ of the perspicacious mind.

At seven one's 'self-actualized' and is reaching for the
stars... one touches shining levels that are bright as golden
bars! "Reach" and "grasp" become as one, and magic happens fast.
Reality is sorted out, and firmly gripped at last. Acceptance is
ones common sense for others as they are -- themselves, the
world or what's outside... the space between the stars.

The flavor's spontaneity. The behavior is the creed - the
evidence considerable... for routine there's little need. The
problem's at the center of the point of the concern, the self is
secondary (though the hardest to be learned). The theme is rare
detachment, the "forest for the trees". Gestalt is common -
usual... avoids behaviorism's fleas.

Requiring modest privacy so the thinking bubbles up, these
'actualized' are worth the time they spend apart from us. They
change the world's thinking as they think the thoughts they do.
Improving our humanity, they can see a problem through. Required
(?) - an independence from distraction lower down on the levels
of their pyramid that they've built on quaking ground. They NEED
their grand autonomy that they EARN by giving back... useful
fruits of thoughtful labor as they take us 'there' and back!

Resistance is mechanical to any dogma one has brought.
Stereotyped behaviors are eschewed as more than not. They don't
judge, but don't participate; not flamboyant, they don't try...
to stretch the unconventional to a point one should despise.
They seek the common welfare, and an increase of the same.
They're not apart from empathy so that suffering is tamed.
Relationships are deeper (with a few), and less is more.
Superficiality is detested to its core. They see the democratic
as the path to be maintained, where misery is shared on out,
thereby, wiping out that pain. The joy is shared the same damned
way, but increases for the daring. The reward's a satisfaction
we achieve for earnest sharing!

...And then comes their transcendence, they don't cope, they
SOAR and CLEAVE! Environment's a treasured thing that keeps one
off her knees. Creation is the answer and the fund of real
wealth; it satisfies the 'hunger', and provokes a better health.
It brings a PEAK EXPERIENCE ; it is RAPTURE ; it is JOY; it's
self regenerating so there's independence, boy! It's excitement,
and it's insight, and it's not for just a few! More could well
achieve it with their structures so imbued.

Imbued with what, you're asking? Well, imbued with what
supports! A better wage, and time to think, clean WATER, by
report. The path is SELF-constructed in a pyramid one makes to
reach the sky and grasp the truth from charlatans and fakes.
Expand upon potential! Elevate your mind, and cleave to soar
unlimited, unbound, and unconfined!


Self-actualization. More could (should) have it, and all would
(shall) be IMPROVED for these having it. Read on.

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"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see
from afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, scourged by
scurrilous skepti-bunkies.

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