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Nancy Talbot And Crop Circles

From: Nick Balaskas <nikolaos@YorkU.CA>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 10:22:25 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
Fwd Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 23:23:07 -0500
Subject: Nancy Talbot And Crop Circles

Hi Everyone,

Permit me make some comments of my own regarding Nancy Talbot's
crop circle research.

There were some details in Nancy Talbot's description of the
beams she and Robbert v/d Broeke saw and mentioned on Errol's
UFO radio show last weekend that do not support her
interpretation that they were flashes of light (about a second
in duration) coming down from the sky to the ground. Since
Robbert (who was in the first floor) saw a 4 inch diameter beam
of light while Nancy (who was on the second floor) saw an 8 to
12 inch diameter beam of light, which she describes as a
"searchlight" in her written report, it must have been just
that. Many cars have 4 inch diameter headlights and so do some 1
million candlepower searchlights one can readily buy at most
hardware stores which produce such diverging beams of light. It
is not unusual for cows to become excited with some unfamilar
and unexpected activity at night, such as a stranger with a
powerful flashlight.

Since Nancy failed to prove to me that the short duration beams
of light came from above and not below (how could one even say
considering how fast light travels) and failed to establish a
connection to the bawling cows (have they been known to bawl at
other occasions too or just when the beams of light were
noticed?), she cannot claim to be a witness to the creation of a
crop circle. Considering the lights were on and her room well
lit, I am a little surprised that Nancy even noticed the beams
of light outside, even if her bedroom window had no curtains
(she didn't say).

The small orbs of light often photographed at night within crop
circles but which are rarely or ever reported to be seen
visually, can only be bugs very close to the camera lense. Nancy
did make mention on SDI of such flying bugs around the head of
one person within a crop circle. Since most flashbulbs give off
a bright bluish-white light, one would expect this colour to be
very prominent in the reflected bodies of the out-of-focus bugs
close to the camera. The bluish orbs of light in the few photos
Nancy posted on Rense's web site support the conclusion that
they are bugs, not some mystery visible light that can readily
be recorded on regular film but not detected with the human eye.

As for the mysterious particles found within crop circles but
not outside which could only be created by extremely high
temperatures and/or pressures but did not cook or totally crush
the crops is scientific evidence that the crop circle sites were
seeded with these particles by the aliens or hoaxers that
produced them. Charcoal and diamonds are made up of the same
Carbon atoms but have different crystal structures. We know that
we need extremely high temperatures and/or pressures to create
diamonds from charcoal. If Nancy found such diamonds within crop
circles, would she also conclude this is proof of their alien
origin or would she use her common sense and scientific
reasoning and come to the reasonable conclusion that the crop
circles were seeded with these diamonds.

As for crops that exhibit differences within the circles not
found in the crops outside the circles, let me just say (without
giving future crop circle hoaxers any new ideas) that there are
readily available products at most garden stores that can
rapidly accelerate growth and even change the cellular elastic
properties in plants.

I admire researchers like Nancy who are trying to make an effort
to understand the crop circle phenomena but I feel that even
with what she has come up with so far, we still do not have any
compelling evidence for an alien or unnatural explanation for
even one crop circle. Maybe we never will if all crop circles
were all hoaxed - but some of us would never be satisfied with
this conclusion...

It was refreshing to listen to Nancy's crop circle research and
honest comments on Errol's UFO radio show last weekend. I cannot
no say the same about Phillip Krapf who was on Errol's 'Strange
Days... Indeed' show the previous weekend. Maybe Phillip's alien
friends were either lying to him about certain things or they
know much less about space travel, astronomy and other such
topics than we humans do.

Nick Balaskas

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