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Censoring Dr. Greer & Witnesses

From: Vince White <Vinceomni@aol.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 17:19:45 EST
Fwd Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 16:27:48 -0500
Subject: Censoring Dr. Greer & Witnesses


There has been a long and vehement criticism of the DISCLOSURE
PROJECT press conference for daring to mention such topics as;
operational gravity control, zero point energy, space-based SDI,
and deep conspiracies relating to a massive coverup.

Dr. Greer is excoriated for this "political baggage" being
affixed to pure UFO disclosure. There is no such purity

Mentioning these subjects is supposed  to have frightened
Congress out of open hearings. If true a sad commentary on the
level of legislative moral courage present - and prospects for
vigorous inquiry.

Those objecting to these additional subjects are basically
asking for censorship of  witness testimony. When a witness
couples UFO crash retrievals to back engineering of alien
reproduction vehicles, should the witness be stopped at that

If government possession of alien derived zero  point energy
devices is an integral part of coverup motives, shall we censor
witnesses, or intel sources carefully developed, who say these

If  a witness speaks of UFOs being targeted by our space based
SDI assets, censor this risky reality?

Congressional hearings will have to tackle a full tough range of
issues related to UFO activity. Witnesses will speak of;  planes
lost, crash/retrievals, liaison possibilities, and yes
abductions. What kind of example do we set by asking for
censoring of Dr. Greers efforts?

I have deep doubts concerning Dr. Greer's sources accuracy
regarding abductions & cattle mutilations. He appears to be even
the victim of disinformation on these issues.

But let  it all be publicly tabled; the good, the bad and the
ugly, so we can examine in the full sunshine, how all of this
hidden morass is interconnected. Hearings MUST be open ended, to
even  begin address this massive coverup - -largest in history.

We can't begin by censoring possible secondary issues which
became primary in maintaining the wall  of secrecy.

Dr. Greer has made many mistakes - but he, with flaws, made
history with  his uncensored press conference. Let his
detractors do a _better_ one. Let  them develop and screen
better witnesses. But hopefully the next new disclosure group
will not begin by censoring it's witnesses. Let the table be
wide indeed, as the UFO subject in awesome reality is. Let the
sun shine on open press conferences and open ended hearings.

Vince White