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UFO/Screaming Woman Incident Continues

From: Kenny Young <ufo@fuse.net>
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 00:47:20 -0500
Fwd Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 08:25:05 -0500
Subject: UFO/Screaming Woman Incident Continues


From: Donnie Blessing <RDonolin@CS.COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 22:21:22 EST
Subject: Morehead, Ky. UFO/Screaming woman incident continues

Dear List:

I submit the following report for your consideration. The
mystery is deepening.



At 11 A.M. today, December 2nd, 2003 I spoke with a Mrs. Cheryl
Woods (name changed, on file). I located Mrs. Woods thru
Infospace.com. When she answered the phone I explained the
reason I was calling. When I asked if she had been witness to an
unidentified flying object and screams of a woman, she replied
in a somewhat alarming tone saying "Oh yes! I saw it! So did my

Mrs. Woods explained that there is a field behind her house and
five properties are adjacent to this field. Behind her home
there is a small knoll and on the other side of the knoll is
where the field is, and up the hill from there is the house of
Mr. Davis (first witness to UFO). Mrs. Woods informed that there
are some trees in the field between her and the Davis house.

The importance for the property description is because the
alleged UFO "came down" in this particular field.

Around 5:30 P.M. on the day in question Mrs. Woods and her
daughter Sally (name changed, on file) were decorating the
outside of their home, putting up Christmas lights. Mrs. Woods
says she looked up and saw this "white light."

It was jumping and bouncing all over the sky. It began to
descend behind the trees. At one point Mrs. Woods said that it
reminded her of popcorn "popping up and down" from behind the

Mrs. Woods told her daughter to go inside the house and stay,
that she would finish up with the Christmas light. She said she
did because her daughter was apparently alarmed (Both mother and
daughter had a UFO sighting about this same time last year.)

Mrs. Woods says that she bent over for just a second taking her
eyes off the light and when she looked back up the light was
gone. She does not know if it flew away or landed behind the

Mrs. Woods then says that suddenly all the animals in the
neighborhood went into a frenzy. Every dog was barking and
howling and sounding like they were in a panic. She said that
her own little Chihuahua hid under the bed and cried in a
pitiful tone of voice. Mrs. Woods told me that she was afraid
that he had become ill but now he was feeling better.

At no time did Mrs. Woods or her daughter hear a
screaming woman.

Upon entering the house Mrs. Woods said that both her phone and
her daughters cell phone began to ring. On her daughter's phone
was her girlfriend asking Sally if she was OK. On Mrs. Wood's
phone was her first cousin asking the same question. Both mother
and daughter were perplexed and asked both parties on the phones
what was going on.

Both parties said there was activity on the police scanner, that
someone had reported a woman screaming on Skaggs Rd. and the
police were on their way. Both mother and daughter assured the
cousin and girlfriend that they were OK.

About that same time she saw flashing lights thru the window and
went to the door to see the Fire and Rescue squad. Without
getting out of the vehicle, the officer rolled his window down
and Mrs. Woods yelled thru the open door that they were OK and
that nobody had been screaming at their house. (NOTE: She did
not report the UFO sighting)

While Sally took another call from a concerned friend, Mrs.
Woods says she watched thru the window as more police arrived.
Both Life and police squads drove slowly down the street shining
their search lights into yards and between houses. Mrs. Woods
states that a state trooper also showed up and went down the

After combing the whole area with searchlights the police and
Rescue squad departed.

I thanked the witness for her time and if I have more questions
I would call. She took my number and said she was going to see
if she can get some people to look in that field to see if
anything interesting could be found. I told her to call me ASAP
if anything is turned up


1. After talking to Mrs. Woods I called the Kentucky State
patrol. I gave the dates of both Dec. 23rd and Dec. 21st to the
dispatcher. She could find no record of a report of UFO
sightings or anyone being called out about a woman screaming on
Skaggs Road.

2. There is a wide discrepancy between the time Mrs. Woods and
Mr. Davis saw the UFO and heard the panicked animals. Mrs. Woods
states between 5:30 P.M. and 6 P.M. Mr. Davis says 10:00 P.M.
This is a mystery since I believe they described seeing the same
object and equally heard the commotion from the animals. I asked
Mrs. Woods several times if she was very sure of the time. She
stated that she was sure of the time because she wanted to wait
till dusk so she could try out the Christmas lights to see how
they looked.

3. Because of the time difference I became suspicious that
something else may be going on here. I asked Mrs. Woods if
anything unusual had gone on after the UFO sighting. She said
that she has a clock that chimes out of sync with the time. When
it was 8 o'clock the clock would chime 7 times. Her husband
noticed it around Thanksgiving when he got home from a business
trip, and she became aware of the problem at that time. He was
not home when the UFO incident occurred. He said it would have
to go to a clock shop to be repaired because he did not know how
to fix the problem. Also Mrs. Woods told me that the next
morning after the UFO sighting she awoke to a terrible nose
bleed. She said they have been frequent since the sighting and
has never had nose bleeds before. She attributes the nose
bleeds to the house being too dry. She says her daughter has
had nose bleeds for years off and on but she has never had one.
After hearing these comments, I became suspicious that she was
familiar with UFO material. I must stress that she was not
prompted on these questions and offered them out of the blue. I
then asked her if she read UFO material before and she said: "Oh
no, I don't read anything, I've only watched X-Files a few times
on TV."

4. While I was talking to Mrs. Woods on the phone her daughter
(13-years old) came in from school. Her daughter states that
she had been talking to a friend on the bus. This friend is the
son of Dr. Davis (first witness). He had told Sally that the
screaming sounds seemed to be a woman that was "being torn
apart."  The scream was so blood curling and horrible, he told
her on the bus.

5. Mrs. Woods said that her house had been broken into not long
ago. She called the police and despite the department being less
than 2-minutes from her home, it took law officers 20-minutes to
arrive. The intruder-who was walking around the house-remained
in the home while she awaited the arrival of the police, but the
police did not catch the intruder.

6. During the UFO sighting, the 13-year old daughter looked
frightened and said in a groan: "Oh no, not again, I'm beginning
to think we are not safe around here anymore." Since the UFO
sighting, Mrs. Woods says that her daughter does not want to
stay in her room and leaves the door open when going in the
bedroom (she used to lock the door) and now sleeps in the same
room with her mother.

7. I am most perplexed by the time difference. Her UFO sighting
was nearly 4-hours before Dr. Davis reportedly saw the same
object with same animal reaction. I will not venture a guess in
this regards, but let others interpret data.

8. Mrs. Woods is formerly in the Air Force, a paratrooper who
also held a security clearance. She is now disabled from a back
injury caused while jumping out of an airplane. She is
intelligent and articulate. I think she is a credible witness.


Filed 12/02/03
Donnie Blessing
Southern Ohio Section Director MUFON