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'Bizarre Screams' Update - 12-04-03

From: Kenny Young <ufo@fuse.net>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 01:16:00 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 18:48:43 -0500
Subject: 'Bizarre Screams' Update - 12-04-03

At 8:10 P.M. tonight, December 3rd, 2003 I spoke to a Mrs. Huff
(real name on file)). I asked her if I could speak with her
daughter, Nancy (real name on file)). I had obtained her
number from Nancy's friend, Chris Woods (name also withheld on
file). I asked Nancy if she could tell me more about what was
said on the police scanner the night of the screaming woman
incident. Mrs. Huff said that Nancy was at a basketball game and
I then asked if she knew anything about the incident.

Mrs. Huff said that her husband was a volunteer with the Fire
and Rescue squad and that he told her a call had came into the
station from someone saying that they saw 'a woman with a baby'
that was walking around on a hill, and that 'a spaceship' came
down and took the baby and the woman began to scream.

Mrs. Huff then asked her husband if it was a crazy woman who
might have needed mental help and he said that he did not know
who it was.

At this point I was shocked. I asked Mrs. Huff to repeat what
she said. There was a loudly crying child on her lap that made
it hard to hear. She said that story is what was being passed
around at the station.

I stumbled over my words while trying to calmly ask if I could
speak to her husband. Mrs. Huff said that he was not home (he
would not be home until about 9:30 P.M.). I asked if she thought
he would talk to me about this and she said yes, that he would
talk to me. She also said that her husband would know the time
the call came in. I told her that I appreciated her talking to
me and that I would call back at 9:30.

At 9:35 P.M. on December 3rd, 2003 I spoke to a Mr. C. Huff
(real name on file)). Mr. Huff is a volunteer for the Fire and
Rescue squad in Morehead, Ky.

Mr. Huff explained that he had been lying on the bed listening
to the scanner and had not been on duty that day. He thought
that the time was somewhere between 4-6 A.M.

He went on to say that it was a man who called and said that
there was a woman in a field screaming. He did not know who the
person was that called. I asked Mr. Huff if he was totally
certain that the time was between 4-6 A.M. and he said that he
would check and for me to call him tomorrow.

Mr. Huff went on say that he had heard that one person in the
team searching for the screaming woman was approached by a man
while they were in the vicinity of the Kentucky State Patrol
outpost and Skaggs Rd. This man walked over to one of the
officers and stated that he had seen the whole thing. He told
the officer that he saw "a woman in a field and that a spaceship
had came down and had taken the woman."

I asked Mr. Huff if he could tell me who this officer was and he
stated he did not know. He did not know if it was a police
officer or a member of the rescue team.

This was second hand information to him. I asked if he could
find out for me and he stated that he would not be allowed to
give the persons name or the officer's name.

Mr. Huff went on to recount another incident that occurred one
or two days after the report of the screaming woman. He says
that a woman had called the station to complain that a child
about two years old had been seen walking down route 60 in
Morehead "wearing only a diaper."

The woman had been returning home from her niece's house, she
had turned off Route 32 onto Rt. 60 headed west to Salt Lick
when she spotted the child. She immediately called the police.
When they arrived the child was gone. No missing child was ever
reported according to Mr. Huff. Mr. Huff did not state if the
woman had left the scene where the child was to call the police.
Further investigation into this, I feel, is warranted.

I then asked Mr. Huff if there was anything else he could offer
on the incident of the screaming woman and he said no. I thanked
Mr. Huff for his time and told him I would call back to see if
he had found the correct time of the call.


Mr. And Mrs. Huff had different stories. There seemed to be some
confusion as to where the baby fit into the story. I left all
comments intact as reported to me since we do not have the full
true account yet.

This case has escalated in intensity, being made that much more
stranger by the alleged eyewitness sighting of a woman being
'taken' by a UFO.

Filed 12/03/03
Donnie Blessing
Southern Ohio Section Director MUFON

(NOTE: A written request for written reports and 9-1-1
police tapes to the Morehead Police Department on this
incident is pending. See website:


for a special index page created solely for this event - KY)