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Re: Wild Bill Donovan, Vannevar Bush & UFOs -

From: Frank Warren <frank-warren@pacbell.net>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 10:17:12 -0800
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Subject: Re: Wild Bill Donovan, Vannevar Bush & UFOs -

>From: Frank Warren <frank-warren@pacbell.net>
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>Subject: Re: Wild Bill Donovan, Vannevar Bush & UFOs

>>From: Richard Hall <hallrichard99@hotmail.com>
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>>Subject: Re: Wild Bill Donovan, Vannevar Bush & UFOs

>>>From: Frank Warren <frank-warren@pacbell.net>
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>>>Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 11:15:50 -0800
>>>Subject: Wild Bill Donovan, Vannevar Bush & UFOs

>>>Good Day Fellow Listorians,

>>>In 1948 First Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal invited Maj.
>>>General J. (Wild Bill) Donovan, former first Director of the
>>>"Office of Coordinator of Information" (COI), then later the
>>>Director of "The Office of Strategic Services" (OSS), to serve
>>>on a secret committee including Dr. Vannevar Bush, Admiral
>>>Sidney Souers, and General Alfred M. Gruenther to study
>>>"defensive problems" against "unconventional attack" against the
>>>United States. [With emphasis on the Russians]



>>It would help if you documented your source or sources of
>>information. Sounds very interesting, and I look forward to
>>commentary by historians (hopefully) and well-informed

>Hi Dick & All,

>The source is the biography of Major General William J. Donovan,
>"The Last Hero," by Tony Brown. The information presented is on
>page 802.

>It further states: After Donovan accepted Forrestal's invitation
>to join this "secret committee" he inturn created a smaller
>group to study the probelms which included "Otto C. Doering,
>T.J. McFadden, Richard P. Heppner, and William Colby."

Dick, Listers,

While searching through Donovan's declassified FBI files, I
found reference to the "Committee to Study 'Defense Against
Unconventional Attack.'" Add to the list of members the esteemed
"Dr. Karl Compton, President of MIT (at the time.") Also a
member of OSRD with Vannevar Bush.

(Separately I might point out that Donovan was mentioned in a
"IPU doc" (if authentic) pertaining to the "Battle of LA.")

Compton, later on, was apparently in the Killian Review Group of
the RDB, consisting of James Killian, Detlev Bronk, Dr. Mervyn
Kelly, Lee DuBridge, and Merle Tuve, Fred Hovde, R. E. Wilson ,
Dr. H.P. Robertson, Dr. V. Bush, Dr. Irvin Stewart, Dr. Jerome
Hunsaker, Robert Oppenheimer, and Dr. Lloyde V.Berkner.

The "Committee to Study Defense Against Unconventional Attack"
was apparently established under the auspices of one of the
"National Security Council Directives" that were borne in '47
and '48.

SO, in review:

1). we have a group established to "study defenses against -
unconventional attack-" against the United States.

2). Said group is put together shortly after and during heavy
UFO activity. (1947-1948).

3). The members of the group include the Father of American
Intelligence, "Major General Bill Donovan"; The first Director
of the Central Intelligence Group (CIG), "Admiral Sidney
Souers," and at the time, "Executive Secretary of the National
Security Council; General Alfred M. Gruenther, the youngest 4
star General in U.S. history, future Commander of NATO, at the
time Director, Joint Chiefs of Staff, member of the National
Security Council; Dr. Vannevar Bush, Director of the Office of
Scientific Research and Development, one of the top Scientists
in the country with numerous accolades to his credit; Dr. Karl
Compton, head of the Office of Field Service Office of
Scientific Research and Development (OSRD) and president of MIT.

4). Souers and Bush are alleged members of "The Majestic-12
Group; first Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, another
alleged member, was the one to invite Donovan to join the SDAUA

5). There is ample documentation in regards to a "Russian
theory" for early UFO reports.

6). Of the 7 categories the study was split into--all of them
have been mentioned in alleged MJ-12 docs.

Again, given the timing, the caliber of people involved--one has
to wonder if the creation of this group/committee was merely a
coincidence, or directly related to the "covert intelligence
gathering" of UFO related phenomenon.

The plot thickens.....


Frank Warren