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Sci Fi Channel-Backed Researcher Sues NASA

From: Stan Friedman <fsphys@rogers.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 09:49:06 -0400
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Subject: Sci Fi Channel-Backed Researcher Sues NASA

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Posted on Fri, Dec. 05, 2003

Sci Fi Channel-backed researcher sues NASA over UFO files

Associated Press

PITTSBURGH - A researcher backed by cable television's Sci Fi
Channel plans to sue NASA for records she contends the agency
has of a UFO that reportedly crash landed and was recovered by
government workers in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1965.

The Associated Press obtained an advance copy of the lawsuit to
be filed Tuesday in federal court in Washington, D.C., on behalf
of Leslie Kean, a San Rafael, Calif., investigative reporter
backed by the cable channel and a group called the Coalition for
Freedom of Information.

"Our lawsuit is aimed at getting NASA to tell the public what it
knew and when it knew it," said Ed Rothschild, a lobbyist the
Sci Fi Channel hired from the Washington firm PodestaMattoon,
who is also identified as CFI's executive director. Former
President Bill Clinton's one-time chief of staff John Podesta is
a principle in the lobbying firm and has supported the cable
channel's effort to declassify the documents.

Bob Jacobs, a spokesman for the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration, said he was unaware of the lawsuit and could not

Tuesday's filing will mark the 38th anniversary of the Kecksburg
UFO incident, which occurred Dec. 9, 1965, in the unincorporated
hamlet about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Witnesses described a "fireball" in the evening sky, and a
metallic, acorn-shaped object about 12 to 15 feet high and 8 to
12 feet in diameter that landed in the woods, according to media
accounts in the Tribune-Review of Greensburg and other outlets
at the time.

Military personnel quickly surrounded the site, removed the
object, threatened residents who tried to inquire about it, and
left - later calling the object a "meteor," according to media

James Romansky, 57, of Derry Township, was then a 19-year-old
volunteer firefighter. He told The Associated Press on Friday
that he was among those who drove to the landing site.

"Now, I'm prepared for a smashed-up airplane ... and I'm
thinking, 'What in the hell is this?' I'm looking for wings,
propellers, motors, a fuselage - but there's none of that,"
Romansky said. "There's no rivet marks on it, no weld marks on
it, no windows, no doors - no possible way of getting in and out
of this thing that I seen.

"There was writing on it, but not writing that you or I could
understand. I always referred to it as something like the
ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. There was dots and dashes and
circles," Romansky said.

The cable network announced in June that it was backing the
effort to research the Kecksburg incident in promoting a
documentary, "Out of the Blue," which examined various UFO

"This should have been done a long time ago," Romansky said.
"The United States government has given us a snow job for the
last God knows when. I can't understand it for the life of me.
They can't come out and say it's nothing because I was 10, 20
feet away from it."

Sci Fi Channel officials said they're looking for an explanation
of what occurred. They're also looking for viewers.

A November 2002 documentary on the suspected 1947 UFO crash in
Roswell, New Mexico, was the highest-rated special in the
network's 11-year history. It was seen by nearly 2.4 million
people, or about 2 1/2 times Sci Fi's usual prime-time audience.

The lawsuit contends NASA has thwarted Kean's efforts to
retrieve official files on the incident by sending her
irrelevant information or nothing in response to Freedom of
Information Act requests.

"Despite our serious effort to uncover the facts, NASA still
refuses to provide the public with any information," said Sci Fi
Channel president Bonnie Hammer. "We are hopeful that our legal
system will help us find out what really happened in the woods
outside Kecksburg."


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