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Re: 'Strange Secrets' - Miller

From: Stuart Miller <Stuart.Miller4@btinternet.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 18:03:31 -0000
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Subject: Re: 'Strange Secrets' - Miller

>From: Stephen MILES Lewis <ufoupdates@elfis.net>
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>Subject: Re: 'Strange Secrets'

>>From: Stuart Miller <Stuart.Miller4@btinternet.com>
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>>Subject: 'Strange Secrets'


>>Naturally Andrew, it does beg one rather obvious question. Why
>>would the US government go to all that trouble involving
>>expense, bad press, financial loss to their beloved farmers,
>>intense media interest, the risk of getting caught and so on,
>>just to carry out what would be a perfectly acceptable health
>>check on domestic cattle? Gee, they could even set up their own
>>faux wholesale company and buy the cattle in, without raising an
>>eyebrow. It is so stupid a conclusion that it beggars belief.


>Remember the NIDS report ...

>Unexplained Cattle Deaths and the Emergence of a Transmissible
>Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) Epidemic in North America, (1.6


>On why the bodies are left ...



I have now read the NIDS report and you do a fine job of
precising the main points. A few observations.

I don't believe it's equitable in this issue to just address the
"What's happened" and to blatantly leave out the "who dunnit".
I'm not for one minute rejecting their paper or hypothesis and
would in fact suggest that it is probably the most authoritative
opinion ever put forward on this subject. And given NIDS
standards, they may have felt they had no reliable evidence to
complete the whole picture. Nevertheless, it is disappointing
that they could not have gone further.

They do "teeter" a bit, don't they? I mean by that they do get
very close to the edge. There's a few things thrown in there to
give hope to those who believe in a extraterrestrial dimension
to this. The March 10th.1997 incident in NE Utah (the one I
believe Eleanor White was referring to in her post) was truly
weird and has an extremely High Strangeness aspect. Also,
pinpointing Soccorro (at the northern end of White Sands) and
Dulce of all places as high intensity mutilation spots, well
away from the core centre of these incidents, only adds fuel to
the fire (I'm just popping upstairs for a bite deer!).

I notice that they comment that taking samples from the tonsils
of live elk for these diseases will lead to an increase in false
negatives. They don't explain how or why but imply that in
order for these tests to be conclusive, the animal must be
killed. Are you in a position to clarify this?

They remove the American government from complicity, which I'm
fine with. So the carcasses are left as a warning? By the
Alzheimers Support Group? By disaffected cattlemen? But the
moment the Argentineans get involved, the "troop" moves down
there and the pattern repeats. So it sounds like a freelance
lot, hiring out their expertise. Can I put you on the spot and
ask if you have any opinion yourself on whom might be carrying
out these acts?

Stuart Miller