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Asking Jesus For Internvention Stops Abductions

From: Eleanor White <eleanor@raven1.net>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 12:06:52 -0500
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Subject: Asking Jesus For Internvention Stops Abductions

Hi -

The item below outlines the experiences of some UFO abductees
who successfully aborted their abductions by praying to Jesus
Christ for intervention. This is consistent with the book "How
to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction", by Ann Druffel,
which I'm currently reading.

What I find very interesting are the few UFO contactees who
report that the aliens encourage prayer. This could mean that
the aliens are well aware of God and see themselves as
accountable to God as well. Perhaps that is why the "Appeal to
spiritual personages" method described in Ms. Druffel's book
works. Here below is the forwarded email item.

Eleanor White

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Subject:    	[ThePowerHour] Spiritual warfare? Some look to Bible for
answers to alien abductions.

Courtesy of Florida Today
(from the archives)

August 17, 1997

Spiritual warfare? Some look to Bible for answers to alien


Joe Jordan is addressing a "New Millenium Symposium" in
Titusville. Jordan, who works in product development and
engineering for Sea Ray Boats, speaks calmly, his voice firm,
with good grammar and diction. Kooks don't get to be state
directors with science-oriented MUFON, for whom he has chased
lights for seven years. Last year he focused on CE-4 research,
and encountered a Central Florida abductee whose otherwise-
typical experience had one unique aspect. "They had stopped the
experience while it was happening. In all the time I've been
researching, I'd never heard that before."

Relentless anonymity is a given in abduction research. Nobody in
their right mind wants family, friends and co-workers to know
they've had their personal space violated against their will by
strange-looking creatures whose existence isn't even proven.

So they can't give names. But Jordan and Clark swear they have
three verifiable cases in which apparent abduction experiences
were halted by believers who called on the name of Jesus. And
Jordan says as many as 400 cases may be documentable nationwide.

"It makes you wonder: If these beings are extra-terrestrial at
all, why would they respond to that name?" Jordan asks. "We
think we found the answer in the Bible, in Mark 16:17 where
Jesus said, `In my name, they shall cast out demons.' That seems
to be exactly what we came across."

An estimated 40 percent of Americans say they believe aliens
have visited Earth. Even Jewish believers are connecting UFO
experiences with the Torah, or Jewish Bible. "Many serious
people who have been studying UFOs around the world have reached
the consensus that the Bible is a convincing UFO story," said
journalist Barry Charnish, quoted in a chapter titled "UFOs in
the Holy Land" from "Sightings: UFOs", by television writer
Susan Michaels.

McGuire cites the evolution of popular New Age author Whitley
Streiber's interests - from his first alien contacts in
"Communion", "Transformation" and "Breakthrough" to his latest
titles, "The Secret School: Preparations for Contact" and
"Evenings with Demons" - as an example of a progressive
deception. Indeed, Streiber fans often comment - albeit
positively - on their favorite author's change. From
experiencing his first alien encounters as terrifying and
torturous, he began to seek them out and welcome them, finally
advocating them as a religious experience.

That, say religious leaders, indicates a deceptive entity is at

"Both the seemingly benign and the hostile entities ... will
play an increasing role in preparing a segment of humanity for
the reception of the Antichrist," writes bestselling author
David Allen Lewis and Robert Shreckhise in "UFO End-Time

"The Agenda, The Real Reason They're Here" gives this premise:
"In the near future, God will evacuate millions of people from
the horrors to follow. Aliens will take the credit" for the
Rapture (when Christians will be supernaturally airlifted to
heaven), writes B. Fox, a MUFON researcher who resides in-of all
places-Roswell, New Mexico.

"The one thing we can offer people in this field, that nobody
else elsewhere is offering, is hope. Hope that they can stop
this experience," Jordan says.

"We're still researchers. It's not conclusive. But this is what
we have so far."

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