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Filer's Files #50 - 2003

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 16:22:12 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 10:05:14 -0500
Subject: Filer's Files #50 - 2003

Filer's Files #50 - 2003 Skywatch Investigations.
George A. Filer, Director Mutual UFO Network Eastern
December 10, 2003, Webmaster: Chuck Warren --
My website is at: www.georgefiler.com/    

Sightings High in Netherlands and Florida

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and
photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the
world and in space. This week's files investigate =96 Project
Silver Bug Was A Plan For the US to Build UFOs, Cracks in
Earth's Magnetic Shield, US Might Build Base on the Moon, Mars
Climate Is Changing, Maine - Cross Shaped Lights 100 Feet Long,
Connecticut =96 Circular Light With Five Rapidly Blinking Lights,
New York =96 UFO Blocks the Road, Maryland =96 Chevron, "Virginia -
Weird Lights Moving In The Woods, Georgia =96 Flying Round Object,
Florida - Three Sightings,

Ohio - Cylinder Behind Jet Contrails and UFO Dives into Caverns?
Kentucky =96 Screaming Women and UFO Reported, Texas - Gray
Cylinder and Large Triangular Craft Investigation, Nebraska -
Flying Triangle, New Mexico =96 Possible Cattle Mutilation,
California =96 Golden Sphere, Canada =96 Red Ball Lights Up Area,
UK/England - Five Intensely Bright Flashing Egg Lights, India -
UFO Seen In Last Full Moon, Australia - Formation of Discs
Overhead. The Netherlands =96 Twenty UFO Reports in 24 Hour Flap.

Project Silver Bug Was a Plan for the US to Build UFOs.

Jack Picket the editor of military news magazines helped me
obtain a 30 page FOIA release on Project Silver Bug that showed
the Air Force was developing a disc shaped aircraft in 1955. He
had personally seen four of the craft at Mac Dill Air Force Base
in 1966, and was asked to release a story concerning these
classified aircraft. Later, just prior to publication the
article was cut, because a disc was seen flying low over Miami.
Jack had personally seen four of the disc shaped aircraft in the
disposal area that ranged in size from 25 feet to 125 feet in
diameter. The four aircraft were saucers shaped with vertical
stabilizers (tails) with AF Experimental written on the craft.
He was told there were numerous similar craft flying, but they
were unstable and frequently crashed.

This "saucer" designed aircraft was believed to use two to four
J58 engines that were also the propulsion system for the SR-71.
The SR-71 could fly faster than Mach 3 and was designed in
secrecy by a team headed by Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson,
director of Lockheed's Advanced Development Projects office
better known as the 'Skunk Works'. The existence of the aircraft
was not officially revealed until February 29, 1964. Skunk
Work's engineer Ben Rich is quoted as saying, "Some UFOs are
ours and some are theirs." 

Project Silver Bug was the research and development project to
field jet propelled flying saucers beginning in 1955, that would
be dispersed to underground bases to avoid Soviet attack. The
disks were capable of vertical takeoffs and landings, and would
be capable of Mach 3.48 - faster than the SR-71 Blackbird.  In
the Project Silver Bug Report, dated Feb. 15, 1955, and
declassified on March 29, 1995, he claimed the disk interceptor
aircraft would be capable of vertical takeoff and landing; a
maximum level speed of 2,300 mph with afterburners; a ceiling of
80,600 feet; and a climb rate of 1.76 minutes to 36,090 feet.
The Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Division of United Aircraft
Corporation developed the J58 engines that in July 1976, powered
an SR-71 to a world altitude record of 85,069 ft. and another to
a world speed record of 2,193 mph.

The Report on Project Silver Bug was issued by the Air Technical
Intelligence Center along with the Wright Air Development Center
at  Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. The Silver Bug report
noted that a pair of ongoing US projects  involving the building
of flying saucers had already occurred. The book  Page 5 of
Slier Bug Technical Report below: The Silver Bug disc would be
capable of vertical takeoff and landing; and performance greater
than the SR-71. This performance was far in advance of any
aircraft then and is roughly equivalent to the current F- 15
fighter."The Super Spies", by Andrew Tully, 1969, claimed these
discs were being used as "Saucers with Ears," that is, for
communications intercept missions.

The 1955 issue of Look Magazine state that, "New air defense
problems were setting up requirements for aircraft performance
which would apparently be best met by a saucer aircraft. Runways
would not be needed and bases could go underground with tunnels
and takeoff shafts set in the ground, complete with maintenance
bays, fuel, and crew quarters. Those underground bases, the
article said, would be bombproof shelters for a saucer squadron.
The shafts would be sealed after takeoff for camouflage and

It is rather obvious that our technology has greatly improved
since the late 1950s, and that faster and higher flying aircraft
are available to the Air Force. Modern aircraft should exceed
5000 mph and 100,000 feet altitudes.

Jeff Rense mentioned on his Radio show on December 3, 2003, that
the US has built UFOs and that more data will be forth coming.

Cracks in Earth's Magnetic Shield

NASA reports that immense cracks in our planet's magnetic field
can remain open for hours, allowing the solar wind to gush
through and power stormy space weather. Our Earth is surrounded
by a magnetic force field - a bubble in space called "the
magnetosphere" that is tens of thousands of miles wide. The
magnetosphere is part of the same planetary magnetic field that
deflects compass needles. The magnetosphere acts as a shield
that protects us from solar storms. According to new
observations, from NASA's IMAGE spacecraft and the joint
NASA/European Space Agency Cluster satellites, immense cracks
sometimes develop in Earth's magnetosphere and remain open for
hours. This allows the solar wind to gush through and power
stormy space weather. We've discovered that our magnetic shield
is drafty, like a house with a window stuck open during a
storm," says Harold Frey of the University of California,
Berkeley, lead author of a paper on this research published Dec.
4 in Nature. "The house deflects most of the storm, but the
couch is ruined. Similarly, our magnetic shield takes the brunt
of space storms, but some energy slips through its cracks,
sometimes enough to cause problems with satellites, radio
communication, and power systems."

Editors Note: These cracks in the magnetic shield seem to effect
not only space weather but weather systems on the Earth

Return to The Moon? Bush Wants New Lunar Program

President George W. Bush may be preparing to put the US back on
the path to the moon and establish a permanent base. It would be
the first time in more than 30 years that astronauts have been
to the moon. News.com.au reported that Bush will make the
announcement either on December 17, the 100th anniversary of the
Wright brothers first flight, or in his State of the Union
address in January. The United States landed on the moon in July
of 1969, and recently China announced plans to establish a base
on the moon. Thanks to Dr. Bob Trundle Ph.D.

Mars Climate Changing - Life on Mars?

The amount of frozen water near the surface in some relatively
warm low-latitude regions on both sides of Mars' equator appears
too great to be in equilibrium with the atmosphere under current
climatic conditions, said Dr. William Feldman of Los Alamos
National Laboratory, NM He is the lead scientist for an Odyssey
instrument that assesses water content. "One explanation could
be that Mars is just coming out of an ice age," Feldman said.
"In some low-latitude areas, the ice has already dissipated. In
others, that process is slower and hasn't reached an equilibrium
yet. Those areas are like the patches of snow you sometimes see
persisting in protected spots long after the last snowfall of
the winter."

Frozen water makes up as much as 10 percent of the top three
feet of surface material in some regions close to the equator.
Dust deposits may be covering and insulating the lingering ice,
Feldman said. He and other Odyssey scientists described their
recent findings today at the fall meeting of the American
Geophysical Union in San Francisco. "Odyssey is giving us
indications of recent global climate change in Mars," said Dr.
Jeffrey Plaut, project scientist for the mission at NASA's Jet
Propulsion Laboratory.

High latitude regions of Mars have layers with differing ice
content within the top half meter (20 inches) or so of the
surface, researchers conclude from mapping of hydrogen abundance
based on gamma-ray emissions. "A model that fits the data has
three layers near the surface," said Dr. William Boynton of the
University of Arizona, "The very top layer would be dry, with no
ice. The next layer would contain ice in the pore spaces between
grains of soil. Beneath that would be a very ice-rich layer, 60
to nearly 100 percent water ice."

Editor=92s Note: We have been telling NASA for many years there
was evidence for water on Mars. It is nice to see they are
starting to agree with us. Don't be surprised if the UK finds
life when its mission lands on Christmas Day.

Maine - Cross Shaped Lights 100 feet Long

WATERVILLE =96 The witness was on his porch waiting for his
girlfriend to get out of the shower on November 21, 2003.
Watching the sky for ten minutes, he saw five lighted cross-
shaped machines flying low in the distance at 1 PM. He states,
"I ran inside and yelled to my girlfriend to take a look, she
did and got scared stiff." They hovered in one spot for twenty
minutes. There were five of them. After a period of time they
slowly turned to the west and glided away. There were six lights
on each craft. It scared my girl so much see shivered all night.
Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Connecticut =96 Circular Light With Blinking Lights

SEYMOUR - At 10:15 PM, the witness went out on the porch on a
very cold clear night and saw a bright blinking object with
numerous colors that was brighter than the other stars. It was
blinking at quick intervals, unlike the lights of a plane or
jet. His wife retrieved his binoculars and he saw a bright
circular light with what looked like four or five rapidly
blinking lights. The object was stationary and not emitting any
noise. He went next door and awakened my neighbors and let them
look through the binoculars. Their reaction was the same as
mine. I called the Oxford Airport personnel. They told me there
were no weather balloons in the area. I have some of it on
video. I am not a pro, so the picture did not come out too good,
but good enough. The object had moved further away at this
point. After about a half hour it vanished. I hope to take the
pictures somewhere to see if they can clear up the image. It was
at night so you cannot make out any clear shape. I hope to see
it again. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

New York =96 UFO Blocks Road

WATERTOWN - Rick Doty writes, "I recently was sent a document
that pertains to an incident in Watertown, New York. There is no
date on this incident that occurred in the early evening, when a
UFO landed on State Route 12, about two miles southeast of
Watertown. Two occupants exited the craft and walked to a
residence east of Route 12. Several motorists stopped because
the craft was blocking the road. Jefferson County Sheriff's
Department received several calls reporting the blocked traffic
on Route 12 and two State Troopers were dispatched to the area.
In the meantime, the two occupants of the craft walked onto the
porch of a residence. Sometime later, the two occupants of the
craft returned to their flight vehicle. At this point about ten
citizens and two state troopers witnessed the two occupants
enter the craft and fly away. Several photographs were taken of
this incident. One witness used an 8 mm movie camera to record
the event. Later the film was developed and the two occupants of
this craft showed up in the background of three photographs. The
only hint I see that this incident occurred several years ago is
the 8 mm movie camera. They went out about 25 years ago. I don't
know if this is a hoax or a real incident. I never heard of it.
Thanks to =96 Sgt. Rick Doty

Maryland =96 Chevron Sighting

BALTIMORE =96 The observer was walking back to his car at 9:40 PM,
on December 1, 2003, on the uppermost roof level of a parking
deck, adjacent to Baltimore's City Hall. The observer works in a
model shop in downtown Baltimore, and saw a series of very dim
lights in a chevron formation moving quickly to the south. The
arrow shaped arrangement of lights meant there were possibly 5
or 6 lights on each "wing." These lights were very dim, and I
could barely see them. However, they did continue to move in an
erratic pattern to the south until I could not see them anymore.
The object made no sound, and the lights stayed relative to
their original position on the craft. If it was not some type of
spacecraft, I think it could have possibly been a kite, or
possibly a flock of birds. Barring an optical illusion on my
part, it could not have been much else. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

Virginia - Pretty Weird Lights Moving in the Woods

Jason writes that, "Filer's Files #49 article on Virginia sounds
so close to what my family and I saw that I had to write and
tell you. While I do not personally believe anymore that these
are actual alien beings from another world (I believe they are
something darker), I do know that some of these things are real
and I have watched for years to see if anyone else had witnessed
the same thing as me, but unfortunately I only know of a farmer
in Scotland that reported something similar. I thought the term
the witness used "surveying the woods" is almost exactly how I
felt. Although, it seems silly to assume that this thing was
surveying, that is exactly what it looked like. At first, we
thought the lights were coming from hunters in tree stands.
Thanks to Jason

Georgia =96 Flying Round Object

Tom Sheets State Director reports that the witness contacted
Chris Brennam of the Brunswick News; and he is reporting
continued observations by multiple witnesses of distant aerial
objects with blue, yellow, red, and green lights. Some
observations including shape-shifting into objects with a
fuselage and wing shape. This has been capped with the recent
appearance of a large and closer low flying roundish object
coming from the south at 3000-4000 feet altitude, the object
having an array of lights on the bottom resembling a
"honeycomb/grid" like pattern. The lights change colors and are
very bright. I spoke to this witness on Tuesday afternoon and he
agreed to meet with our investigators John Bodin, MUFONGA's DD
for south Georgia, and Charles Bowen, SSD for the Savannah area,
have been assigned. Thanks to Tom Sheets.

Florida - Circular Objects Flying Overhead and Invisible Jet

PENSACOLA =96 The witness reports, "I went out for a smoke and saw
an object come from the north moving south very fast, much
faster than a plane or satellite." If you put your hands side by
side, it was four hand spaces west of the moon on November 16,
2003, and this was no shooting star and was in the earth's
atmosphere. It was six fingers wider than the moon, bright,
yellow-orange with a halo or ring farther out. It just streaked
across the sky and was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport

SOUTHWEST MIAMI - On November 17, 2003, about 4:45 PM, the sun
was getting low in the west in a bright clear sky, twenty miles
from Homestead Reserve Air Base. I'm accustomed to seeing and
hearing military jets from there. Working in the front yard I
heard that military jet sound relatively close overhead as
usual. Upon looking to see one of the beautiful F-16's or F-
18's, I was surprised to find I couldn't see anything. The loud
engine sound flew northwest. I searched the sky for the entire
time of the relatively slow, directly overhead passage but never
saw the craft. Thanks to Peter Davenport

ST. PETERSBURG =96 The witness was walking his dog that was
searching for scents on the ground on November 16, 2003, at 7:30
PM. The dog looked up twice, and I also looked up and saw a huge
round object flying above the treetops. It had lights on the
outer edges that were going around. It looked like a slide
projection on the clouds but this projection traveled south over
our roof and disappeared. I got my wife and we both saw it
again! The phenomenon was also witnessed by another apartment
resident hanging her laundry. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Ohio - Cylinder Behind Jet and UFO Dives into Caverns?

REYNOLDSBURG =96 On December 1, 2003, a cylinder shaped object
moving east appeared in broad daylight around noon and was
flying very high in the sky and was the size of a ball point pen
tip held at arm's length. The witness had a passing plane to
compare with the cylinder. The object passed behind the contrail
of a jet airplane moving in the opposite direction, but left no
contrail of it's own. Also, the object seemed to reflect the
sun's rays inconsistently, and was not constantly illuminated by
the sun as was the airplane moving in the opposite direction.
Thanks to Peter Davenport

FOSTORIA CAVERN ENVIRONMENT =96 George Ritter continues to
videotape UFOs that appear to fly into and out of a farmer=92s
field. A retired Ohio State Policeman has contacted us who
investigated a similar situation. He physically walked through a
field to pick up any wreckage of the craft. Nothing could be
found. Obviously, what the video infers seems impossible,
however, we request help from a geologist to help make an
examination of the area. Many caverns are known to exist in the
general area. Regardless of the weather conditions the
temperature of the Ohio Caverns remains a constant 54=B0 F. (12.2=B0
C.) throughout the year. The air inside the Caverns is always
fresh and invigorating. Many of the suspected caverns in the
area have not been exactly located but some are known to exist
within ten miles. I call on an experienced geologist to examine
the site. Thanks to George Ritter

KENTUCKY =96 Screaming Women and UFO Reported

MOREHEAD =96 Investigators Donnie Blessing and Kenny Young are
investigating a strange case. Donnie Blessing Southern Ohio

"A short time ago I located and interviewed a very credible
witness in Morehead, Kentucky that has provided me with a sober
link between a UFO sighting and bizarre report of desperate and
blood-curdling screaming sounds heard at the same location
immediately after the unidentified flying object had departed."
After the conversation I had to call a 'time out' and take some
time to contemplate over this development as the report is
terribly interesting. It is one of the best reports I have ever
taken as I am impressed with the witness and extreme strangeness
of the case. I will prepare the details of this case shortly.
The witness did not report this except to the police and has no
idea how it ended up at NUFORC. As stated earlier, the Morehead
police department was dismissive of this incident. They
acknowledged a search party and report of screaming sounds but
said that 'northern lights' were seen in the area. From my
conversation with this very credible witness, northern lights
can be positively ruled out. Thanks to Donnie Blessing, Kenny
Young and Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Illinois =96 Moving Light at Sunset

CHICAGO (West Suburbs) =96 The witness was driving on I-88 west,
heading towards Aurora on November 19, 2003, at about 4:30 PM,
when he saw two soft white lights a mile ahead.  The sun was
just setting, when he saw the first star on the horizon, and to
the right of a star he saw another soft white light half an inch
to the right, and about an inch below. The second light was
moving slowly towards the first and about half way it
disappeared. In a few seconds it reappeared next to the first
light. I couldn't see any ship, but it was unusual since this
happened during sunset and there was still a lot of sunlight. It
was the absence of color that made me take notice. When the
second light disappeared, it was very strange. Thanks to Peter
Davenport UFOcenter

Nebraska - Triangle Shape Craft With Multiple Lights

OMAHA =96 A very bright light was observed hovering north of I-80
on November 20, 2003, at 6 PM. Closer observation revealed a
triangle shaped object with multiple lights underneath that did
not make any noise. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Texas - Gray Cylinder and Lights Investigation

DALLAS =96 Last week on November 19, 2003, at about 2:05 PM an
observer reported seeing a gray cylinder that resembled a
fuselage without any wings going upwards with a faint trail
following it. The following two nights there has been a white or
yellowish star that is out of place but has been seen in plain
view at 5:45 PM and it is extremely too bright to be a star.

DALLAS - George Venner a MUFON investigator writes, "I live in
a suburb of Dallas called Mesquite, and also saw the white or
yellowish star. I filmed for about 10-15 minutes and questioned
its identity because it was so bright and low in the sky, and no
other stars were visible. I waited for 30 minutes and it still
just sat there moving slightly like a star would over time.
After reviewing my film and using Starry Night Pro software I
believe it to be Venus that was visible at -3.95 which is very
bright at that location at that time. Thanks to: George Venner
MUFON, phone l 214-543-1964

New Mexico =96 Possible Cattle Mutilation

CLOUDCROFT - On November 28, 2003, at about 1 PM, the witness
was walking in the Lincoln National Forest and came upon a dead
elk laying in a shallow ravine. The elk was no more than 200
yards from our subdivision, and perhaps half a mile from my
house. There is a substantial elk population in the area, and
sightings are not unusual. The dead elk was a small one, the
length perhaps 4 feet, and weighing maybe 400-600 pounds. Rigor
mortis was full and complete. There was no evidence the elk had
been gutted by a hunter, as there was no apparent longitudinal
incision on the lower abdomen/chest area. The head had been
removed, as if cut from the body right where the neck joins the
body, and the vertebrae stuck out from the cut area about 6
inches or so, ending in a smoothly sliced vertebrae.

The witness took photos that show the rectum of this elk has
been smoothly cored out. Further, the genitals have been
removed, and there is no obvious way to tell the sex of this
animal. The removal of the genitals could be attributable to
animals perhaps (we have mountain lions, coyotes, and bears) as
the removal does not appear to have been in such a clean,
surgical fashion upon my limited observation. The elk carcass is
still on site for investigation. Brian Vike, Director CANADA
HBCC Research California =96 Golden Sphere

BURBANK - At 8:30 PM, on November 17, 2003, the witness
reports, "My daughter and I saw a gold sphere traveling slowly
in the southern sky above Los Angeles, similar to sightings by
my wife and I several months ago. It traveled to the
southwestern sky in a circular motion for about ten minutes. I
tried to get my telescope out but by the time I got set up, it
vanished. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Canada =96 Red Ball Lights Up Area

BURNS LAKE, BC - Two witnesses were traveling back home to
Houston, British Columbia on November 16, 2003, after taking a
two week holiday. They were climbing a small hill on Highway #16
just before Babine Forest Products when they both noticed a red
ball of light ahead of them, dropping on a slight angle from low
in the sky at 7:30 p.m. The witnesses said, the object, what
ever it was seem to come down just on the other side of the hill
they were climbing. Also, what they found to be strange was just
after they lost sight of the red ball of light behind the hill,
all of a sudden at the crest of the grade, on the highway, the
whole area was glowing a bright reddish color. They reported
that the tops of the tress were also bathed in a reddish glow.
=46rom their vantage point they could not see anything as they had
not arrived at the top of the hill. They were only a few hundred
yards away from reaching the top and from this location they
should have been able to see what was causing this reddish glow.
Just before they reached the top the light went out. The couple
slowed down and kept their eyes open to maybe catch sight of it
again somewhere just off the highway. But nothing could be
observed. No vehicles were seen driving along the highway ahead
of them. Thanks to Brian Vike, CANADA HBCC Research 1 866 262
1989 hotline

UK/England - Five Intensely Bright Flashing Egg Lights.

NOTTINGHAM - Whilst traveling north bound along the M1
motorway, five witnesses noticed a bright flashing light high in
the sky at 12:25 PM. They saw a large bright white light
flashing on and off at a slow pace on November 20, 2003. This
continued every few seconds and when the light disappeared
nothing could be seen even though it was a bright sunny day. We
were all amazed and confused to what it could be. The light was
intense. After about one minute and in the same direction other
bright flashing lights appeared as if they were communicating
with each other. We all agreed there were at least four lights
maybe five. We continued to travel along the motorway and opened
the car windows for a better look. We noted other motorist
looking at the same thing. The lights continued for about four
or five minutes. Before the lights disappeared, I noted one of
them move to the 2 o'clock direction stretching as it did before
disappearing. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

 India -UFO Seen In Last Full Moon

MUMBAI =96 On November 30, 2003?, the observer saw a sort of UFO
during the last full moon. At nearly 2:00 AM, the witness
states, "I went to my balcony to see the stars (as its my hobby
to watch stars). A bright star attracted me that was the
brightest star in the sky. I never saw such bright star. Its
direction was- towards Bandraside and it was just a bright light
white and slight yellow without any blink or flash. I kept
staring at it and gradually there was an increase in its size,
and within 5-10 seconds, I realized that as it increased in its
size there was a very fast circular motion of the light. It was
like a ball burning in flames and is revolving very fast in
circular motion. It remained for a few more seconds and then
minimized and vanished. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Australia - Formation Of Discs Overhead

MELBOURNE =96 The witnesses were at a party and decided to go for
a walk down the foreshore nature trail on December 1, 2003. At
4:24 PM, we were about ten minutes into the trip and we were
thinking about heading back and turned around when one of my
friends yelled out, "Hey, what the hell is that?" There were a
few screams from the females, but then we settled down and stood
there in amazement as these nimble crafts floated 800 to 900
meters above our heads. They were disc shaped objects that
seemed to be able to move in any direction and flew about in a
pattern. They had no reliance on the winds like the planes of
today. We were all frightened and we admitted afterwards that it
was a terrifying experience.

The Netherlands =96 Twenty UFO Reports in 24 Hour Flap

Hello George, Just to let you know that we received over 20 UFO
sighting reports in the last 24 hours (Dec. 10-11) throughout
the whole country and they just keep coming! I don't have time
at the moment to translate them all, but I'll keep you
informed... Met Vriendelijke Groet / Kind Regards, Toine Trust
Editor UFOPlaza Nieuwsbrief site: www.UFOPlaza.nl

mail: ganzEgal@UFOPlaza.nl

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