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Re: UFOs Inter-Dimensional - Wilson

From: Katharina Wilson <K_Wilson@alienjigsaw.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 15:40:02 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 12:33:41 -0500
Subject: Re: UFOs Inter-Dimensional - Wilson

>From: John Pursel <tiroch@sympatico.ca>
>Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 18:43:58 -0500
>Fwd Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 08:34:11 -0500
>Subject: UFOs Inter-Dimensional

>[New-Subscriber --ebk]

>I have been in and out of UFO since 35 years. Right now I am a
>bit in. Spending my time on NASA probable deceits and Planet-X
>as to if it exist and whether the VLT array ever did look at the
>Moon for Lander artifacts which NASA was to have funded for
>4/'03 look.

>After cruising through the posts I see a lot of conflict and
>dissension. Of course the UFO topic generates this kind of
>dialogue. There are believers, unbelievers and those not sure.

>Well I have decided that UFOs are real. That these materialize
>From another dimension +5. That these vibrate (exist) at a ULF
>or VLF frequency just below visible light and adjust frequency
>when wishing to be visible. That these use a magnetic/anti-
>gravity drive sourcing fuel from our Earth's magnetic net or
>power grids. That non-humans operate the machines. That
>residence is in another universe in Dimension X. That these will
>play with us until the operators/controllers decide it is time
>to get serious.

Welcome John:

Speaking as someone who has had life-long interaction with these
Beings, I agree with your idea that they, or some of them, are
interdimensional. I think it explains why sometimes abductees
can "feel" or "sense" them right next to them, but not actually
see them. My limited knowledge of physics tells me that we exist
at one frequency and if someone else is existing at another,
perhaps higher frequency, you will not be able to see them.

>Meanwhile we argue, agree, write, talk and suppose until an
>event happens that the Government cannot hide. Why ever is it
>that no event has ever been able to get around the Government
>and be believed by the masses as really, really real? Why is
>that? The media? So-called scientific experts trashing it?
>Politicians out of the loop? What?

I think the masses have been, for lack of better terms,
manipulated, lied to and conditioned by our government and the
media, not to easily accept or believe that anything other than
what they can see, feel, touch and dissect is real. Our
Government has a long history of both ridiculing this subject
and covering it up.

One example comes to my mind:

When there is a "blatant" sighting and many people witness it,
suddenly the military decides to go to the same exact area and
put on a flare show or fly one of their billion dollar planes in
the area the next night or shortly thereafter:

"Oh - it was us all the time." That is one way to "hide" or
manipulate a true sighting that a lot of people might witness.

It will take something much larger than a sighting in one city
to convince people. Perhaps simultaneous sightings worldwide of
the same type of craft being sighted for an extended period of
time? That might get it through people's minds that this is

Of course, everyone in the World would then know that "they" are
"real" except people in the United States. Most of our media is
"owned" by businesses who control and censor content and / or
work for / with the U.S. Government.

Do you really believe that (CNN) "Censorship News Network" or
(FOX) "Fascist Oxymoron Xenophobes" would actually air video of
a known alien craft?

Hummmm..... <smiles>

Katharina Wilson