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Re: 'Strange Secrets' - Lewis

From: SMiles Lewis <miles@elfis.net>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 23:37:50 -0600
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Subject: Re: 'Strange Secrets' - Lewis

>From: Stuart Miller <Stuart.Miller4@btinternet.com>
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>Subject: Re: 'Strange Secrets'

>>From: Stephen MILES Lewis <ufoupdates@elfis.net>
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>>Subject: Re: 'Strange Secrets'

>>>From: Stuart Miller <Stuart.Miller4@btinternet.com>
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>>>Subject: 'Strange Secrets'


>>>Naturally Andrew, it does beg one rather obvious question. Why
>>>would the US government go to all that trouble involving
>>>expense, bad press, financial loss to their beloved farmers,
>>>intense media interest, the risk of getting caught and so on,
>>>just to carry out what would be a perfectly acceptable health
>>>check on domestic cattle? Gee, they could even set up their own
>>>faux wholesale company and buy the cattle in, without raising an
>>>eyebrow. It is so stupid a conclusion that it beggars belief.


>>Remember the NIDS report ...

>>Unexplained Cattle Deaths and the Emergence of a Transmissible
>>Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) Epidemic in North America, (1.6


>>On why the bodies are left ...



Please, call me Miles or SMiles - I've never gone by my first name.

>I have now read the NIDS report and you do a fine job of
>precising the main points. A few observations.

>I don't believe it's equitable in this issue to just address the
>"What's happened" and to blatantly leave out the "who dunnit".
>I'm not for one minute rejecting their paper or hypothesis and
>would in fact suggest that it is probably the most authoritative
>opinion ever put forward on this subject. And given NIDS
>standards, they may have felt they had no reliable evidence to
>complete the whole picture. Nevertheless, it is disappointing
>that they could not have gone further.

Maybe, but I'm amazed they went so far as to make predictions
about outbreaks and suggesting the food supply may be

>They do "teeter" a bit, don't they? I mean by that they do get
>very close to the edge. There's a few things thrown in there to
>give hope to those who believe in a extraterrestrial dimension
>to this. The March 10th.1997 incident in NE Utah (the one I
>believe Eleanor White was referring to in her post) was truly
>weird and has an extremely High Strangeness aspect. Also,
>pinpointing Soccorro (at the northern end of White Sands) and
>Dulce of all places as high intensity mutilation spots, well
>away from the core centre of these incidents, only adds fuel to
>the fire (I'm just popping upstairs for a bite deer!).

Well, NIDS is allegedly trying to practice science and that
should include publishing all reports.

>I notice that they comment that taking samples from the tonsils
>of live elk for these diseases will lead to an increase in false
>negatives. They don't explain how or why but imply that in
>order for these tests to be conclusive, the animal must be
>killed. Are you in a position to clarify this?

I'm definitely not in a position to clarify.

>They remove the American government from complicity, which I'm
>fine with. So the carcasses are left as a warning? By the
>Alzheimers Support Group? By disaffected cattlemen? But the
>moment the Argentineans get involved, the "troop" moves down
>there and the pattern repeats. So it sounds like a freelance
>lot, hiring out their expertise. Can I put you on the spot and
>ask if you have any opinion yourself on whom might be carrying
>out these acts?

I've really no idea what human agency might be behind the

Besides NIDS scientific approach I entertain more
parapsychological perspectives like those described by my friend
David Perkins and the work of Peter Jordan; see below ...

Perkins, David. Altered Steaks: a Colloquium on the Cattle
Mutilation Question, participants: David Perkins (aka "Izzy
Zane"), Lewis MacAdams, Tom Clark, (Santa Barbara, Calif.: Am
Here Books/Immediate Editions, 1982). This book is hard to find.

The UC Santa Barbara library has a copy in the Special
Collections (PS3553.L29 Z3, 1982 Special Col)


Excluded Middle - No UFO Connection To Cattle Mutilation