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VSD UFO Magazine Special #6

From: Jan Aldrich <project1947@earthlink.net>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 13:21:0 -0500
Fwd Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 16:06:42 -0500
Subject: VSD UFO Magazine Special #6

Special VSD UFO issue number 6, November 2003,
66 pages. 4.50 Euro.

Here are brief article descriptions with the author(s) credited
at the end.

I recently received this highly interesting issue for review.
The contents are certainly first rate. Starting of with a police
report of a report of sighting of a UFO near the French nuclear
facility at Gravelines which has operated since 1980. Pages from
the Gerdarmarie National report are reproduce with photographs
the witness, his aircraft and drawings of the object. (Bernard

Next is an interview with Jean-Jacques Velasco, head of SEPRA
which investigates UFOs for the French space agency, CNES.
Velasco carefully conservative in his answers shows his office
and files while describing his work in official UFO
investigations of reports both from the military and the police.
(Franck Decoquement and Bernard Thouanel)

Claude Poher founder of GEPAN, the previous official French
investigative unit is also interviewed. Questions here centered
on research into gravitation, MHD and possible exotic propulsion

Various declassified Spanish military files are presented and
illustrated with photographs, maps, diagrams and drawings. More
than a dozen reports from Spanish military files are
individually summarized showing pages from the official
investigation as illustrations. (Vincente-Juan Ballester)

Retired Air France pilot and flight engineer, Maurice Chollet,
recounts three UFO observations made during his long career with
the airline.

Analyses of the Petit-Rechain photograph made during the Belgium
is examined in the article. The photograph previously analyzed
by Dr. Richard Haines, Marc Acheroy, Belgium Royal Military
School, and Francois Louange, Societe Flemage, Paris, is
examined once again in this article.
(Andre Marion, CNRS)

Exotic propulsion research is examined in another article which
includes discussion of Magnetic Hydro Dynamics (MHD) and
Magnetic Aerial Dynamics (MAD) and what is being done by DARPA
and NASA in this area. Illustrations of the NASA/Boeing X-37 and
the Boeing X-40A and the Soviet AJAX concept are shown and
discussed. Is it possible to developments a Single Stage to
Orbit (SSTO) vehicle using various new propulsion techniques?
There are defense implications. How to survive high temperatures
encountered with such high speed flight in the atmosphere?
(Serge Brosselin, science writer)

Once again the Maury Island case of 21 June 1947 is brought out
and reviewed. The Maury Island incident as seen through the eyes
of Arnold and Palmer, Ruppelt and Keel is recounted. Fred L.
Crisman, one of the main perpetrators, or if you like one of
witnesses, of the incident, also was named by Garrison in his
"probe" the Kennedy assassination has always been the subject of
various conspiracy theories. What is missing here is a thorough
examination of Ray Palmer's part in the incident. A number of
supplemental documents are available in the 4th Air Force's UFO
files including a completely clean copy of the FBI report on the
incident with no items crossed out. For a few items from the 4th
AF file see:


(Richard D. Nolaane)

Another review of a classical case is "RAF Contre OVNIS:
L'Affaire Lakenheath-Bentwaters," 13 August 1956. Since
discoveries continue to be made in this case, the matter is
still open. Project Blue Book was directed to evaluate this case
and the Bornholm Island radar incidents. However, when Project
Blue Book personnel requested additional information, their
requests were met with only silence. Pictures of some of the
pilots involved and interviewed together with a diagram of the
Venom fighter cockpit and a map diagramming the incident
contribute material to this print version of the incident. Much
of the material in the article is drawn from Martin Shough's
Lakenheath website


give some of the latest discoveries and analysis.

(Richard D. Nolaane)

Two articles by Luc Mary on other planets and SETI round out the

Regular departments include a round-up of world wide UFO news
and "Bibliographie" showing the covers of many current and
recommended UFO books and other media.

Highly recommended.

Jan Aldrich
Project 1947
P. O. Box 391
Canterbury, CT 06331
(860) 546-9135