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Andy Roberts Controlling E-mails

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 05:28:01 -0600
Fwd Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 13:29:36 -0500
Subject: Andy Roberts Controlling E-mails

Hello folks...

This is personally a little embarrassing for me but I thought
the disclosure was useful to get more insight on this ufological
thing that we do and some of the persons involved in it.

To begin... for several days now I've been getting unsolicited
E-mail from the obnoxiously indefatigable Andy Roberts regarding
my position on the Max Burns article "The Usual Suspects". Each
has been more objectionable, insulting, and hurtful than the

His latest post to me at 04:00 this morning was such a
masterwork of cold sociopathy I thought it prudent to share it,
here, with you all (with his permission!), in case any of you
ever run afoul with him... refuse his canted interpretations,
are reluctant to accept his anti-ufological analysis... or
reject his arrogance, his manner, or his blithe in-your-face
(and gleefully admitted!) ufological malfeasance. Many have
suffered the affliction of mind and spirit that is Andy Roberts.

I share this post with you in hopes that it can be used by the
reader suffering the slings and arrows of Andy Roberts (and
persons like him) like an inoculation or a flu shot against one
of the most corrosive persons and attitudes I think I've ever
run across.

In my own defense, if I need any, I have only ever been
_sincere_ regarding something I'm impassioned about. I'm not
shy, and I'm not a credulous believer... forgetting that I _can_
believe... Oh -- and I was a _good_ teacher, reader, decidedly
more interested in a student's critical thinking ability than
that students potential as a malleable employee or a corporate
drone... or a foil for the sullen manipulations of persons like
one Andy Roberts...

I remind the reader that this devolved donnybrook is not about
me, at all, forgetting Mr. Roberts scuttling attempt to move the
hot kliegs off of himself... It is about Mr. Roberts, his
attitude, his corrosive "armchair" performance, his back-
stepping professional malfeasance, and his gloating celebration
of same.

One of us needs to be brought down here... I offer that it's not

...And now for a little hair of the dog that bit me...

Subject-- Game over!

Hi Alfred,

Juts to let you know that, a few mopping up operations
notwithstanding, my entertainment with you on updates is at an

Initially I thought you had something to offer in terms of
comment on the Max fiasco. I now realise, after seeing the level
you 'debate' at, that you are in fact a nobody. I then did some
research among various American ufologists and was forwarded
examples of your diatribes from your own list as well as other
areas and people you've been in contact with. My suspicions were

One correspondent referred to you as

>Alfred doesn't have enough to do or think about. He imagines
>himself a great but misunderstood genius, at writing, art and
>music. He doesn't know very much, but thinks he does. He has
>ABSOLUTELY no BS-detection equipment. No filters at all. No
>sense either. He's bitter about society's spurning his "genius"
>and rejecting his services (he was canned as a schoolteacher
>because he was lecturing fifth graders about ufos and
>conspiracies and the like, and sending them to his very odd web
>site... He feels VERY bitter and rejected about that).

Influencing young children - you are a nutter Alfred. He continued...

>But, most of all, he's a wannabe abductee. He REALLY wants to aliens to
>choose HIM! He's SO jealous of Mortellaro and Velez because the aliens
>like them better! He sits out on his deck early every morning and sees
>tons of ufos (funny lights). From this he makes grand conclusions. He's
>a conspiracy nut. He's not a "ufologist" in any sense of the word. He
>knows little or nothing of the history of the field. He believes,
>passionately, every and any wack-o story he hears.

And that was one of the tamer testimonies to your dullardness! I
realise you'll now have another tirade on updates to try and
make yourself feel better. As I said, there will be one or two
mopping up operations to close my entertainment with you off,
but then that's it. You'll be howling in the wilderness. I
expect my opponents to have wit, knowledge of the UFO subject
and a concise ability to stick to the point. Unfortunately you
have none of these qualities and are thus not worth worrying
about. I suggest you post _this_ message to updates, complete
with quotes from one of my US chums. Let the list see what
you're _really_ like behind the autistic excuse for the English
language you use.

Happy Trails

Done -- And that's Mr. Lehmberg to you, sir...

Folks, be really careful with regard to any mail you send to our
Mr. Roberts. He'll treat it as his to do with as he pleases.
There's little honor there.


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