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A Result Of Throwing Rocks In The Dragons Cave

From: Alfred Lehmberg <Lehmberg@snowhill.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 08:57:14 -0600
Fwd Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 14:04:40 -0500
Subject: A Result Of Throwing Rocks In The Dragons Cave

Well - after years of chunking rocks in the mouth of the
Dragon's cave I have been awarded for my effort and been singled
out for ridicule, humiliation, and distortion by one of the
Dragon's towel boys. Only problem is? It's not just me.

The distortions are as obvious as my SDI picture, pixels pushed
into an especially unhandsome and brain-damaged Quasimodo, and a
referral to me as a "ufologist", something I have never, no, not
one time... (nor has anyone else) ever claimed... ...down to the
ax grindingly specious insults leveled at EBK, SDI, and UFO
UpDates. Even Wendy Connors and David Rudiak are dragged in and
mud splashed on their sheets. Hey! She's a _believer_, in the
first place, and so consorts with feebs, simpletons, and half-
wits in the second; she deserves what she gets... (the NutZAR!)
...some prancing popinjays and portentous would be
pundit/blogsters would report! Rudiak is "demented", reported by
same, which is especially, "happy trailed," learned, and

Further - the reader can make up their own minds about me. I'm
an artist, aspire to the sensibility of same, and I won't
apologize for it. My expressions, however overblown,
overcomplicated or baroque, are superior to the Byzantine ones
employed in opposition to me, and are more sincere and informed
ones than the latter, too. This is forgetting that I'm reaching
for the stars and an aggregate respect with my language and for
the individuals who use it, where others, pointedly, are not.
There won't be any apologies for that either. I soar and cleave!

...But mudslinging at EBK, SDI, UFO UpDates, Wendy Connors, and
Dr. David Rudiak is just way out of line (devoid of any
substance but juvenile pique), patently uninformed (the accuser
admits he can't get through the material!), obviously canted and
biased (bogus CSICOPian precepts are blithely taken at face
value), and intellectually (or very non-constructively)
insulting (obvious and requiring no parenthetical comment)! Such
is so.

What this churlish, sycophantic, and corrupted (... and
corrupting!) blogger does must be taken in the spirit of Jerry
Clark's observation, I suppose, that it is the action and
performance of a damp-nosed narcissist, himself guilty of what
he'd accuse, and pathetically (and un-bravely!) incapable of
moving beyond the suggested cognitive boundaries proscribed for
him. Pity. And beyond this small notice that he was -not-
 undetected by the radar? ...Beneath, concern, consideration and
contempt, or any further notice from -this- person or any other
person wanting up off their damned knees!

PS... Predictably, this stumbling moot-pooty of a meme-bashing
neo-blogger has to climb pretty high to clear the sole of John
Ford's prison-issue shoe! This crap-slinging towel boy is
dismissed, out of hand. Send out a bigger gun, Dragon!


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"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see
from afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, scourged by
the scabrously specious scurrilous.