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UFO Roundup Volume 8, Number 47

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Subject: UFO Roundup Volume 8, Number 47

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John Hayes (UFOINFO)

Volume 8, Number 47
December 10, 2003
Editor: Joseph Trainor

E-mail: Masinaigan@aol.com
Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


   Mysterious screams heard at the site of a UFO landing
in eastern Kentucky have researchers wondering if an
abduction was involved.
   According to Ohio ufologist Kenny Young, an
eyewitness, Dr. Virgil Davis "was driving toward his home"
in Morehead, Kentucky (population 5,914) on Friday,
November 21 (2003) between 9 and 10 p.m., with his two
sons, aged 15 and 18 respectively. He recalls the
specific date, knowing that one son was in college and
would not have been home any day but Friday."
   "While driving, they all spotted a soundless aerial
object over a nearby open field," Young reported. The UFO
"was described as an oval-shaped, white-colored light
source as big as a pea held at arm's length, which moved
'like a hummingbird would move.'"
   "The object, seen in the dark and clear night skies,
was relatively high when first seen and was 'coming down,
moving in increments as if an elevator (that) would stop
and stay there awhile, then drop and stay there awhile.'
Dr. Davis said."
   "After the first three or four minutes of visual
observation, the object began moving around to different
parts of the sky. They got out of the car to see if they
could identify the object to their satisfaction that the
object was not a plane, a helicopter or the Aurora
   "'My first inclination was to rationalize what the
object could have been,' Dr. Davis said, 'rather than
jumping to conclusions. After we ruled out the various
possible explanations, we assumed that this was a UFO. I
know for a fact that there was no explanation for this
object, and I'm just glad I had my two sons with me to see
   "After observing the object for a few minutes, Dr.
Davis and his sons got back in the car and drove on to
their home under a certain sense of apprehension." The
doctor reportedly said, "I did not know what it was we
were looking at and had some concern that it might or
could have spotted us."
   "After driving a short distance to their house, they
went to a second-floor bedroom and looked out the window
toward the northeast," continuing to observe the sky.
"'It descended lower towards the ground and seemed to be
settling in a nearby field when its color had shifted from
a white to an orange. As the object got lower and lower
to the ground, it became bigger, and its color changed to
a reddish light.'"
   Dr. Davis "said the object's size increased from a
pea at arm's length to a dime (USA 10-cent coin--J.T.) at
arm's length."
   "'There was like a vacuum of silence while we watched
this,' Dr. Davis said, 'It was like everything was real
quiet, at a standstill, and then, when it became a red
color, everything went crazy.'"
   "Dr. Davis said the animals in the area erupted in a
frenzy. His neighbor's dog was barking crazily, and his
German Shepherd dog tried to break its chain."
   "'At this point, after the object got red, it just
shot off like a dart, some kind of acceleration, and it
took off to the west. We just stood there, dumbfounded.'"
   "He said the sighting lasted for an estimated 10 to
15 minutes."
   "'Right after that, my two sons went back outside and
heard the screaming. It was a female voice. They got in
the car and within minutes had called from their cell
phone to say they had been hearing screaming sounds in the
field when the thing came down,' he said."
   "'Approximately 20 minutes after the sighting, the
police were at my door. There were about 20 officers and
a rescue squad over in the field where I spotted the UFO.
They were combing the area and asked me what I knew about
someone screaming. Apparently, others had heard the
screaming sounds.'"
   According to Dr. Davis's son, the female voice kept
saying, "Help me, oh my God, help me!"
   "'Apparently, several people had heard the screaming.
I don't know how long it lasted,' Dr. Davis said."
   Kenny Young pointed out that Morehead, Ky. "is 45
miles (72 kilometers) south of Flemingsburg, where a crop
formation appeared in a rye field" in May 2003.
   Morehead is on Interstate Highway I-64, approximately
60 miles (100 kilometers) east of Lexington.
   Young added that ufologist Don Blessing investigated
a case in southern Ohio earlier this year in which an
amnesiac woman was found in a farmer's field in the middle
of the night. The woman had no idea how she had gotten
into the field. Young wondered if the Morehead incident
might be a similar case of an abductee being "returned."
   However, the incident report by Rowan County police
states only that an officer responded to the call and
determined that the witnesses had seen the Aurora
borealis. (Many thanks to Kenny Young for this news


   "A 'flying rugby ball' was seen by three people
Friday night, November 28, 2003 at Froideville" in western
   Eyewitnesses described the object as "a spherical red
   "Among the Cantonal police, despite the presence of
specialist investigators, no one knows any more about the
UFO seen that night in Froideville."
   "The two policemen dispatched to the scene did not
notice anything other than a power failure that affected
the entire village at the time of the sighting. They saw
residents moving about in confusion on the darkened
   "Several inhabitants told police that they heard a
suspicious humming. Three of them asserted that they had
seen 'a flying rugby ball.' The witnesses telephoned the
police at midday on Saturday, November 29, 2003, to report
their sighting."
   "'Something occurred in Froideville,' one witness
   "The UFO reportedly moved vertically in front of the
witnesses' windows."
   "Ufologist Pierre Blanchoud of Vaudois said, 'The
size of this object is rare. The observed machines are
usually balls like small suns. As for the humming, this
is completely normal in the UFO world. As well as the
fact that domestic appliances went out or lit up
spontaneously. This means the appliance lost a lot of
   "One witness, Philippe Michou, said he had seen a
similar UFO twenty years ago on two occasions, once in
January and again in August of 1983. He described these
UFOs as 'egg-shaped' and 'red-orange coloured.'" (See the
Swiss newspaper Vingt-quatre Heures for November 30, 2003.
Merci beaucoup a Robert Fischer pour cette article de


   On Wednesday, December 3, 2003, during a light rain,
Laura M. was outdoors near her home in Jordan, Montana
(population 364) when a UFO approached from the south.
   "I saw a yellowish-orange glowing globe to the south
just above the horizon," Laura reported, "Slowly flashing,
glow that disappears like a (traffic) caution light but
slower. It reappeared closer, then disappeared, then
reappeared again and hovered above a mobile home. It was
some 250 yards (225 meters) away from me. It looked as
though it clearly had intentions."
   "I left this area as fast as I could. It did not
have any lights. It just pulsed light. I could estimate
its size as a Volkswagen (car) or smaller compared to the
14 by 70 foot mobile home."
   "It was a lot slower than a flashing light and it
made me feel very uncomfortable, as if it had intentions.
It was never as high as an airplane. I would say it was
100 feet (30 meters) off the ground, higher than (street)
light poles."
   Jordan, Montana is in Garfield County at the
intersection of Highways 59 and 200, located approximately
84 miles (134 kilometers) northwest of Miles City. (Email
Form Report)


   The mysterious gray UFO Roundup van was seen four
times in the Phoenix, Arizona area last week.
   The van, which is filled with satellite dishes, high-
gain antennae and other scientific equipment, has been
seen at various times and places around the USA since
1998. However, although it carries the Web site logos of
UFO INFO and UFO Roundup, the vehicle does not belong to
either webmaster John Hayes or newsletter editor Joseph
   Eyewitness Kristopher Robinson reported, "I was in
Chandler, Arizona (population 176,581), near Phoenix," on
Monday, December 1, 2003, "and I noticed a gray van with
several instruments and your Web address posted all over
it. I was at a work function when I saw the van, and most
of my colleagues laughed, but I was intrigued. I noticed
the van had Georgia (license) plates. The time I saw the
van was about 4 p.m. Arizona time."
   Interviewed by UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor,
Kris provided more details about the sighting.
   "The van was parked in the large parking lot of a
shopping center, near the rear of the lot but not all the
way to the back," he reported, "I saw no driver or
operator. I saw nothing in the front seats, and the rear
window was a dark tint. My guess is that it was a Chevy,
but I'm not sure. Parking lot was at the corner of Ray
Road and 48th Street," which Kris said was in Phoenix but
only a half-mile from the Chandler city limits.
   "Most of the responses of my co-workers was laughter.
Mostly joking about how the van was chasing/tracking UFOs.
However, despite their joking, they were all curious to
see if I would find out anything about the van on the UFO
INFO Web site."
   "That is absolutely fascinating, that there is a
mystery van driving around, advertising your site on it,
and it has no affiliation. What an interesting world we
live in."
   Two days later, on Wednesday, December 3, 2003, Alex
Ashley reported, "I saw a well-antennaed van at Borders
Bookstore on Alma School Road in Mesa," (population
396,375) between Southern Avenue and U.S. Highway 60. "Do
you think there may be a UFO flap around these parts? I
think so."
   In an interview with Joseph Trainor, Ashley added,
"It seemed to be an early 90s van. It looked like flat
silver. The rear windows and a window on the right side
were darkly tinted. The driver, passenger (side windows)
and windshield were not."
   "There was a Nevada plate on the front labeled Area
51 and a Georgia plate on the rear. The Georgia plate
number is 4730-AEY."
   Ashley had the vehicle in view for 20 minutes,
adding, "There was a lot of electrical equipment visible
in the cabin. There was a pair of gimbaled 'travel'
compasses with a heavy-gauged copper wiring wrapped around
a bar mounted over them on the passenger dash (dashboard--
J.T.). Both compasses were pointed at the wrong poles--
north aiming south."
   "Whoever drove must have eaten at McDonald's that
morning, judging from the wrappers."
(Editor's Comment: Okay, Arizona readers, here's your
BOLO. Be on the lookout for a light gray or flat silver
early 1990s Chevrolet van, with Georgia license plate
4730-AEY in the rear. You stand a good chance of spotting
it mornings between 6 and 10 a.m. at a McDonald's drive-in
   On Thursday, December 4, 2003, at 3 p.m., a male
Vietnam veteran reported, "I saw your van at the Cliff
Castle Casino in Arizona. Nice touch to the satellite
antenna--Area 51. I may have info that will interest
   Arizona reader Greg Fabrie reported, "I saw your van
in Prescott Valley, Arizona on Friday, December 5, 2003
and was wondering where it was headed. This was the first
time in my life that I saw your vehicle. You caught my
   Prior to last week, the most recent sighting of the
mystery van was in Prescott Valley, Arizona. (For
details, see UFO Roundup, volume 8, number 40 for October
22, 2003, "Strange happenings reported in Arizona," page
1. Email Form Reports and Interviews)
(Editor's Comment: As to what the mystery van is doing in
Arizona, maybe it has something to do with the next


   A girl in Phoenix, Arizona says she was awakened in
the middle of the night and frightened by a blue alien.
   Jenna R. reported, "I was sleeping in my bed on
(Friday) November 21 (2003). It was about 2:30 a.m. I
always wake up in the middle of the night, but this night
was different. I woke up very frightened."
   "I opened my eyes and turned over and, at the edge of
my bed, was a little man or woman three to four feet (0.9
to 1.3 meters) tall" and "a grayish-blue color. I
remember his piercing black eyes the most."
   "He slowly started moving towards me. I tried to
scream but was unable to."
   "He kept moving closer to me from the side of the
   "I immediately hid under my covers. I slowly came
out from under my covers, and he was still there. So I
quickly sat up. He flung open my bedroom door and ran
   While approaching the bed, the entity "moved at about
two miles per hour," Jenna added, "kinda like he was
creeping towards me." (Email Form Report)
(Editor's Comment: I find it interesting that Jenna's
encounter took place on Friday, November 21, 2003--the
same night as the Davis family's sighting in Morehead,
Kentucky. See the lead story in this issue.)


   A phantom panther has been sighted repeatedly between
Huddersfield and Oldham, northeast of Manchester in UK,
and sheep were slain in the nearby village of
   "A farmer is appealing for information about an
animal which terrorised his sheep at Thurstonland."
   "David Brown, a part-time farmer, keeps his sheep on
hill tops near Oakes Avenue, between Thurstonland and
Brockholes. At about 4:30 p.m. last Wednesday (November
26, 2003) some people walking their dogs contacted Mr.
Brown at his home on Town Moor Lane after they sighted
some injured sheep in a field."
   "Mr. Brown and three friends went up to the field and
discovered 12 sheep missing. The group scoured the
countryside until dusk, rounding up injured sheep."
   "They continued on Thursday and Friday (November 27
and 28, 2003), and on Saturday morning (November 29,
2003), they found the last sheep dead in woodland on Oakes
Avenue. Three of the sheep recovered had to be put down
and eight are still badly injured."
   "Mr. Brown said, 'It looked like a dog attack. There
are a lot of dogs on the footpath to Brockholes. Someone
must have noticed if it was their dog. It would have been
out a long time as the sheep were found over an area of a
   Meanwhile, "a mystery big cat spotted near Holmfirth
last month (November 2003) could have made its way up into
the Saddleworth moors."
   "Three weeks ago, an Alsatian-sized black cat,
thought to be a panther by experts, was spotted in remote
fields near Hade Edge."
   "Residents of Dunford Road saw the muscular feline,
with a swishing tail, stalking through a field."
   "Other sightings have occurred in the past six months
on Dunford Road, Winscar, and on the South Yorkshire
border. Now there have been several sightings near
Dovestone, Greenfield and Saddleworth."
   "A Greenfield farmer spotted the animal and tried to
shoot it when it attacked his sheep."
   "He said the creature was dark with large orange
eyes, and he thought he might have hit it with gunshot."
   "The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals --J.T.) alerted police in Oldham last
week after receiving reports of sightings while filming
for a BBC programme was taking place above Dovestone, near
Intake Lane."
   "Police in Oldham are concerned that the animal may
be more dangerous if it is injured."
   "Their fears were prompted after an anonymous phone
call by a woman to a big-cat monitoring society, claiming
her son had shot the animal while out poaching."
   "A shooting magazine has now offered a 1,000 pounds
sterling reward for evidence that the cat exists."
   "Oldham police are warning people not to roam the
moors looking for the cat."
   "Oldham police wildlife officer Sgt. Julie Bailey
said; 'The last thing we want is people roaming the moors
above Dovestone taking shots at a big cat which, if it is
there, will be even more dangerous because it is wounded.
If we have got a big cat above Greenfield, we don't want
people wandering around, hunting it.'" (See the
Huddersfield Daily Examiner for December 2, 2003 and two
articles in the Examiner for December 4, 2003, "Mystery
cat spotted near Saddleworth" and "Moors panther 'may have
been wounded.'" Many thanks to Robert Fischer, UFO
Roundup's phantom panther expert, for these newspaper
articles. For more on the Moors Panther, see UFO Roundup,
volume 8, number 45 for November 26, 2003, "Phantom
panther seen in Huddersfield, England," page 7.)


   "News that a statue of Padre Pio--proclaimed a saint
by Pope John Paul II last year at the Vatican in a major
ceremony--is 'weeping blood' has spread like wildfire
through the Calabrese" region of southern Italy, "and
hundreds of persons have flocked to it, praying and
claiming that the event is a miracle."
   "According to Mayor Domenico Malara, a Gypsy (Romani)
girl living in the town square" of Brancaleone "noticed
that a red liquid descended from the eyes of the life-
sized bronze statue of Padre Pio (birth name: Francisco
Forginone--J.T.), streaming down the statue and puddling
at the base of the pedestal."
   "Numerous locals approached the site, among them the
mayor, who ordered that the statue be surrounded with
   "According to deputy mayor Gentile Scaramozzino,
initial tests performed have shown that (the liquid--S.C.)
is indeed blood, although whether human or animal has yet
to be ascertained."
   "Father Leone Stilliteno, the (Roman Catholic) parish
priest of Brancaleone, advised locals to be prudent and to
wait for the analyses."
   "A similar phenomenon occurred last year to another
statue of Padre Pio, which was later decided to be prank,
at Castel di Judica, in the Sicilian (port) city of
   "Aside from weeping statues, there are many who claim
having seen Padre Pio's face on houses in San Giovanni
Rotondo, where he is buried, as well as on (house) facades
in the towns of Monte San Biagio and Cagnano Varano."
   "Capuchin friar Padre Pio de Pietralcina was
proclaimed a saint on June 16, 2002, eighteen years after
the start of the canonization process and three (years)
following his beatification." (See the Spanish newspaper
Hoy for December 4, 2003. Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales
y Gloria Coluchi para esto articulo de diario.)
(Editor's Comment: And here's a lexilink for paranormal
researcher Loren Coleman, which may or may not have
something to do with our current panther flap.
Brancaleone is Italian for White Lion.)


   "President Bush's aides are considering a new lunar
exploration program and other unifying national goals,
such as a campaign to promote longevity or to fight
childhood illness or hunger, as they sift ideas for a
fresh agenda for the final year of his term,
administration officials said Thursday," December 4, 2003.
   "Agencies and task forces in several parts of the
(USA) government have been assigned to determine the cost
and feasibility of a variety of such major ideas, which
could cost billions of dollars at a time when the nation
is running a substantial budget deficit."
   "An interagency group led by the White House has been
working since August (2003) on a blueprint for
interplanetary human flight over the next 20 to 30 years
to give NASA a new mission after the Feb. 1 disintegration
of the space shuttle Columbia."
   "Plans call for Bush to issue an ambitious new
national vision for space travel by early next year, and
officials said the initiative is likely to involve
cooperation between NASA and the military."
   "One person who has been consulted by the White House
said some aides appear to relish the idea of a 'Kennedy
moment' for Bush, referring to the 1962 call by President
Kennedy for the nation to land a man on the moon, and
return him safely to Earth, by the end of the decade."
   "Bush aides are wary, however, of repeating what they
consider the mistakes of Bush's father. Then-President
(George H.W.) Bush issued a call for a sustained
commitment to human exploration of the solar system, with
a return to the moon as a stepping-stone to the main
   "NASA responded with a budget-shattering $400 billion
plan to fulfill" the proposed 1992 Bush space mission
"that swiftly sank under its own weight." (See the
Duluth, Minn. News-Tribune for December 5, 2003, "White
House reaches for the stars," page 8A.)


   "A dust disk surrounding the nearby star Vega hides a
Neptune-sized planet, astronomers say."
   "Vega is one of the brightest stars in the sky and is
relatively close at 25 light-years away (one light-year
equals about 5.9 trillion miles). Astronomers from the
United Kingdom's Royal Observatory in Edinburgh suggest
that clumbs of frozen dust circling the star can best be
explained by a Neptune-sized planet orbiting it."
   "This is significant because scientists are hoping to
find another Earth-like planet are always search for solar
systems around nearby stars that resemble our own."
   "Neptune is 17 times has heavy as Earth and almost
four times wider. Astronomers have detected about 120
planets" outside of our solar system, "Mostly Jupiter-
sized (gas) giants, in the past decade. The analysis" of
the Vegan planet "appears in The Astrophysical Journal."
(See USA Today for December 2, 2003, "Neptune-sized planet
orbits nearby star," page 5D.)


   "An Italian archaeologist has found a sculpture which
could be 200,000 years old."
   "Pietro Gaietto has identified a rock in the
Borzonasca district of Italy which appears to be carved
with two faces looking in opposite directions, one of
which is wearing a beard."
(Editor's Note: Similar to the Roman god Janus for whom
the month of January is named.)
   "The discovery is no surprise to the locals who say
such sculptures are nothing new. In fact, they point to a
nearby rock cliff which they believe has been carved with
an image which they call the Face of Borzone."
   "If the find proves genuine, it would have to be the
work of an extinct species of human called Homo erectus.
That, at least, is what the experts say." (See Atlantis
Rising for January-February 2004, "Ancient faces make
mystery," page 14)
(Editor's Comment: The problem here is that the "Face of
Borzone," although badly eroded, clearly shows a middle-
aged Homo sapiens, a species that supposedly wasn't around
in 200,000 B.C. In fact, the sculpture reminded your
editor of the eroded stone heads he saw at the Temple of
Kalasasaya at Tiahuanaco in Bolivia back in 1978.
Prehistory is still pretty much a mystery, I guess.)

From the UFO Files...


   (Our Story So Far: On November 26, 1909, Joseph
Chandler of Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire took his dog
rabbit-hunting in the woods of Winchendon, Massachusetts.
He was a helpless witness as his dog was mauled by a
creature resembling a black panther. The second sighting
took place on December 14, 1909 when Mrs. George Wheeler
spotted the animal crouching in the grass at the
intersection of Otter River Road and Baptist Common Road
in Templeton, Mass., 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of
Winchendon. What's curious about this particular "panther
flap" is that it ran concurrently with a major UFO flap
that covered three New England states--Massachusetts,
Rhode Island and Connecticut, a flap known to UFO history
as "the great airship invasion of 1909.")
   Following Mrs. Wheeler's sighting, the panther flap
swung into high gear.
   "Hunters in the Templeton area cleaned their rifles
and shotguns and turned loose their dogs, but it was all
in vain. The panther struck with impunity on December 17
(1909) in downtown Templeton itself."
   "'It was about 6 o'clock Friday night (December 17,
1909) when one of the employees of the Brown-Hadley
Company was driving home from his work in that factory
when he heard some indescribable bloodcurdling scream
issuing from a swamp beside the road. He hastily held up
his horse for a moment, but soon plied the whip as a
large, dark-bodied animal crept stealthily toward his
   "'Later in the evening, the animal was chased by an
unterrified employee of Eugene Griffith, just south of the
   "'Saturday forenoon (December 18, 1909) tracks which
were not made by any known human habitants of the vicinity
were found back of the houses on the South Road'" in
   "'All day yesterday (Sunday, December 19, 1909)
various veterans of the chase were in pursuit of the
animal but to date his pelt does not adorn the side of any
barn in the vicinity.'"
   With no more sightings, the Templeton panther was
soon forgotten, overshadowed by the bizarre headlines
coming out of Fitchburg and Leominster, Mass., 18 miles
(30 kilometers) to the east--stories of strange lighted
objects in the night skies. (See Fortean Studies - Volume
1, John Brown Publishing Ltd., London, 1994, "The New
England Airship Invasion of 1909" by Joseph Trainor, pages
60 and 61. See also the Gardner, Mass. News for December
20, 1909.)
(Editor's Note: Fitchburg has long been the "UFO capital"
of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.)

Well, that's it for this week. Join us in seven days for more
UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth,
brought to you by "the paper that goes home- -UFO Roundup." See
you next time!

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