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Re: Maussan Makes Prediction For 12-12-03 - Mausson

From: Jaime Maussan <jaimemaussanmx@yahoo.com.mx>
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 12:44:42 -0600 (CST)
Fwd Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 14:08:26 -0500
Subject: Re: Maussan Makes Prediction For 12-12-03 - Mausson

>From: Cap. Alejandro Franz <alfafox@prodigy.net.mx>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
>Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 05:45:18 -0700
>Subject: Re: Maussan Makes Prediction For 12-12-03

>>From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic@verizon.net>
>>To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
>>Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 15:21:46 -0500
>>Subject: Re: Maussan Makes Prediction For 12-12-03

>>>From: Captain Alejandro Franz <alfafox@Prodigy.net.mx>
>>>To: ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net
>>>Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 22:41:33 -0700
>>>Subject: Re: Maussan Makes Prediction For 12-12-03

>>>I can provide some information about this case, another one of
>>>many J. Maussan hoaxes. The Aeromexico DC9 flight 129 from
>>>Guadalajara to Mexico's City Intl. Airport that supposedly had a
>>>collision with a UFO when approaching runway 05 right at
>>>Mexico's Intl. Airport on july 1994.

>>>I know personally the "eyewitness" Enrique Kolbeck, an Air
>>>Traffic Controller, very close to Jaime Maussan because he is
>>>the one who always has been invited to join the "team" of
>>>"eyewitnesses" at all UFO conventions that Maussan has organized
>>>since 1997.


Dear Friends:

This 'case' wouldn't even be happening in the United States.....

Let me explain myself.....

Recently Captain Alejandro Franz Navarrete, has accused Captain
Raymundo Cervantes Ruano, Controler Enrique Kolbeck and myself
of being hoaxers and liars. Why? Because we affirm a collision
event happened -related to Flight 129, from Aeromexico, flying
from Guadalajara to Mexico- and that the aircraft probably
impacted an unknown aerial object the night of July 28, 1994.

Franz Navarrete presents a series of questions and concludes
that the event never happened. Furthermore he contends that
because it 'never happened' the whole case should be considered
a hoax.

When I said that this case wouldn't happen in the US it is
because Captain Raymundo Cervantes Ruano is an active Pilot. He
is an Instructor of Pilots. He is also a member of the Board of
Directors of the Union of Pilots here in Mexico. Capt. Ruano he
was elected to this position by popular vote. BTW, recently he
was an -Instructor- of Alejandro Franz Navarrete who is the
report's principle critic.

Another individual reporting in this case is Enrique Kolbeck.
Mr. Kolbeck is an air traffic controller with more than 25 years
of experience in the field, most of that time working in the
Control Tower at Mexico City's international airport. He is also
a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of controllers,
also elected by popular vote.

Myself, Jaime Maussan, I have been working as an Investigative
Reporter for 33 years on Mexican television. I have produced and
presented around five-hundred, one hour documentaries. Three
times I have received the National Award for Journalism. I was
also Anchorman and Director of '60 Minutes' for Mexican TV. I
have worked as a journalist on Mexican television for 17 years.

I have also received a special Award on Capitol Hill (Room Mike
Mansfield ) on March 12th 1982. That same day Ted Turner was
also honored with a special award.  I was also recognized at the
United Nations where I received an award: 'Global 500' for
special merits in the defense of the Environment. I received the
award from the hands of Mostafa Tolba, director of PNUMA on June
5 1990. I could go on, but this is enough.

In the US you would not question people with that background.
But now you are ready to believe someone you don't know, just
because he questions but does not -demonstrate- what he affirms.

Lets go to the facts.

On the night of July 28 1994, we received many phone calls
reporting a sighting in the area of the World Trade Center.
Because I know Enrique Kolbeck since childhood, I asked the Sky
Watchers, (a local group) to report the UFO/OVNI to Centro
Mexico (Control Room). I was at home around 10 pm when Enrique
Kolbeck called me. He was very nervous as he told me "...I
almost sh*t in my pants... Flight 129 hit something around the
World Trade Center, we had an emergency landing and the captain
wants to speak to you".

Captain Cervantes Ruano, (who I didn't know,) also called me.
He, like Enrique Kolbeck was also very nervous. He asked me if
it was true that we had reports of a sighting. He said that he
wanted to meet me as soon as possible. The Next day he told me
the whole story...

"...when we were about to land I dropped the landing gear and I
felt a direct hit under the plane. I thought I had hit a
Helicopter or an small plane, then I asked for an emergency

"....we had to circle the airport twice. I wanted someone to get
a look at the landing gear so I could know if this was
intact.... they gave me the go ahead, and we landed safely. The
airplane was taken to the Hangar where the mechanics checked it
out and told me that the Hydraulic line was cut... they couldn't
explain what happened to the airplane".

Along-side the Co Pilot Enrique Gomez, Captain Alejandro Soturo
a flight instructor was also in the cockpit. He congratulated
Capt. Cervantes Ruano for the action. The plane was a DC 32,
classification: XA-JEB.

In the Control room, directly controlling the plane was Giovanni
Javier Murga Qero. He was helped by controller Alejandro del
Valle _after_ the event occurred.

A week later on August 8,1994 at 11:30 in the morning, Flight
304 flying in from Acapulco to Mexico city had a very close
encounter with a big shiny silver disc. The pilots Francisco
Mezquita and Carlos Corso thought _they_ were going to have a

They were both very nervous and mad. They also contacted me to
find out what has happening around the airport. Other cases were
reported. Over the weeks that ensued on at least four occasions
different airplanes aborted their landings because they saw
unidentified objects around/near the airport.

Investigator Carlos Alberto Guzman Rojas and Alfonso Salazar in
the book: Los Ovnis y la Aviacion Mexicana write... Pp172 and

(please John translate, I want to write exactly what is written
in the book)

[***Note to UpDates List readers: I have volunteered my services
as a translator to Jaime and Enrique Kolbeck should they require
it. Any errors in translation are mine alone and I assume full
responsibility. I will leave a copy of the original Spanish
intact for List members who are able to read it. --John Velez]

In Spanish:

"....En platica que sostuvo Alfonso Salazar con el inspector
Francisco Rodriguez (Martinez) Meza le informo que esa noche
estaba en el hangar de ciha compa=F1ia y que se enetero del caso.

Trans: In a conversation between Alfonso Salazar and inspector
Francisco Rodriguez (Martinez) Meza informed him that he had
been in the hanger (of the company in question) that night and
that that was when he became interested in the case.

Los pasajeros bajaron en la terminal aerea  y posteriormente el
avion fue conducido al hangar. El inspector Rodriguez (Martinez)
afirmo que en la pierna derecha del avion  se observo en una
l=EDnea hidraulica  un corte, como si se hubiera cortado "con una

The passengers deplaned into the terminal area and immediately
afterwards the airplane was taken to the hanger. Inspector
Rodriguez (Martinez) confirmed that he observed that the
hydraulic line on the right-side landing gear had been cut as if
it had been done with a razor.

"....cabe mencionar que en el aeropuerto  se implemento un
dispositivo de emergencia  durante el aterrizaje  de dicho avion
donde por la capacidad, profesionalismo  y experiencia del
piloto y su tripulacion pudieron aterrizar  sin consecuencias".

It is important to mention that an emergency landing procedure
had to be implemented during the landing of said airplane and
that if not for the competence, professionalism and experience
of the pilot (Capt. Ruano) and crew they would not have landed
the plane without consequences.

"....el corte que presentaba la l=EDnea del hidraulico con la
consiguiente perdida de fluido pusieron en peligro la operacion
de aterrizaje y en opinion del Inspector Rodriguez (Mart=EDnez),
no se pudo explicar lo que ocurrio aquella noche sobre la zona
del antiguo hotel de la Ciudad de Mexico (World Trade Center). 

The cut in the hydraulic line with the pursuant loss of fluid
made the landing procedure dangerous in the opinion of inspector
Rodriguez (Martinez) he could no explain what happened that
night in the skies over the 'Zona del Antiguo Hotel' in Mexico
City (World Trade Center)

In the same book Pp 174, the authors confirm also the events of
flight 304.

Franz  Navarrete accused Enrique Kolbeck through ACTAM (an air
traffic controllers association) of giving false testimony about
this case. He posed at that time the same questions that he has
presented to UFO Updates. The Air Traffic Controller Angel
Iturbe Estrop, former air traffic controller at Culiacan Airport
responds to Franz Navarrete with the following:

(Again John I ask you to translate this I want to be factual).

Angel Iturbe writes:

".... La razon de dirigirte esta carta es manifestar una
energica protesta por lo que me parece de tu parte una actitud
deleznable, e incongruente con el espiritu de solidaridad que
deberiamos promover todos los actores del medio aeronautico. Me
refiero a la agresion que hiciste a un colega controlador,
compa=F1ero trabajador, pero sobre todo, admirado y entra=F1able
amigo: Enrique Kolbeck.

  The reason for this letter is to lodge an energetic protest
about what seems to me to be a display of a negligent, and
incongruent attitude toward the solidarity that we should have
with all members of the aeronautics community. I refer to the
aggression with which you treated a colleague controller and
work companion (who is overall a much admired and beloved

Then he refutes question by question the arguments of Alejandro
Franz Navarrete, spaeking as an air traffic controller. It's
very clear that this man (Angel Iturbe) knows what he is talking

I can submit a copy of the letter in every single detail if you
like... it is a very 'technical' response to the questions
raised by Franz.

Angel Iturbe concludes:

"...Por ultimo quisiera referirme a las aseveraciones que haces
respecto al radar. Para que lo entendamos los no inciados:  tus
comentarios son contradictorios:

... and finally I'd like to address your observations in respect
to the radar. So that those who are not 'initiates' can
understand: your comments are contradictory:

Afirmas que los avistamientos en los Radares son un hecho y que
tu fuiste testigo de algo... me pregunto como es que tu mismo
admites los avistamientos por radar.... como saber si se trata
de un verdadero avistamiento o de un eco falso o de lo que
llamamos basura o estatica.

You affirm that the sightings on Radar are a fact and that you
witnessed something... I ask myself how is it that you yourself
admit to the (validity of) the sightings by radar without you
knowing if it was a true signal/sighting, a false echo or  what
we call trash/static.

Tambien me pregunto porque a quienes estuvieron contigo los
llamas testigos y a Enrique lo acusas de hacer un falso
testimonio recapacito un poco sobre mis cuestionamientos  y me
asalta una terrible duda:  =BFsera que tu sabes algo que te
convierte en alguien que SI esta capacitado para saber la verdad
absoluta  y juzgar al resto de los terricolas".

Also I ask myself because those who took your side you refer to
as "witnesses" while you only accuse Enrique of giving false
testimony. As I consider my questionings about all this a
terrible doubt assaults me: do you think you know something that
makes you capable of discerning the absolute truth about
*everything? (*Not quite sure what the word 'terricolas' means.

In a second letter that air traffic controller Angel Iturbe
Strops directed to Victor Cervantes Mu=F1oz, Director of ACTAM -
the association of air traffic controllers (a union that Franz
Navarrete -used to- belong to) said about Enrique
Kolbeck......"un buen hombre y buen controlador que se deja
influenciar candidamente...para convencerlo de que no lo haga".

"A good man and a good air traffic controller who will not be
influenced (candidly? JV) not to report.

In his letter to Victor Cervantes.... Angel Iturbe concludes...

1. Informes publicamente si el ex controlador Alejandro Franz
Navarrete es miembro activo, honorario, en receso o que, porque
segun los estatutos no existe la calidad de Miembro o Socio

1. Inform me publicly if _former_ controller Alejandro Franz
Navarrete is an honorary member, in recess or what. Because
according to the records/statutes he is not a member or an
associate Founder.

2. Te retractes del contenido de tu respuesta al citado ex
controlador Alejandro Franz Navarrete, en todo lo referente a
Enrique Kolbeck.

You retract the content of your response about cited former
controller Alejandro Franz Navarrete, in referring to Enrique

[***I had a little trouble with this one. I gave it my best shot
but it doesn't quite make sense so I'm certain that I've missed
the meaning here a bit. If any Spanish speaking List members can
offer a more accurate or lucid translation, your inout would be
greatly appreciated. I'm trying to translate all of this as
accurately as I can. --JV]

3. Ofrezcas publicamente una disculpa al controlador Enrique
Kolbeck por insmiscuirte en asuntos de su vida personal y

A public apology to air traffic controller Enrique Kolbeck should
be offered for (mentioning?) details of his personal life.

4. Rectifiques tu actitud como Presidente de la asociacion toda
vez que actos como el que hoy nos ocupan denigran la profesion
de Controlador de Transito Aereo.

*Rectify your attitude as President of the association when
dealing with acts such as the one that occupies us today,
such things only serve to defame the whole Air Traffic Controller

[*This in regard to Enrique Kolbeck being called a liar.--JV]

Finalmente, te informo que ya que tu no has asumido el papel de
defender con dignidad a un controlador ante una agresion externa
yo me arrogo el derecho el derecho de hacerlo y contestare al
citado ex controlador. Recibiras copia. No es que Enrique lo
necesite, solo  que nopuedo permanecer expectante, mientras tu
agredes impunemente a un colega controlador.

Finally I am informing you that since your you have not assumed
the role and defended with dignity an air traffic controller
from an external aggression, I assume the right the right to do
it and I will respond to the cited former controller. (Franz)
You will receive a copy.  It is not that Enrique needs it, but I
do remain expectant that you will not attack a colleague

Va de nuevo la invitacion a que renuncies a la presidencia de la
ACTAM en un  acto de congruencia entre lo que haces y lo que

Again the invitation is offered for you to renounce the
presidency of the ACTAM because of the inconsistencies between
what you do and what you say.

Angel Iturbe Strop
Controlador de Transito Aereo.

I must say that Victor Cervantes is not longer Director of

I hope you can appreciate how difficult it has been to get
people to speak openly about what is happening. When people like
Captain Alejandro Franz Navarrete attack those who finally are
letting us know what is going on in the air, it only serves to
make getting testimony even more difficult. I don't want to send
the wrong message to all those people who have allowed us inside
the air industry.

There is a better way to clarify things... If someone, an
investigator from the US comes to Mexico to investigate. To talk
to the Pilots, air traffic controllers, technicians and all the
people who have been involved in -many- events.

Also to investigate other cases. I am sorry, but I am very tired
of being attacked by "investigadores de escritorio". (Armchair
investigators) I am and have been an investigator for many
years. When I express an opinion it is because I have
investigated the facts. It's so easy to talk ...it's so easy to

Many of the questions posed by Franz Navarrete couldn't being
answered because the Air Company, Aeromexico, will not allow
the information to come out...to be made public. Do you know any
company in the world that would let a journalist conduct an
investigation around a security issue?  None. And Franz Navarrete
as he poses his questions knows and depends on that.

He has also said that I mentioned that people from NASA or the
FAA came to investigate this event....? Please, first off, the Mexican
governemt wouldn't allow that. How can he say such a lie and get
away with it. Probably because you don=B4t know much about this man.
Come to Mexico, investigate _him_. Asks the pilots what they think
of him... ask the air traffic controllers what is their opinion about
this man.

In his Curriculum Vitae he claims to be Pilot, Controller,
Meteorologist, UFO investigator, Contactee, Astro-archeologist,
parapsychologist, hypnotist, Webmaster and Director of SEIP
Sociedad Espa=F1ola de Investigaciones Parapsicologicas,
Asociacion Civil.

I am a simple journalist, respected by the people of Mexico and
Latin America.

You choose who to believe.

Jaime Maussan

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