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Aztec UFO Symposium

From: Wendy Connors <FadedDiscs@comcast.net>
Date: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 11:57 PM
Fwd Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 11:34:09 -0500
Subject: Aztec UFO Symposium

Well, it looks like Jim Moseley ain't gonna be able to make it
to the 5th Annual Aztec UFO Symposium this year, so I've been
asked to try and fill his shoes and have agreed. Now that kinda
grabs my goat... I wanted him to autograph my copy of 'Shockingly
Close to the Truth', but now that ain't gonna happen. Shucky

I think everyone out there in UFO UpDates-Land ought to get your
reservations in for the event. Why, you ask? Well, you see,
since I'm filling in for the Commandant Klinger of 'Saucer
Smear' and Karl (my balloon theory on Roswell isn't a bag of
gas) Pflock is going to be there, it should be a hoot and a
holler of a good time.

Better yet, Peter (Sasshaying on the Butte in Robes of Purple)
Gersten is going to be there too! Well, I don't think I need to
draw you a picture that this scene is going to be the Ufology
event of the decade. <G>

I'm looking forward to the evening sky watch event...man, I
wanna see that Mothership of Adamski visit the multitude!
Believe me, I've put in for the flashlight concession.

Now, I'm really looking forward to smoozing with Dr. Bruce
(there's a breeze in my gulf) Maccabee. He's one of my heros in
Ufology and now I can corner him and make him sign my copy of
his book, 'UFO/FBI Connection', because I did him a favor by
looking at it before he sent it to the publisher to make sure he
had the new Project SIGN stuff right... I got a free copy of the
book, but what do I gotta do to get it autographed? Meet him in
Aztec, NM of all places! Jeez!! That's OK. I'll let him look at
my Polaroids! <G>

Ol' Nick Redfern is gonna be there too! I'm so excited, cause I
want to rub his head for luck. I've got a photo of him looking
like Yul Brenner incarnate and as a young lass, I just had the
drools for Yul in 'The King and I'. It will be nice to "whot,
whot" with one of our own from across the pond. Pip, pip, Cheerio
and all that sort of rot!

Stan Friedman is coming (wild Cibola's couldn't stop him) too.
He's gonna MJ-12 us to the n'th degree and maybe I can get him
to actually trim his beard while he's here in the high desert of
New Mexico. Actually, Stan comes here a lot and is now
officially recognized as honorary New Mexican. Am I the only one
who thinks he looks more like the Downey Fabric Softener teddy
bear as the years pass? <G>

Rob Swiatek is gonna breeze in and give a talk. Rob's a neat
guy. Haven't seen him since we congregated at Richard Hall's
house two years ago and then chowed down at a local choke and
gag. Rob, if your reading this, I'll have the you-know-what
ready for elbow bending exercises. Richard Hall will just have
to grin and bear it, pal. When you get back, tell him I'll send
another St. Bernard his way soon. <G>

Well, it should be a lot of fun at this years event. Ya all come
now, ya here? And bring money for flashlights and batteries
($300 per person)...I know a lot of neat blind canyons we can
snipe hunt in and give ol' Doc Greer some competition.

Wendy Connors

First Lady of Ufology
aka the Wicked Witch of Ufology by the riff-raff elements

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