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Re: Zeta Reticuli I & II? - Koch

From: Joachim Koch <lists.nul>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 16:55:02 +0100
Fwd Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 19:54:18 -0400
Subject: Re: Zeta Reticuli I & II? - Koch

>From: Tim Shell<tshell.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Thu,  8 Apr 2004 07:59:50 -0500
>Subject: Re: Zeta Reticuli I & II?

>program or at least something a little more accurate than Fish's
>analog near-star model?  I was looking at the Koch-Kyborg
>interpretation, that says the Betty Hill map actually represents
>our own solar system, but I'm not completely sold on it.

>Maybe the Hill map is just to crude to be useful.

Hello Tim, List,

We stated again and again that is was and is never our
intention to minimize the work Marjorie Fish had done with her
models. This work was great, it was time consuming and surely
not inexpensive. Maybe we too, like her, without a computer at
time, would have laid on our back underneath the strings with
the coloured pearls and peering from this or that arbitrary
vantage point to see if we could match Betty's pattern with our
model. So Mrs. Fish deserves all our respect.

Our approach to the whole thing was different. We came back to
Betty's map when we with our crop circle research in England
have been in the fourth year (all in all fourteen by now). We
went down there to England with an astronomic concept to get in
contact with this unknown non-human intelligence and were
successfull in our endeavour in 1991 in a most spectacular and
most positive way. With the help of 'the Phenomenon' - as we all
in England usually name this intelligence - we identified
HD42807 right in the center of the 'Winter Circle' as a
significant star for our human relationship to other
intelligences of a yet unknown dimension.

In the  meantime, we published two books about our research. The
only purpose of these books is to provide information but not to
play ourselves in the foreground or earn money. Give as you

So we were trained to look at dots and lines first from our
astronomical background and second from our research in England
dealing with circles and lines.

Betty's 'map' had never left us since we saw it for the first
time and now - after being out in the fields of Wiltshire and
among the 5000 year old standing stones which are abundant there
- we felt (for various reasons) that we should review it.

We looked at what Betty told in Fuller's book and found
inconsistencies. We looked at her 'map' and found something that
reminded us of something.

To read all this you should look at our website:


and click there on: 'Betty Hill Case'.

There we give descriptions and show, in comparison, in colour
Betty's map, Mrs. Fish's map and the solar system how we found
it around the date of the abduction of Betty and Barney.

>From what Betty told us, we have  n o  good reason to assume
that what was shown to Betty was a 'star' map. It was Mrs. Fish
who made a 'star' map out of it.

While being abducted and while Barney was somewhere else aboard
at this time, Betty stood in the same room aboard the spaceship
where she was examined before. She was alone with the "leader."
He didn't answer her question about their origin but asked her
instead if she knew anything about the universe. Betty replied:

"...And I told him no. I knew practically nothing. That when I
was in graduate school we were taught that the sun was the
center of the solar system, and there were nine planets. ..."

The 'leader' - as Betty sensed that he might have been in this
position - wanted to know her more about the Universe. In these
moments, she should receive astronomical knowledege from this
being. Never mix this up. He simply wanted to calibrate her
astronomical knowledge to see how far he could go without being

And then Betty continues to tell during the hypnosis session:

"So I asked him where was his home port, and he said "Where were
you on the map?" I looked and laughed and said "I don't now." So
he said, "If you don't know where you are, then there isn't any
point of my telling where I am from." And he put the map-the map
rolled up, and he put it back in the space in the wall and
closed it."

>From this crucial part of the text we asked ourselves and are
asking you: is there any reason to believe that this was really
a 'star' map? Shown to someone who does not know where there the
Earth is.

If you start to teach someone the alphabet, you start with A-B-
C... If you start to teach someone the multiplication tables you
start with numbers one, two and three.

If you start to show someone something about the Universe who
'practically knows nothing' you start with our Earth, the Moon
and the Sun and then you add Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and
Saturn which all are visible to the naked eye. Many of you have
done so with their children.

So we thought: if it was not a 'star' map, what was it then?

You may read, see and compare what we found out on our website.

Zeta Reticuli A and B were introduced to the UFO community by
Mrs. Marjorie Fish, not by the aliens who abducted Betty and
Barney Hill.

To come to an end, we would like to state that we cannot and
will not rule out the possibility that intelligent life
originated from this region of space if we apply the model
'yellow star like our Sun with planets = possibility of
intelligent life in the HZ' to all the other 'yellow stars'.

In this light we will not forget that even the 'sports model'
might originate from Zeta Reticuli according to what Bob Lazar
read in a certain book...

But in the meantime we have learned from research results that
even on our own planet, life is possible under circumstances we
usually thought to be impossible. These circumstances we find
elsewhere for example on Titan or on reddish Sedna. We might not
necessarily need 'yellow stars' to look for life.

And, right now we learn about life in our solar system
originating from elswhere or having been elswhere than the
Earth. We are discussing artifacts and anomalies found here and

While we were working on our 'New Discoveries in Betty Hill's
Star Map' we always applied the minimum chance to our results to
stay reliable. We limited ourselves to the minimum possible
result of the outcome of each step - and amazingly, we stepped

We took the freedom to say: If we were to find out how things
could continue, we had to try to put ourselves in the role of a
UFOnaut. What would we do if we, as a species that has been
spacefaring for many hundreds of years, entered an alien solar

First we quickly would determine how many planets are part of
this solar system. From previous analysis of the central
rotating star we would know the distance of the life-zone around
the star. We would approach near this habitable zone "from
above" or "from below" the orbital plane of the inner planets
and would complete our analysis.

Actually, if there would be life-forms on any of the planets, we
would study their state of development from a discrete distance
at first. Certainly, we would place our own security first in
any encounters with the life-bearing worlds. We would send out
patrols - both unmanned and manned - to determine what is going
on and would choose a place that would provide us with a maximum
vantage point without being detected.

Well, we found some - in Betty Hill's map. Quoted from the text
on our website:

"We remind the reader here of our restriction that practically
only the biggest asteroids should have chosen for expeditions.
Actually, in the positions to have a realistic reproduction of
the Hill's pattern, there were 6 of the 46 largest asteroids,
among them the second largest of all, Pallas! A remarkable
success for an experimental condition that was formulated "off
the cuff" after some imaginative thoughts. Even these six
exhibit some surprising characteristics."

"All six asteroids belong to the group of the so called "Amor-
Asteroids" that never cross Earth's orbit. Our small group even
stays beyond the Martian orbit and members never come
dangerously close to either of these two planets. Each one of
the asteroids has a different angle of orbital inclination to
the ecliptic plane. If one would sit on one of our six asteroids
and would make a trip around the inner planets, one would have a
wide view of the whole system, sometimes from below, sometimes
from above."

"Surprisingly, among the six asteroids we found, Pallas has the
greatest angle of orbital inclination of 34.810 of the greatest
asteroids. No other asteroid swings up so high above the
ecliptic plane before, like a cosmic Ferris wheel, flying below
it with the same distance. With its diameter of 914 km, it would
provide ideal conditions for a permanent observatory of the
whole solar system."

" "Somebody" would not have to go to the trouble of constructing
and orbiting an artificial free-flight space station and would
never have to worry of being detected. The connection line from
Jupiter to Pallas is drawn as a strong line in Betty Hill's map
which means the UFOnauts attach some importance to Pallas."

We are aware that some always have difficulties with new
concepts. Some haven't been able to find a reason for accepting
our research. Well, we can cope with this - and please decide
for yourself: was it really Zeta Reticuli that Betty Hill had

Joachim Koch & Hans-Juergen Kyborg

More info: http://www.kochkyborg.de