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Tracing The Flow Of The Gulf Breeze Money

From: Jerry Black <gulfbreezeinfo.nul>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 19:13:29 -0800 (PST)
Fwd Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 08:19:45 -0500
Subject: Tracing The Flow Of The Gulf Breeze Money

February 4, 2004

Part I.

Tracing The Flow Of The Money

To Mr. Bruce Maccabee and other interested parties,

Mr. Bruce Maccabee, I've taken the time to read over your
response to my one hour, taped interview, concerning the Gulf
Breeze sightings.

Your replies are filled with illogical conclusions to very
simple events, in some cases outright lies.

For years, investigators inside the MUFON organization and
outside the MUFON organization have wondered why there was never
a disparaging word in print against the Ed Walters Gulf Breeze
sightings. In many of the journals, in your reports and other
investigator's reports in the MUFON organization, I cannot find
one disparaging word against Ed Walters's sightings or his
claims of abduction.

Early on in the investigation of the Gulf Breeze sightings, Mr.
Ed Walters offered to pay the MUFON organization thousands of
dollars to help defray the cost of the investigation of the Gulf
Breeze sightings. In another words, Ed Walters offered MUFON
money to help them investigate his own case.

Mr. Walt Andrus, at that time, director of the Mutual UFO
Network, accepted that money. By accepting that money, he
certainly created a conflict of interest. He also did not
acknowledge, to the general public, that he had received
thousands of dollars from Mr. Ed Walters to investigate the
case. Several investigators in the MUFON organization including
your self, Mr. Bruce Maccabee, knew this information. I have
never heard, in the history of ufology, of a subject under
investigation by a UFO organization, paying for his own

The agreement that Walter Andrus had with Mr. Ed Walters was the
money would then be given to either the Fund for UFO Research or
to the MUFON Organization.

At that point, the monies were then given to you, Mr. Bruce
Maccabee either from the Fund for UFO Research or directly from
the MUFON organization. This was done because you were one of
the lead investigators in the Ed Walter's Gulf Breeze sightings.

Mr. Bruce Maccabee, you have said, for the past twelve years you
never received any monies from Ed Walters, other than the
eighteen thousand dollars for your part in writing a chapter in
his book. However, you did receive, as I stated early, thousands
of dollars, some saying as much as twenty thousand dollars from
the Fund for UFO Research or the MUFON organization, which was
donated to them by Mr. Ed Walters.

So no matter how you look at it Mr. Maccabee, the money came
from Mr. Ed. Walters pocket.

You neglected to tell people about the thousands of dollars you
received from one of those two organizations. This explains why
every time Ed Walters stumbled during his reporting of his
pictures and his abductions, you were always there to pick him
up. You Mr. Maccabee, were Mr. Ed Walters paid investigator. You
were not working for the Fund for UFO Research or the MUFON
organization, you sir, were working for Mr. Ed Walters.

It clearly shows in the way you handled the entire
investigation. Both, Mr. Walt Andrus and yourself are to blame
here for accepting monies from the subject during an ongoing
investigation. You gentlemen are embarrassments to the UFO

This also explains why Mr. Ed Walters was privy to all
information, almost immediately, that was given to you in
confidential basis.

When you pay thousands of dollars to an organization, you expect
to be part and included in all aspects of the investigation.

This certainly was true when Rex Salisberry turned in his report
requested by the MUFON organization. Immediately upon his report
being turned over to the MUFON organization, Ed Walters was made
aware of everything in the report.

Also, my own personal experience was with Mr. William G. Hyzer
concerning his report that was issued to Rex Salisberry and to
Walt Andrus. The understating was, this report was to be read
only by people in the MUFON organization and of course, Mr. Rex

Within 48 hours after his report was issued to the MUFON
organization, Mr. William G. Hyzer received in the mail a
letter, airmail express, stating to him that these pictures were
copyrighted and he was not to use them in any of his journals.

So how did Mr. Ed Walters obtain information on Rex's report and
William G. Hyzer's report almost instantaneously, when they were
received by the MUFON organization? The answer is he was privy
to everything because he was paying for the investigation.

In talking about the tracing of the flow of the money, we
certainly don't want to forget the five thousand dollars that
Mr. Bob Oechsler received from Mr. Ed Walters for doing some
work with the original pictures.

Mr. Bob Oechsler was Mr. Maccabee's 'yes' man. He also got into
Mr. Ed Walter's pockets.

I thought this was pretty much common knowledge throughout the
UFO community, but surprised to find out that many investigators
were not aware that Bob Oechsler had received five-thousand
dollars from Ed Walters. T

here is a very clear pattern here of Ed Walters trying to buy
support for his Gulf Breeze sightings case. In the case of
Bruce Maccabee, Walt Andrus and Bob Oechsler, he received that

Mr. Bruce Maccabee it's time for you to come clean with the UFO

Jerry Black can be reached at

1-877-731-8400 or

P.O. Box 125
Ohio 45107

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