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Re: Whittlesea Australia UFO Photograph - Hebert

From: Amy Hebert <vanguard.nul>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 10:25:06 -0600
Fwd Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 16:51:13 -0500
Subject: Re: Whittlesea Australia UFO Photograph - Hebert

>From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 18:17:31 -0500
>Subject: Re: Whittlesea Australia UFO Photograph

>>From: Amy Hebert <vanguard.nul>
>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 13:49:16 -0600
>>Subject: Re: Whittlesea Australia UFO Photograph

>>>Bruce Maccabee is making some inquiries, let's see what he comes
>>>up with. I still would like to know size, distance and speed
>>>estimates - if they ever get made.

>You respond:

>>Actually, I think we are beating a dead horse here and Bruce
>>probably has better things to do with his time.

>I have to disagree, Amy. Calling the dialog surrounding this most
>recent UFO photo 'beating a dead horse' is premature in the
>extreme. This photo is far from being something to be put on
>a shelf to collect dust or so easily dismissed.

>What's the hurry?

Never said the photo should be dismissed, John. I said I am
putting it in my files under "unknown" until more evidence is
forthcoming. I don't have a "dismissed" file because I believe
in many, many possibilities.

There's no hurry for me, just conservation of time. As a single
mom with two daughters to put through college, I need to make
more money and am in the process of applying for teaching
positions at the local college and university. I put my career
on hold for the last 12 years mainly to be there for my children
but also to devote as much time as possible to my research.
Well, I'm tired of being poor and college is expensive. My
priorities now center around making as much money as I can so my
daughters will have a better life than I had. I will still be
doing research but on a part-time or spare-time basis from now

Since I have enough research projects to last me three or four
lifetimes, I will leave cases like the Whittlesea UFO to you and
others who may have the time to follow up.


>In other words, if we don't 'do it ourselves' the very real
>possibility is; that it will never get done at all. Get off the
>bench and get back out here. As long as there are enough of us
>willing to do the work, the chances are stronger of getiing
>(even a few) answers that we would not have had if we all sat
>back and waited for something remarkable to surface of its own
>volition. Don't lay down now. Too early for a nap.

I'm sorry, John, I've given up too much already studying UFOs
and related phenomena. You have no idea how much it saddens me
that I must put my research, my book and everything on the back
burner. I really wanted to find some answers. I'm not laying
down, John, I'm standing up for my daughters' futures.

>>You, John, are the one who approaches not only me but others
>>with this tremendous chip on your shoulder.

>That's not true at all. Read my communications with others on
>the List, Amy. I don't do not suffer fools very well, no excuses
>offered for that. I don't take insults very well either. But
>then, I've never made any claims of being 'Saint' anybody. Much
>less, Saint John.

>We _all_ have our faults and shortcomings, Amy. The trick is
>always trying to get past all that surface/personality crap for
>a peek inside at what is basically the 'good' person within all
>(or most) of us.

That's why I never gave up on you and never stopped talking. ;>

>Don't mistake my impatience with certain things and certain
>types of people as signs that I am some kind of 'ogre'. Flaws,
>warts and all, I'm really not a 'bad' sort.

>Hey, don't take my word for it. Ask a few people who have
>actually taken the time to get to know me. Locally, without
>going very far you can ask; Errol, Greg Sandow, Dick Hall, Stan
>Friedman, GT Mc Coy, Bill Weber, Alfred Lehmberg, Katarina
>Wilson and any number of others, all about me. You trust some of
>their judgement to some degree don't you? I think you'll find
>out that you have seriously, and -wrongly- misjudged me. A lot
>of this misunderstanding between us could even be 'cultural'
>Amy. You're from the wide open spaces and smiling faces of
>Texas, and I'm basically a hard-bitten, born and raised on the
>streets of Manhattan city brat. You don a hard outer shell early
>in life under 'urban guerilla' conditions. What you may perceive
>as a 'chip on my shoulder' may in fact be something else
>altogether. Ask some of the folks I suggested, I think you'll be
>surprised at the 'positive' feedback.

Ha! "Wide open spaces and smiling faces"? I grew up in Dallas.
My mother died when I was 17, my father was an alcoholic. I put
myself through college with only a little help from my sisters
(no money, just love). I did not have anm easy life. I'm a tough
old broad because my mother taught me to be strong. But I also
have a big heart. I know that everyone is good on the inside.

I have felt that you were misjudging me because you kept
classifying me with the "debunkers", etc. You have no idea how
far I am from a debunker. In fact, John, I still consider myself
an abductions researcher. Debunkers dismiss abductions outright.
I am still working on the research criteria I plan to use when I
return to abduction research. I have looked into the eyes of
these people and I have seen the suffering. I have seen more
than I ever wanted to see. There is something going on and I
intend to find out what it is. But I will do it *my* way not the
way it's been done to date.

As for the book I am writing, I'm doing it because I feel a
sense of obligation to share what I have found through my
studies. If you will notice, I rarely talk about my research. No
big secret, I just do research mainly for my own information. I
have to *force* myself to take the time to put it in writing and
share. I hate having to stop and write it down because I'd
rather move on to the next project. In fact, I am thinking of
just 'dumping' everything on my web site so I can forget it and
move on. (That's what my new web site is for - a place to put
the stuff I've been working on so I can do something else.
Anyone who finds it helpful can have it. I have other things to

All I want is the truth. I don't want to lecture at conferences,
appear on TV or do radio interviews. I've had many offers to
appear on TV and radio stuff but declined. I don't have a need
to "spread the word" or prove UFOs exist. I know they exist, I
want to know what they are or are not, who built them and what's
going on. I want to know why that thing was there behind my
house in 1997 and who put it there. I refuse to accept the
status quo. I don't want to believe, I want the #$%&*&# truth!

>>We are here for each other and that's what's important.

>>Let's just have fun and help each other learn. OK?

>That's a good place to start. Count me in.

Ok, John, you're in. ;>


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