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Mexican Airplane/UFO Collision Case False

From: Captain Alejandro Franz <alfafox@prodigy.net.mx>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 08:49:07 -0700
Fwd Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 05:18:55 -0500
Subject: Mexican Airplane/UFO Collision Case False

Hello All,

Please excuse my long post and english syntax.

I have been reading UFO UpDates posts daily waiting for
Maussan's reply to my reply of his post from Dec 27-2003.

I think he had enough time to think his answers and could get
some spelling software so he can post by himself. He chose not
to face me as I offered him the opportunity to answer my
questions. I invite Jaime Maussan to participate in an open live
debate in a neutral TV station so none of us could get any extra
support. My proposal is still in the air.

I waited patiently for Enrique Kolbeck and Capt. Raymundo Ruano
to show up and face me in this List. As they didn't I will go on
with the presentation of my testimonials of this faked and
hoaxed UFO case I've told many times before.

I hope this is not my last post in UFO UpDates because of the
latest shameful and outrageous developments and maybe I could be
banned from posting publicly about this case because I am still
flying in Aeromexico and in some way Aeromexico's prestige could
be harmed because of future events that could arise in my
posture on this case in defense of my dignity and honor. My
company will know sooner or later. By now here are my 2 cts

Since december 21, 2003 a discredit conspiracy and defamation
campaign started against me in ABC Radio 760 AM -  the weekly
popular Jaime Maussan's nation wide Radio show in Mexico City
named "OVNI un fenomeno Inteligente" (UFOan intelligent
phenomena) which was simultaneously aired in the web page
_www.losovnis.tv_ in audio and video were in a cowardly way my
name was mentioned and I was called by Capt. Raymundo Ruano to
be a sectarian,  spiritualist and to belong to a 'weird' group
in Puebla Mexico were I live. Two years ago I gave him my card
as Director of ALCIONE.A.C. a non-profit and non religious Civil
 Association legally established in Mexico.

I was accused by Jaime Maussan on his Radio show of
participating in a program interview in Canada and the USA where
I supposedly called J. Maussan, Capt. Raymundo Ruano and Enrique
Kolbeck liars and to participating in a conspiracy to make a hoax
of the UFO and Aeromexico's DC9 collision. He also stated
repeatedly that I said this incident never happened and that is
a lie, that is disinformation! The information about a DC-9 that
had a mechanical failure has been in my web page since 1998 and
Maussan knew it! And Ruano too!.

I never had that any interview in any program out of Mexico.

My name was called out in a conspiracy arranged by Maussan in
his radio show and by Enrique Kolbeck who poisonously said about
me to be a person with mental problems and assenting on
Maussan's commentary -with laughs in the background- about me of
having lack of maleness. Enrique certainly knew what he was
doing on that conspiracy and now I hope he certainly knows what
he is going to face ahead. They will find out soon who really I
am. They knew this moment was coming and here it is.

Maussan said there is going to be an investigation about me and
my interests. Jaime Maussan as a public figure, a famous
journalist, a man respected by the latin people has from now a
compromise with me. I will investigate him too, very thoroughly.

Regarding the "Watergate for the Air Industry in Mexico" post
from John Velez in behalf of Jaime Maussan (what a mess and what
a shame for a great journalist) there was no charge with the
officials in the Air Industry. That is a lie fabricated with a
disinformation technique used to inflate the opinion of  the
audience minimizing any dissent against that original opinion.
To add an even more egregious dimension of cynical fraud or
hoax, it isn't billed by the perpetrators as "unbiased news".

The facts:

I filed a complain at ASPA, the mexican Airline Pilots Union
against Capt. Raymundo Cervantes Ruano who is a director's
board member were we belong and supposedly he is my
representative who has the obligation to defend my profession
and integrity and he discredited me in public, allowed and
participated in a conspiracy  against me and that is a very
serious Union statute violation against my rights so I decided
to file a complain and now he is in real trouble and  maybe
he could lose his Pilot job.

The truth has come out to expose all those who lied for almost
10 years about the alleged Aeromexico's DC9 collision with a UFO
on july 28, 1994.

With the nice help of John Velez Jaime Maussan was told, -I
don't now what information he gathered or how it was handled-
 about my exposure of the Aeromexico/UFO hoax case, just one
more of  many Maussan hoaxes and now this case could grow fast,
freely, strong and attractive to the media.

I am sorry I used to much space above but I needed to clarify
that information and for the record. Now is time to get straight
to the facts so here are my results:

I found and interviewed in january 08, 2004 a missing key
eyewitness, Capt. Enrique Gomez,  Ruano's copilot.

With his testimony this case is almost closed as a hoax.

Why Capt. Enrique Gomez, never was named since 1994? Almost 10
years ago! You can guess, maybe he was not a good candidate for
the case as a witness because he didn't want to testify about
something he didn't see and didn't hear, the UFO story. So his
name should and was kept in silence (secret) and in that way
nobody could reach him and ask about the truth of  his
experience that night.


Capt. Enrique Gomez-
Ruano's co-pilot the day of the incident.
(First Interview january 08, 2004)
(seven pilots witnessed the interview)
(video and audio will be available soon)

Capt. Alejandro Luna Sotura-
Aeromexico's Security General Manager was
sitting inside the cockpit the day of the incident.
(Interviewed in 2001)
( Interviewed again january 12, 2004)
(audio will be available soon, Capt Luna is very
dissapointed because his name was aired too
and maybe hi will not accept an audio interview)

Capt. Ramon Ruiz Gomez-
Was flying behind Ruano's airplane.
(Interviewed july 20-2002)
(Interviewed again january 12, 2004)
(video and audio will be available soon)

Mechanic Francisco Martinez Meza-
Aeromexico's Maintenance Supervisor attended
XA-JEB DC-9 july 28 1994 the day of the incident
(Interviewed in his office january 08, 2004)
(audio will be available soon)


The Aeromexico's DC 9 and a UFO collision case of flight 129 on
july 28 1994 was accepted for many years as real but the facts
and the lack of information regarding some essential pieces were
missing. That made me doubt about the facts and I started a
revue of the whole case so I exposed this rare and suspicious
case in my web page since 1998 because I believed sustained on
my background that there was a floppy investigation around the
facts, actors and extremely vague results.

For me as an investigator, an Airline pilot working in the air
industry since 1968 and former Air Traffic Controller was very
difficult to swallow the way this case was handled and presented
without mentioning the copilot's name. There is no video tape
recording of the air traffic control center and terminal area,
neither voice recordings. It was and is a very important clue
because in this specific case the data must be collected at the
moment and it wasn't.

Outrageous! In Maussan's radio program that I referred above the
conspirators against me mentioned that there was a Radar VIDEO
RECORDING that DAY, and they said that it is an absurd request
from me because the voice and radar tape recordings were erased
three months after the incident!

How a "prominent" investigator -as J. Maussan has been called-
 could forget to collect that valuable DATA. I can't believe it!

This is not a case of a bicycle hitting a sidewalk trash can. We
are talking of a 110,000 lb weight airplane, flying at a speed
of +/- 160 mph on his final approach course to the runway.
Anybody using his common sense could easily imagine what the
results could have been of this great mass colliding with a UFO
in midair and from that the result was only a broken hydraulic
link line? a 1/2 inch thick steel line! 1.27cm diameter of steel
an that's all. NO WAY! That line is located in a place were many
other components of the landing gear should have been damaged
including the doors.

My collision experience:
I was flying some time south of Mexico and I collided with a
duck that was 28 years ago in a 3000 lb. Cessna 402 when flying
at low speed (80 mph) and the 15 lb. bird perforated the right
wing from the leading edge to the back side of the fuel tank and
the airplane turned almost 130=BA in a second. Repairs needed a
full wing change because it was totally asymmetrical. That was a
real collision! Very important information about this DC-9/UFO
collision case was and is still missing.

I studied Physician Mathematician career -not finished- from
1964 to 1967 in Monterrey Mexico ITESM which I truncated to
become a pilot. I remember some of the physics lessons about
forces, kinetics and I know why this case with no real extended
damage has no implication with a midair UFO collision. Let's be
realistic here when we talk about mass, speed velocity and

"If an aircraft strikes a big bird at a speed of 500 MPH, the
impact will be about 25 tons. I am talking about an average
speed of the Aeromexico's DC-9 of 160 knots.

If a 4 kg (8,8 lb..) big bird with a length of 30 cm has an
impact with an airplane flying at a speed of 160 mph (258 km/hr)
the average impact force is of  7.66 TONS!

You can use the average impact force TABLE inside the page of
this UFO case were you can calculate the impact/ speed/force of
 a big bird (duck) collision against an airplane.

What about a UFO that has been detected by RADAR which must have
enough mass to be detected?


Capt. Enrique Gomez.
Capt. Ruano's co-pilot the day of the incident.
(Interviewed january 08, 2004)

Capt. Enrique Gomez's words:

"Since we took off from Guadalajara Intl. airport until landing
at Mexico's Intl. there was NO UFO's and NO ECHO or 'traffic'
following or close to our airplane or any verbal information
given by any of the Air Traffic Controllers in all frequencies
that we listened over the full length of the flight. We were not
advised of any "ships" or "UFO's" at no time.

"There was a LOUD NOISE and I felt like a huge hit at the time
Capt. Ruano asked me to lower the landing gear. I know it was
because of the landing gear hydraulic failure. Everybody was
very scared but WE DIDN'T HIT NOTHING. We heard about UFO's
after the incident. Some Air Traffic Controllers called (Enrique
Kolbeck) looking for Capt. Raymundo Ruano by telephone while we
were at the Aeronautical Authorities office at the airport
during the paper work of the incident was in progress and Capt.
Ruano was informed about some UFO sightings that  was gathered
during that day."

"That was 3 hours after the incident when Capt., Ruano told me
if I would like to talk to a traffic controller and see the
video and pictures taken from the incident. I told him I don't
wanted to do that because it was almost 01:00 AM in the morning
and I lived far outside Mexico's City in Cocoyoc."

"Jaime Maussan looked for me three times AFTER the incident and
asked me if  I would like to participate in a video interview
were I should say that there were UFO's who caused the DC9
damage and I told him I couldn't do that because it was not real
and he suggested me that I could say that a "Shock Wave" was the
cause of the  airplane's damage on main right landing gear." "I
laughed when I heard his request and I told him as I am an
expert in STEEL CUTTING which I studied and worked in for more
than 5 years with my uncle who was nominated for nobel price
before becoming to be a pilot and that the cause of the damage
to the 'hydraulic link line' of the DC-9 XA-JEB involved in the
incident couldn't be possible as to be from a collision with an
object because I had knowledge in steel cutting and kinetics so
I couldn't participate on that UFO collision video interview."

Capt. Ramon Ruiz Gomez
Flying behind Capt., Ruano's flight 129 the day of the incident

Capt. Ramon Ruiz Gomez words:

"I took off from Guadalajara behind Ruano=92s flight and at all
the time I had him in sight because there was a clear night sky
and I didn't heard  in the air frequencies anything regarding
UFO's or any 'targets' as Kolbeck stated in the audio tape that
Capt. Franz just showed to me. I was about 5 to 6 miles behind
him and I heard when he declared an emergency so we were put on
a holding pattern in San Mateo VOR ( radio facility) for almost
10 minutes. I didn't saw UFO's or another aircraft in the sky
that night. I landed behind Ruano's  airplane and I got down
from my airplane, Ruano's airplane was at gate #8 and mine at
gate #9. I went down to see what was the damage on his airplane
and there was a hydraulic small leak in the right main landing

Capt. Alejandro Luna Sotura, the third person or extra passenger
sitting in the 'jump seat' inside the cockpit.

Capt. Alejandro Luna Sotura words:

"I was seating in the jump seat that night inside the cockpit,
the flight was normal and when on final turn to the airport
Capt. Ruano ordered the first officer Capt. Enrique Gomez to put
the landing gear down the gear handle was moved to the down
position there was a LOUD NOISE and NO HIT. I had never heard
such a loud noise in my 30 years in aviation. There was no UFO's
advice or "Target" from the air traffic control during all of
the flight time".

Mechanic Francisco Martinez Meza-Aeromexico's Maintenance
Supervisor attended XA-JEB DC-9 july 28 1994 the day of the

Mechanic Francisco Martinez Meza's words:

"There is a  LIE regarding Alfonso Salazar against Cap. Raymundo
Ruano's statement about that there was a 'broken strut' in the
DC9's landing gear". It was a hydraulic leak in the 'link line'
(ensemble between the hydraulic steel line and the fabric steel
hose) of the brakes. There was NO RAZOR CUT as I heard the audio
tape were a person named Alfonso Salazar who I don't remember
very well because he said I was his teacher. I taught
aeronautical mechanics 25 years ago but not 30 as Alfonso
Salazar stated in the audio tape and there was NO BROKEN STRUT
in any of both main landing gears. It was a hydraulic 'link
line' leak".

Mechanic Alfonso Salazar lied about the damage in the DC9
landing gear, there was only a small hydraulic leak and NOT a
CUT like with a 'razor' ( should say 'knife' or "cutter" ) Also
he didn't mentioned about the STRUT CUT that Capt. Ruano
explicit and repeatedly assert."

Information below in quotes provided by Jaime Maussan in his
post at:


Mechanic Alfonso Salazar words in Jaime Maussan's post::

-"Inspector Rodriguez (Martinez) confirmed that he observed that
the hydraulic line on the right side landing gear had been cut
as if it had been done with a razor."-

Mechanic Alfonso Salazar words in Jaime Maussan's interview on
december 21, 2003 he said "like cutter" You can listen to his
voice in the related web page.

There was NO CUT like with a "cutter" as Alfonso Salazar stated
verbally. There was "no broken strut", said Francisco Martinez
Meza as contrary of what Cap. Raymundo Ruano has told to the
media for almost 10 years. There was only a small hydraulic leak
in the brakes 'link' line, a hose closer to the main strut made
from special fabric and steel for landing gear wheel's ensemble
flexibility purposes.

Some questions:

1 - Why the names of crucial eyewitnesses are known till now
after 10 years of the incident?

2 - What was the purpose to avoid mentioning for almost 10 years
the names of the co-pilot and the third member inside the
airplane's cockpit?

3 - Why Capt. Raymundo Ruano said he was told by Enrique Kolbeck
that there were two "SHIPS" scouting his airplane?

4 - Why Enrique Kolbeck told to the media that he saw two ECHOES
in the Radar screen and advised Capt. Ruano?

5 - Why Capt. Ruano told to the media many times that the air
traffic controller told him that there was a UFO passing
underneath his airplane on his final turn to the airport while
the radar can't show vertical information of primary targets?

Please visit the following page (under heavy construction in
english) I hope you like it and I wish it will help to those
members interested in this case. I am sorry it is not to well
organized as I wish but I'm working on it.

IT IS REALLY HUGE! (110K) ...enjoy!

WITH A UFO IN 1994! True or False?...

I hope this post can help those members interested in this case
and any comments are welcome so please let me know any doubt
about this case.

Best regards and thank you for your patience,

"You decide who you believe"

Capt. Alejandro Franz

-"You can lie to many people many times, but you can't lie to
all the people all the time"  -unknown author -

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