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'Otherfolk' Encounters

From: Terry W. Colvin <fortean1.nul>
Date: Sat, 08 May 2004 23:37:13 -0700
Fwd Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 10:44:40 -0400
Subject: 'Otherfolk' Encounters

From: T. Peter Park <tpeterpark.nul>
To: forteana.nul
Date: Sat, 08 May 2004 00:58:31 -0700
Subj: Little Men, "Frogmen", and "Mini-Men": Some "Otherfolk"

Dear Friends, Listmates and Fellow Forteans,

From time to time, we have bizarre modern reports by seemingly
reliable witnesses of curious humanoid creatures that seem to
fall outside both the usual categories of UFO-related "aliens"
and the various hairy bipedal "man-apes" or "mystery primates"
resembling prehistoric hominids and popularly lumped together as
"Bigfoot" or "Yeti". Books on UFOs and Close Encounters often
describe entities resembling the traditional fairies and "little
people" of folklore, or reptilian or frog-like "cryptids", that
are assumed to be "aliens" even though no mysterious craft is
actually reported nearby by the witness(es).

A number of these truly anomalous humanoid sightings of bizarre
"little people" were summarized by British anomalist researchers
Janet and Colin Bord in their Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th
Century (Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1989) Others were cited by
French-American UFO'logist Jacques Vallee in Passport to
Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers (Chicago: Henry Regnery
Company, 1969). We may begin with the Bords' account
(Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, pp. 146-147) of an
unusual encounter which took place in Farmersville, Texas in May
1913. It was not revealed to the world, however, until 1978, by
which time the witness was a grandfather. He stuck to his story
through intensive questioning, remembering the time he was
twelve years old, chopping cotton with his two brothers on the
family farm near Farmersville. They heard the dogs howling and,
when they went to investigate, found a little man only 18 inches

[He didn't seem to have on any shoes but I don't really remember
his feet. His arms were hanging down just beside him. He had on
a kind of hat that reminded me of a Mexican hat. It was a little
round hat that looked like it was built onto him. He didn't have
on any clothes. Everything looked like a rubber suit including
the hat.]

The dogs jumped on him and tore him to pieces, and he seemed to
have human internal organs. Next day when the boys visited the
spot where the bloody remains had lain, there was no trace of
them.[Alex Evans (pseud. Of Jerome Clark), "Encounters with
Little Men", FATE, November 1978, pp. 83-85, quoted in Bord and
Bord Unexplained Mysteries, pp. 146-147).]

13-year-old Harry Anderson saw twenty bald-headed little men
near Barron, Wisconsin, one summer night in 1919. Harry was
riding in a car with others in the Wisconsin countryside when
the car ran out of oil. Harry walked to a farm to fetch some,
and as he was walking back he saw twenty little men walking
along towards him in single file. They had bald heads and white
skins, and wore leather "knee-pants" held up by braces over
their shoulders. They paid no attention to the terrified boy,
who ducked out of sight behind a tree, but muttered to
themselves and sang a little song:

"We won't stop fighting
Till the end of the war
In Nineteen-Hundred
and Ninety-Four".

The terrified Anderson, "heart pumping", continued on his way
back to the car once the marching dwarfs had passed by, not once
looking back behind him. [Alex Evans (pseud. of Jerome Clark),
"Encounters with Little Men", FATE, Vol. 31, No. 11, November
1978, p. 85, cited in: Bord and Bord, Unexplained Mysteries, p.
147; Jerome Clark, ed., The UFO Encyclopedia, Vol. 2, The
Emergence of a Phenomenon, from the Beginning through 1959
(Detroit: Omnigraphics, Inc., 1992), p. 89; Joseph Trainor, ed.,
UFO Roundup, Vol. 4, No. 20, September 8, 1999; "W-File: ce
1919.html", The W-Files: Posting the Paranormal Since August

http://www.ufowisconsin.com/files/ce 1918.html

Godelieve van Overmeire, rd., Chronologie OVNI: Periode 1900 a
Fin 1919:


A glistening little 20-inch ET-like entity surprised an
Australian family when it unexpectedly appeared in their house
one night in 1930, at Mandurah in Western Australia. Beryl
Hickey, who was a teenager at the time, remembered the event

[It was the most frightening thing I had ever seen. My father,
who was religious, was terrified. He thought it was the work of
the Devil and threw a prawning net over it to drag it outside.
It had big ears, a wide slit mouth and glistened as though I was
wet or covered in oil. It stood about half a metre [ca. 20
inches", TPP] tall, with bulging eyes covered with a film.

It was obviously not human, yet it had perfectly formed little
hands and feet and was pink like a baby. It made a frightened
squeaky noise when it was caught under the net. Our father told
us never to speak about it or tell anyone. But I told a friend
and she reminded me about it after reading about the film].

Beryl Hickey did not speak of her experience for many years, for
fear of ridicule. It was only the release of the film ET which
prompted her to speak about what she had seen: "I hadn't thought
about it for ages until I saw the film and I just wanted to let
people know there really might be funny things around". [West
Mail (Perth, Australia), 25 December 1982, reprinted in UFO
Newsclipping Service, February 1983, No. 163, p. 12, quoted in
Bord and Bord, Unexplained Mysteries, p. 147; "A Century of
UFO", UFO Roundup, Dec. 1999, ed. Joseph Trainor, cited on pp.
13-14 of 38 pp., in Godelieve Van Overmeire", Chronologie OVNI":


The Mandurah creature resembles grotesque small humanoids seen
at Juminda, Estonia in 1938/1939, and in woods near Derry, New
Hampshire in 1956 - in both cases, again with no mention of a
UFO. In the Fall of 1938 (or perhaps 1939), according to a
personal communication to Jacques Vallee, two persons saw a
strange "frog-man" 1 meter (about 40 inches) tall at Juminda on
the Estonian coast. The "frog-man" had a round head, no neck,
and a hump in front of the body. Its mouth was a large, straight
slit, the eyes were like smaller slits, while its hands were
normal. The creature's skin was brownish-green, compared by the
witnesses to synthetic leather.. It walked in a peculiar "but
elegant" fashion, its head waving up and down while its legs
moved "carefully". When pursued, the creature accelerated very
fast, with feet "fluttering". About 100 meters (325 feet) away
from the witnesses, it vanished completely. (Jacques Vallee,
Passport to Magonia, Appendix, Case 49, pp. 189-190.) Vallee
listed the Juminda "frog-man" his chronology of UFO landings in
Passport to Magonia, although no UFO was actually mentioned.

A bizarre green dwarf was seen near Derry, New Hampshire, in
December 1956. This "dwarf", only 2 feet tall, was seen by the
Bords as very different from the traditional Little People of
Britain and Ireland, who are much more human in appearance, and
presumably have no relationship (in the Bords' view) to the
dwarf of this and other accounts. It may have been related,
however, to Beryl Hickey's 1930 Australian "ET" and the Juminda
"frog-man". Derry resident Alfred Horne encountered the green
dwarf in the woods near Derry on December 15, 1956, while
looking for a suitable Christmas tree to cut down and bring back
home, he wrote UFO'logist Walter Webb in 1962. Standing in the
woods before him, Horne saw a humanoid two feet tall, green all
over and naked, with a wrinkled skin resembling elephant hide, a
high domed head, ears like a bloodhound's, eyes with a film like
a snake's, merely two holes for a nose, short arms and legs,
hands like stumps, and feet with no toes. Horne watched it for
20 minutes, then tried to catch it. The creature screeched
horribly when Horne approached it, however, making the terrified
witness flee lest the dwarf harm him in self-defense. Bord and
Bord, Unexplained Mysteries, pp. 151-152, citing Intcat 661
Intcat MUFOB New Series 9 (Winter 1977-78), p. 7; Walter N. Webb
case investigations, report dated November 4, 1964, cited in
"Encounters with Aliens on this Day... UFOCAT.com, On This
Day, December 15

http://www.ufocat.com/om this day/December15.html

"Strange Tales 5. Which Story Is False?
Page 1, Story 1: The New Hampshire Dwarf", About Paranormal
Phenomena with Stephen Wagner:


Alfred Horne, letters to Walter Webb September 20, 1962, and
November 4, 1962, INTCAT #661 & Jerome Clark, Unexplained
Phenomena 2001 Calendar, (Accord Publishing Ltd"., Friday,
December 4, 2001), cited in Martin S. Kottmayer, "Little Green
Men", The Anomalist, No. 10, 2002, p. 218.]

"Little People", the Bords note (Unexplained Mysteries, p. 155)
usually refers to entities 4 feet or less in height. However,
there also are occasional reports of bizarrely tiny humanoids, 8
to 18 inches tall. One was the 18-inch-tall 1913 Farmersville
"little man" already described. Other very tiny entities were
seen in Canby, Oregon (1950), Ibague, Colombia (1973), and Dunn,
North Carolina (1976).

The Canby entity was first publicized by the man whose own
sighting launched our modern "age of flying saucers", though no
"saucers" were seen at Canby. Kenneth Arnold, the pilot who saw
the original "flying saucers" near Mount Rainier in June 1947,
began investigating "flying saucers" and other Fortean mysteries
in his spare time. In April 1950, Arnold interviewed a Canby,
Oregon woman about her "little man" sighting, repeating her
story in a lecture on "How It All Began". Ellen Jonerson, "a
University of Oregon graduate and a very intelligent person",
saw a dark-skinned, 9- to 12-inch-tall "little man" wearing "a
little romper and a sort of plaid shirt" walking with a
"waddling" motion across her breezeway, pass under the running
board of a car, and disappear. [Kenneth Arnold, "How It All
Began", in Curtis Fuller, ed., Proceedings of the First
International UFO Congress (New York: Warner Books, 1980), p.
26, quoted in Michael D. Winkle, "Monsters You Never Heard Of!
Mini-Man" <http://www.geocities.com/laxaria.miniman.html>;
"Strange and Unexplained!, Fairies":


Four tiny beings 8 inches tall were seen on August 10, 1973 by
four boys outside the town of Ibague in Colombia. The boys were
searching for botanical specimens in a muddy riverbed, when they
saw four small beings standing under a little stone footbridge
and apparently looking for something in the mud. They were
dressed in white, and had tiny grey caps on their heads. As the
boys walked towards them, they disappeared "as though by magic".
The boys searched the place and found tiny footprints. [Gordon
Creighton, "Tiny Entities Reported in Colombia", Flying Saucer
Review, Vol. 21, No. 5, p. 33, cited by Bord and Bord,
Unexplained Mysteries, pp. 155, 322]

The best-known modern "mini-man", however, was probably the
"Coke bottle man" seen near Dunn, North Carolina in October 1976
by an 8-year-old boy and a 20-year-old woman. Little Tonnlie
Barefoot was playing in a field of dried cornstalks near his
home on October 12, when he saw a little man "not much bigger
than a Coke bottle, wearing a black "German-type hat", a pretty
white tie, a blue top and trousers, and black boots. He began to
reach for something in his back pocket, froze, squeaked like a
mouse, and ran off through the cornstalks, leaving behind
footprints 2 1/4 long by 1 inch wide with bootmarks. Shirley Ann
McCrimmon, coming home from a party just before daybreak on
October 25, saw a little man with light-brown skin, wearing
boots and a thin garment. He shone a tiny bright yellow light in
her eyes, and ran away when she screamed. Dogs also barked at
him. Footprints were again found, in hard ground, but none in
the soft ground where he had stood, and in the cornfield the
footprints ended abruptly. Interestingly enough, the Cherokee
had of the western Carolinas had legends of a race of little
people called the Tsundige'wi, "with very queer shaped bodies,
hardly tall enough to reach up to a man's knee".[1] <# ftn1>[
Bord and Bord, Unexplained Mysteries, pp. 155-157, citing Fred
H. Bost, "A Few Small Steps on the Earth & A Tiny Leap for
Mankind", Pursuit, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 50-53. On the
Tsundige'wi, see James Mooney, Myths of the Cherokee (Nashville,
TN: Charles and Randy Elder, 1982 [originally published in the
19th Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 1900],
p. 325, cited in Michael D. Winkle, "Haunted North Carolina: Up
These Heights and Down These Hollows":


which also quotes the Bords' account of the Dunn sightings,
suggesting that the "Coke bottle man" may have been a modern
manifestation of the Tsundige'wi. Winkle likewise cites the Dunn
sightings in "Monsters You Never Heard Of! Mini-Man" as a close
analogue to Ellen Jonerson's Canby. Oregon "little man".]

It was again youngsters who saw the 3-foot-tall green humanoid
of Arnold, Pennsylvania, in late February, 1981. Five boys aged
eleven to sixteen were spending their Saturday afternoon in the
railway yard when eleven-year-old Chris saw the little creature
squatting down with its back to him. Determined to catch it, he
crept up on it. He grabbed it and lifted it up, shouting for his
friends to help. It wriggled and twisted and squealed so much
that Chris was forced to drop it, and it ran into a drainpipe.
The boys all described the strange creature as green in color,
naked with no hair or fur, but with wrinkled "elephant" skin
which felt dry and rubbery, like rubber. It was just under 3
feet tall, humanoid in shape, with nipples, large ears, and a
tail one inch long, and it walked upright on two legs. It seems
to rather resemble the 2-foot-tall 1956 Derry, New Hampshire
green dwarf. [Robert A. Goerman, "The Little Green Man Who Got
Away", FATE, May 1982, pp. 61-65, cited in Janet Bord & Colin
Bord, Unexplained Mysteries, pp. 160-161].


"Only a zit on the wart on the heinie of progress". Copyright
1992, Frank Rice

Terry W. Colvin, Sierra Vista, Arizona (USA)