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UFOs Or Simply Oil Well Flames?

From: Capt. Alejandro Franz <alfafox.nul>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 22:07:12 -0600
Fwd Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 08:49:28 -0400
Subject: UFOs Or Simply Oil Well Flames?

Hello All,

I hope you can find the following information interesting and

UFO investigators must examine all the available evidence to
reduce the risk of culminating a case without some extra
valuable information.

What are those lights in the Mexican Air Force FLIR video?
Mexican Air Force Video lights are real UFOs or simply Oil Well
flames? Did you know about the Oil Well Field called CANTARELL
in the Gulf of Mexico exactly in front of Ciudad del Carmen and
not to far from the sea shore?

-Cantarell Oil Field-
Cantarell Field or Cantarell Complex is the largest oil field in
Mexico, located 80 kilometers offshore in the Bay of Campeche.
This field comprises four major fields Akal, Nohoch, Chac, Kutz
and the recently discovered Sihil. The first field was
discovered in 1976, then known as Cantarell complex in 1996.

See: http://www.alcione.org/FRAUDES/FAM/campech.gif

The lights (UFO's) shown in the video of march 05, 2004 provided
by the Mexican Air Force could be the heat source produced by
the flames of the oil wells located in the Oil field Cantarell
between 50 km to 90 km in the Gulf of Mexico, very close to the
shores of Ciudad del Carmen city in the Campeche's State and
within the range of the C26A FLIR camera at the moment of the
strange sighting.

I remember one crew member, I don't recall who he was but in
some part of the in-flight communications tells the others that
the "object" is two miles and then one mile ahead (one o'clock)
the airplane and then he said it was over the city ofr Ciudad
del Carmen. By that the airplane was heading to the Northwest
where at the bottom this Oil Wells are located.

There are in the Cantarell Oil Field 214 oil wells in 9
platforms from 184 that PEMEX (Mexican Oil Company) has in the
Gulf of Mexico.

I used to fly as a private pilot in the area of Ciudad del
Carmen in the late 70's. I remember very well seeing those oil
wells at night from the shore and their close proximity to
Ciudad del Carmen city. I Also can remember the IXTOC1 oil well
that burned out of control for ten months.

Is there a possibility that the continuos flame in the offshore
Oil Wells "platform flames" (passive fire) could have been
mistaken as the lights (UFO's) that we have seen in the now
famous Mexican Air Force FLIR video?

Is it possible that the FLIR camera was not handled in the
appropriate brightness control? I must remark that the FLIR
equipment was used in daylight and maybe because of that the
heat sensors detected the oil well's flames causing the infrared
focal plane array (IRFPA) to work improperly? Or maybe was out
of range and by that out of focus and the images are shown
blurred or as in an excess of zooming?

Regarding the presence of this numerous oil wells that have
their burners always with flames (passive fire) to burn the
excess of gas in the platforms I saw the UFO video many times
and noticed the following coincidences that will provide new
data to this case and I hope you'll find this data useful. I'll
appreciate whatever you have to say on this information I've
recollected for the last 13 days. This information was gathered
with honesty and I hope it'll help solve this outrageous case

If any of you have not seen the Mexican Air Force UFO Video you
can download it at:


Please take your time to watch the video carefully and I hope
you also will notice what I discovered some days ago about the
Cantarell oil field in the Campeche Bay located in the Gulf of
Mexico, I insist, precisely in front of Ciudad del Carmen City
from which the oil wells are not to far away (50 to 90 Km from
the shore.)

The objects (lights) are in a fixed position with a dark
background (the sea) while the camera on board is following the
lights that are showing in the screen as a very brilliant source
of light. There is a great distortion as there is no sign of an
object but only light. Take your time and repeat the video. Try
to focus as if the lights are STEADY and the camera movements
shows when turning in his axis that the clouds move sometimes
rapidly and then suddenly they stop moving while the lights
(UFO's) never changed their formation neither their speed.

If you take your time you will see the fact that the lights are
always steady if we repeat the scene and see at the very bottom
of the FLIR screen that the AZIMUTH (Az) NEVER CHANGES more than
TWO or FOUR degrees.

The FLIR was working at that moment in the DAY screening mode as
you can see in the upper white strip of the video's screen.

Ciudad del Carmen's map (PDF format) with Cantarell Oil Field
wells location provided by PEMEX (the Mexican Oil industry):


Maybe you'll like to see a map screen capture:


You'll need Adobe Acrobat reader to view PDF format archives
Download here:


See the C26A Merlin Mexican Air Force relative position in a
Campeche's map (not in scale):


Note: Azimuth is the direction, in degrees in which to fly. It
is shown in the lower white section of the screen the
coordinates an the negative number (-137.4Az). That means the
objective of the camera is pointed to the opposite direction,
that is 317.4 or NORTHWEST so the airplane is SOUTHEAST from
Ciudad del Carmen as the coordinates are shown in the FLIR's
screen: LAT. 18 26.56' LONG. 90 46.22'

See: http://www.alcione.org/FRAUDES/FAM/campech0.gif

About the movement of the clouds and lights in the video:

While the airplane is moving the clouds also move but sometimes
they don't, that's when the FLIR's operator focuses on the
lights and then the clouds stop their movement in the screen and
sometimes they move at the same speed as the lights (parallel to
the airplanes movement). That is because the lights are coming
from steady Oil Platform flames (passive fire) located in the
Gulf of Mexico between 50 and 90 Km from Ciudad del Carmen City
where the objects, at least one light as the FLIR or RADAR
operator tells is exactly over Ciudad del Carmen city (one

The Star Safire II's FLIR can detect HOT SPOTS at a great
distance (50 NM) where the human eye can't see any spot or
temperature source. (Maybe that's why the C26A crew couldn't see
nothing with the naked eye).

Watch the clouds very carefully and see how they move sometimes
at the same speed as the lights while some of them are left
behind the camera lenses, but when the FLIR's operator focuses
the camera (sensor) on the lights as the airplane moves the
clouds stop moving. And that corresponds to a moving object
effect (C 26A airplane) and the moving camera (FLIR) rotating
(panning) in his axis at the same time.

So if you focus your attention in the lights movement regarding
the space between the clouds and the lights, in first plane
(closer to the camera lens as the clouds move in second plane
seem to be steady above the objects).

In the in-flight conversation (not an official phraseology as
the military) the crew members told that they were chased by the
objects but as I can remember the lights never changed in speed,
separation or any sharp turns were made nor any change in their
speed and track.

I think there is an optical effect and by that a distortion of
the reality that make the lights to appear as if they were
flying while they are steady flames coming from the source of
heat that are generated by the Oil Well flames. Remember, there
are 214 wells in 9 platforms from 184 that PEMEX has installed
in the Gulf of Mexico. Most of them are in front of Ciudad del
Carmen city were this now famous sighting was recorded.

Oil wells names and location reference data:


This investigation will continue.

Best regards to all,

Capt. Alejandro Franz


Aeromexico's Airplane Collides With
A UFO In 1994! True Or False? False!
This Case Is A Hoax.

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