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Re: BUFORA Updating Vehicle Interference Project -

From: Isaac Koi <isaackoi2.nul>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 19:10:23 +0100
Fwd Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 11:21:31 -0400
Subject: Re: BUFORA Updating Vehicle Interference Project -

>From: Michael Hudson <Michaelwingham.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 14:38:25 EDT
>Subject: BUFORA Updating Vehicle Interference Project

>BUFORA are currently working on updating the Vehicle
>Interference database previously published in 1979 as a
>collection of 428 cases where UFOs were reported to interfere
>with the operation of vehicles, engines, or electrical/magnetic
>equipment by Falla, Geoffrey, edited by Charles F. Lookwood and
>Anthony Pace.

>We would appreciate any information you would have on any cases
>involving Vehicle Interference full credit will be given to
>original sources and a copy of the publication will be sent as
>a thank you to all contributors.

Hi Michael (and other members of the List)

Apologies for the delayed response but I've been rather busy.

I'm slightly surprised that your email has not generated any
discussion on the List. Perhaps you've received private
responses and contributions, or perhaps your email did not
indicate sufficiently clearly what assistance is desired. After
all, any information you would have on any cases involving
Vehicle Interference covers a lot of ground. Is more
information needed on cases covered in the 1979 BUFORA
publication, or is the updating effort limited to finding
references to discussions of additional cases? Is the effort
limited to post-1979 cases? What sources have already been
investigated? What researchers have been contacted for their
input? What databases have already been consulted?

Without answers to such questions, it is difficult to know how to
assist. You may already be well aware of any points I could
make, and I'm not a fan of spending time reinventing the wheel.

However, I'm happy to give a few comments to get the ball
rolling on this List. Basically, I'd like to show a bit of
support for BUFORA efforts given that to a considerable extent
the objectives stated on its research webpage (link below) echo
my own previously stated views on developing various
reference/working documents:


First things first. In terms of updating the 1979 BUFORA Vehicle
Inference publication, for those that do not own that
publication it would help to know more about the original
version (e.g. (i) the cases already covered, (ii) the type of
cases desired, and (iii) the details required for each case). It
is much easier to comment on gaps than to start with a blank
page. Fortunately, summaries of the 428 cases covered in the
1979 BUFORA catalogue are in fact available online at:


However, it appears to me that the summaries at the above
website may have been condensed (by Mark Cashman, who would
himself be a useful resource for your project and well worth
contacting) from fuller material in the BUFORA publication to
fit the format adopted in the Temporal Doorway website. Is this
right? How much more extensive (if at all) were the summaries in
the BUFORA publication? In particular, did the BUFORA
publication give any references for each of the incidents? Is
there any chance that BUFORA will make the original publication
available online so that those of us that want to help update it
can see where we are starting from?

Next, before conducting a review of the existing literature for
further Vehicle Interference cases (or taking the step, which
would be even more time and resource intensive, of seeking out
vehicle interference cases not already recorded in the existing
UFO literature) I'd begin by looking at relevant existing
databases and catalogues.

These include:

(1) general databases which can be searched for vehicle
interference cases; and

(2) databases consisting entirely, or mainly, of vehicle
interference cases.

In relation to general databases, I have in mind (a) worldwide
databases, and (b) national databases.

The obvious worldwide databases include: UFOCAT and Larry
Hatch's *U* Database. Both UFOCAT and the *U* Database were
discussed (with, I think, contact/purcase details being
included) in my outline email at:


UFOCAT - Relevant searches of UFOCAT include searches on the
following Sub-Type Codes: 5E - EM Effect encounter reports
without landing,

6E - EM Effect landing reports without outside occupants,
7E - EM Effect outside occupant reports without contact, and
8E - EM Effect contact reports.

Apart from performing relevant searches of UFOCAT, UFOCAT is
supplied with a number of Customised Lists. These are prepared
prepared reports of various searches, one of which is entitled
Electro-magnetic (EM) Effects. Many (but obviously not all) of
these relate to vehicle interference cases. Just to give an idea
of the scale of UFOCAT, the printout of the EM Effects
Customized List is 75 pages long, with each of those 75 pages
containing brief summaries of approximately 20 cases.

Larry Hatch's *U* Database - Larry's database contains a matrix
of attributes in relation to each report, one of which is fairly
and squarely relevant to the BUFORA project. The VEH attribute
in row 6 of the matrix relate to cases in which a vehicle is
affected, including marks, burns or electo-magnetic effects.
(The row 7 attribute of EME relates to electro-Magnetic Effect
including those relating to cars, radios, lights, and

Unfortunately, I can't give an indication of the number of cases
found by searching Larry's databases for this attribute because
I 've been unable to install that database from my old floppy
onto the new computers I've recently bought for my office and
home. However, Larry's a helpful chap and I'm sure he'd be
prepared to give this sort of indication if you ask politely.

Ignoring (for now) all the other global and local general
databases, I'll turn to the databases focusing on:

(a) Catalogues of electromagnetic-effects reports, and/or
(b) Catalogues of vehicle interference reports.

(a) Catalogues of electromagnetic-effects reports As always
given my aversion to reinventing the wheel, when thinking about
listing catalogues of electromagnetic-effects I'd start by
looking for existing lists of such catalogues. When looking for
lists of catalogues relating to various types of cases/evidence,
I find it useful to start with the UFO Evidence website and
Francis Ridge's Nicap website.

In this instance:

(i) The UFO Evidence website provides links to various relevant
online articles and case listings:


(ii) Francis Ridge's website's also provides a similar list of
links to various online articles and case listings:


Turning to individual EM databases/catalogues, the ones that I'm
aware of include the following:

(i) Project 1947 EM Effects Catalog, which is discussed by Mark
Cashman at:


The relevant 1101 case summaries are available online at:


(ii) Francis Ridge's list of EM effects cases. Available online


(iii) NICAP's The UFO Evidence (Volume 1) contains a
chronological list of EM cases in Section 8 (Special Evidence)
in a subsection entitled Electro-Magnetic (E-M) Effects at
pages 73-76. I hope no-one minds if I point out (yet again) that
the entirety of The UFO Evidence (Volume 1) is available
online, with the relevant chapter appearing at:


(iv) As an update to the list in The UFO Evidence (Volume 1)
see Richard Hall's discussion in The UFO Evidence: Volume 2 - A
Thirty Year Report (2001) (edited by Richard Hall) at pages
247-260 (in Section 7) of the Scarecrow Press hardback edition.

(v) A couple of websites purport to have NICAP's
Electro-magnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying
Objects (UFOs) (June 1960) available on them, but I'm afraid
that I can't get the document to appear. See:



(vi) Potentially useful for further research is Francis Ridge's
bibliography of articles relating to EM effects. It is available
online at:


(b) Catalogues of vehicle interference reports
Turning to the catalogues most directly focused on incidents
relevant to the updating of BUFORA's vehicle interference
catalogue, again I'd start by looking for lists of relevant
databases/catalogues. The UFO Evidence website again has a
relevant webpage. See the existing lists of Vehicle Interference
catalogues on that website at:


In relation to individual catalogues of vehicle interference
reports, I'm aware of the following. (I note in passing that the
relatively quick comparison I've made of the cases listed in the
following catalogues (and of the vehicle interference cases in
the catalogues above) suggests that there is surprisingly limited
overlap in the cases listed.):

(i) I think the most frequently discussed catalogue of vehicle
interference reports is Mark Rodeghier's UFO Reports Involving
Vehicle Interference, A Catalogue and Analysis edited by Mimi
Hynek and Sanna Hans Longden, (Center for UFO Studies, October,
1981). It is available online at:

The case summaries within that report are in the section entitled
Vehicle Interference Event Summaries at :





That catalogue and analysis is discussed, for example, by:
Clark, Jerome in his Strange Skies: Pilot Encounters with UFOs
(2003) at page 180 (in Chapter 8) of the Citadel softcover

Hendry, Allan in his The UFO Handbook (1979) at page 259 (in
Chapter 20) of the Sphere softback edition.

Kanon, Gregory M in his The Great UFO Hoax (1997) at page 52
(in Chapter 4) of the Galde Press softcover edition.

Randle, Kevin in his Scientific Ufology (1999) at page 210 (in
Chapter 8) of the Avon softcover edition.

(ii) The next most frequently discussed database is the BUFORA
project which is being updated, i.e. Fallas, Geoffrey Vehicle
Interference Project edited by Charles F. Lookwood and Anthony
Pace, British UFO Research Association, 1979. As mentioned
above, 428 case summaries based on BUFORA catalogue available
online at:


(iii) The only regional catalogue limited to vehicle
interference cases that I know is Keith Basterfield's A
Catalogue of Australian UFO Vehicle Interference Cases . That
catalogue is available online at:


(iv) Richard Haines' has produced several analyses of EM effects
on one particular type vehicle, i.e. aircraft. See the 2001
paper entitled A Preliminary Study of Sixty Four Pilot Sighting
Reports Involving Alleged Electromagnetic Effects on Aircraft
Systems online at:


A 1992 paper by Richard Haines entitled Fifty-Six aircraft pilot
sightings involving electromagnetic effects is available online.


(v) Several papers analyse vehicle interference reports. The
most frequently discussed such paper is, I think, Donald
Johnson's Effects of position & distance in UFO ignition
interference cases (1983. Journal of UFO Studies, (old series
volume 3)). That paper is available online at:


Whilst not including a catalogue of vehicle interference

Johnson's paper shows one possible type of analysis of the
contents of such a catalogue (and also refers to several
previous discussions of such reports).

(vi) Similarly, James McCampbell wrote an article entitled UFO
Interference with Vehicles and Self-Starting Engines, which was
published in MUFON 1983 UFO Symposium Proceedings, at pages
45-59. It is available online at:

By the way, the full text of James McCampbell's book Ufology
(1973) is available free on-line at the following link:

Chapter 5 of that book is entitled Electrical interference and
includes a section on interference with internal combustion

(vii) Finallly, Francis Ridge's bibliography of articles
relating to EM effects (referred to above) includes several
other aricles relating directly to vehicle interference cases.
Quickly glancing through the list at the link below, I've noted
the four articles listed beneath the list:



/MUJ-178,04  /3  /


/IUR-15-1,19  /3  /

There are, of course, a large number of books that have included
discussions of reports involving alleged EM effects (quite a few
of which discuss alleged vehicle interference cases).

I won't attempt to compile a list of such discussions, but if
you want to find discussions potentially relevant to the BUFORA
project then you could do worse than looking at the pages
surrounding those listed in the references in my draft
Chronology to the Levelland, Texas incident (which involved
reports of interference with car headlights and engines, during
the night of 2/3 November 1957 (1957.1102)) or looking at the
links to various relevant documents and articles online at:


Very few of the (approx 80-90) discussions of the Levelland
sighting referred to in the draft Chronology are online. One of
the exceptions is the discussion by James E McDonald in the Roush
Hearing (the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science
and Astronautics Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects on
1968.0729) at page 31 of the transcript of the Ninetieth
Congress, Second Session, Number 7 and more detail in his
prepared statement to the Roush Hearing at page 77. The complete
transcript available free online at the following links:



You may find discussions more focused on discussion of various
vehicle interference cases in England by looking at the pages
surrounding those cited in the references in my draft Chronology
for the alleged truck stop incident involving Carl Farlow on the
A338 road between Avon and Sopley (1967.1106).

Michael, if you'd like to see the draft lists of references for
Levelland and/or Carl Farlow then email me off-list.

For a bit of sceptical balance, you may also be interested in
the views expressed:

(i) by Philip J Klass in his UFOs - Identified (1968) in
Chapter 11 (entitled Electromagenetic Effects);

(ii) in the Condon Report (Scientific Study of Unidentified
Flying Objects, Edward U Condon (Director) and Daniel S Gillmor
(Editor) (1969)) at pages 151-161 (in Section 3, Chapter 4
Indirect Physical Evidence, by Roy Craig) of the uncorrected
version submitted to the Air Force (with the same page numbering
in the 3 volume paperbound edition distributed by the National
Technical Information Service, US Department of Commerce), at
the few pages leading up to page 108 of the Vision hardback
edition (with the same page numbering in the Bantam paperback
edition). The first of these editions has the same page
numbering as the edition available free online at the following



Anyway, Michael, I wish you all the best with updating BUFORA
catalogue. I hope the above is of some use, or at least prompts
others to provide further information.

Kind Regards,

Isaac Koi