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Exopolitics Courses & Seminars

From: Michael Salla <exopolitics.nul>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 05:49:48 -1000
Fwd Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 16:56:45 -0400
Subject: Exopolitics Courses & Seminars

Aloha All,

I hope you excuse me for promoting my forthcoming summer courses
in exopolitics that start in the week of May 16. I think they
are samples of the kinds of courses one will eventually
encounter in graduate University programs once there is open
disclosure of the ET presence. So the courses are a way that
prospective students and the instructor can analyze the
extensive exopolitical data that exists. The course structure,
content and evaluation is modeled on the graduate courses I have
taught at American University, Washington DC.; George Washington
University; and the Australian National University. So in that
sense prospective students will find it similar to many online
courses offered by universities. The main difference is that the
content is 'exopolitics' which is still not considered a serious
academic study at most universities, and there is no formal
association with any accredited teaching center.

When I approached the former Director of the Center for Global
Peace at American University in January 2003 for permission to
publish my very first exopolitics article under the auspices of
the Center. He replied to the effect that "such a topic has no
place in the Center, nor at American University." That basically
stymied my first effort to have exopolitics research considered
at the university level, and I also had to cancel a scheduled
disclosure lecture I had organized with Dr Steven Greer at
American University for early 2003 which he had agreed to
conduct. The Director's response also set in place a process
whereby my eight year affiliation with American University was
eventually not renewed for my temerity in having the Washington
Post conduct an interview with me of my research into
allegations of Eisenhower having met with a delegation of
extraterrestrials in February 20, 1954. The testimonies I
collected for that alleged meeting can be read at:


I think that the most powerful circumstantial evidence
supporting the existence of such a meeting is that on March 1,
1954 (9 days later), the US conducted its Bravo Test of the
Hydrogen bomb where a 15 megaton test occurred on the Bikini
atoll. I think it very plausible that visiting ETs would have
known of the forthcoming test and arranged for a diplomatic
meeting with President Eisenhower to ask for an abandonment of
thermonuclear weapons testing.

I think I have already made the case for why exopolitics
research is valid despite the lack of hard evidence, and
corroborating witness testimony for many of the whistleblowers
cited in my exopolitics research. The exopolitical research
method is presented in the very first course, "Introduction to
Exopolitics", that examines the main evidentiary sources of
exopolitics. The course systematically examines data from
whistleblowers, witnesses, contactees/abductees, independent
archeologists, remote viewing, and, yes, 'channeling to provide
students some exposure to the main data circulating in the
field. The course then moves on to examining the main theories
accounting for the motivations and activities of
extraterrestrials. You can get an idea of the course structure
and content by reading my first online study paper:


The second course is "Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrials"
which examines the kinds of issues that private citizens have
when establishing communications and interactions with visiting
extraterrestrial races. Starting with the alleged Eisenhower
meeting, the data supporting the existence of 'official'
galactic diplomacy with extraterrestrials is overwhelming in my
view. I believe that rather than stop at efforts to disclose the
truth of the secret diplomacy conducted by the "shadow
government" (or the "secret government within the government" as
Bill Clinton alleged to Sarah McClendon) we need to learn about
the basics of 'citizen' or 'track two' diplomacy so they can
initiate their own diplomatic initiatives with visiting
extraterrestrials. I think that the exclusive focus on finding
incontrovertible proof of the extraterrestrial presence no
longer serves the purpose it once did and we now need to take
action to directly mitigate the egregious effects of the current
diplomatic agreements between the 'shadow government' and some
extraterrestrial races.

You can find out more about the two summer exopolitics courses at:


For those interested further in the idea of 'citizen diplomacy
with extraterrestrial's, I recommend taking a look at the one
week seminars that I have co-organized that examine the
different extraterrestrials races visiting the earth, their
motivations and activities. My study paper describing the
different ET races is available at:
http://www.exopolitics.org/Report-ET-Motivations.htm .
Information about the "Citizen Diplomacy" seminars which are
held in Hawaii and include dolphin swims is available at:
http://www.galacticdiplomacy.com/GD-Seminars.htm . I think that
members of the diplomatic community should be the first to take
advantage of this seminar and also the diplomacy course since
quite simply, they are being decieved by the procedures and
mechanisms put in place by the 'shadow government' that such
alleged official diplomacy with extaterrestrials is fiction.

Finally, I believe that those who thoroughly familiarize with
the various issues concerning exopolitics and 'galactic
diplomacy' through courses and seminars similar to those I'm
conducting, will be best placed to deal with the challenges that
lie ahead as we move into an era of open disclosure of visiting
extraterrestrial races.

Michael Salla

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