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Re: More Kaku - Balaskas

From: Nick Balaskas <nikolaos.nul>
Date: Wed,  4 May 2005 10:27:01 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 10:14:07 -0400
Subject: Re: More Kaku - Balaskas

>From: Diana Cammack <cammack.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 09:55:02 +0200
>Subject: More Kaku


>In a Hardtalk Extra interview broadcast on Friday 22 April
>2005, Gavin Esler spoke to theoretical physicist Michio Kaku
>about the fate of planet earth.

>Click here to watch the full interview:


>We know how difficult it is for the US government and its allies
>to organise an exit strategy from Iraq.

>So imagine how difficult it would be to organise an exit
>strategy from planet earth?

>It sounds like science fiction, but it isn't.

>The universe which scientists tell us began with a 'Big Bang'
>looks likely to end with a 'Big Freeze'.

>This is bad news for intelligent life forms.

>Gavin Esler talks to one of the world's leading experts in
>theoretical physics. He hears about some possible means of
>escape from our doomed planet earth.

Hi Diana!

Such hypotheses, speculations and educated guesses by
scientists, many of which are not taken very seriously among
themselves and some of which have recently been quietly
discarded but are still promoted as fact so as not to reveal
their total ignorance of reality (eg. the Big Bang, biological
evolution, etc.) have been and continue to be not only big
sources of anxiety for us in the world but often obstacles to
the truth.

Although the end for all intelligent life forms currently living
on Earth will come within the next 100 years or so (this is an
accepted scientific fact), fortunately it will not all be at the
same time since we do not all die at once. That said, there is
evidence of such global catastrophes that did wipe out all life
recently but miraculously (through the intervention of a higher
intelligences?) reestablished itself again on Earth.

One of these catastrophes is the Genesis Flood which, according
to one leading scientist in tectonophysics, Dr. John
Baumgardner, created the present continents when the Earth's
crust quickly sank into the mantle at rates of up to 7 meters
per second (much higher than the present continental drift rates
of a few cenitmeters per year). As further evidence of such
rapid tectonic activity, this scientist points to the strange
surface of our "twin planet" Venus that can be better understood
if it too had gone through a similar violent tectonic
catastrophy in recent times.

Even with our simple 3-D cosmologies which we can easily relate
to, we accept that energy and matter are conserved and since we
are more than just flesh and blood, as eternal beings we have
nothing to worry about. So let us continue to concern ourselves
with our place and purpose in this vast universe and our
relationship to the rest of creation, including UFOs and
possible ETs, than to worry about the latest threats to Earth by
scientists which, as their past threats have proven to be more
science fiction than science fact.

Nick Balaskas

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