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Filer's Files #19 - 2005

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar.nul>
Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 07:42:38 -0400
Fwd Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 12:17:20 -0400
Subject: Filer's Files #19 - 2005

Filer's Files #19 =96 2005

Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern
Vice President of Skywatch International
May 4, 2005, Web: www.georgefiler.com

Webmaster: C E Warren www.cewarren.

New Planet photographed

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO
eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis
around the world and in space. Many people claim it is
impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an
open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These
Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life
not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one
hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO

Articles this week include: Planet photographed around distant sun

Mars =96 Mount Rushmore found.

UFOs were seen over Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida,
Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana,
New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas,
and Washington. Sightings were also reported in Australia,
Argentina, Canada, France, and South Africa.

Letter from an Medical Doctor in Iraq.

Planet photographed around distant sun

European and American scientists say they have photographed a
planet outside the Solar System for the first time. The European
Southern Observatory group said the red image is the first
direct shot of a planet around another star. The planet, known
as 2M1207b, is about five times the size of Jupiter and is
orbiting at a distance nearly twice as far as Neptune is from
our Sun. The parent star and planet are more than 200 light-
years away near the southern constellation of Hydra. There has
been a lot of competition among astronomers to secure the first
direct picture of an exoplanet. When the ESO group first
released the picture last September there was doubt over whether
the star and planet were gravitationally bound.

But follow-up images taken at the Very Large Telescope facility
in Chile show the two objects are moving together. "Our new
images are quite convincing," said Gael Chauvin, an Eso
astronomer. "This really is a planet - the first planet that has
ever been imaged outside of our Solar System," he added. It is
extremely difficult for current technology to detect exoplanets
- let alone get a clear shot of one. All of the 130 or so
exoplanets so far discovered have been found using indirect
methods - looking for changes in the properties of stars (their
brightness or way they move) that can be explained only by the
presence of a planet. Now we have a direct observation, the Eso
team says. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4501323.stm

Minotaur rocket successfully launches

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, CALIF. The Orbital Sciences Minotaur
Rocket was successfully launched on April 11, 2005, by the1st
Air and Space Test Squadron, the Minotaur carried the XSS-11
self-maneuvering, micro-satellite into orbit for the Air Force
Research Laboratory. The self-maneuvering, micro-satellite, was
launched into polar orbit. The 220-pound satellite is designed
to further explore, demonstrate and flight-qualify micro-
satellite technologies.


The Minotaur is a comparatively low-cost launch vehicle with a
100-percent success rate. When the XSS-11 reaches orbit, it will
rendezvous with a resident space object and perform extended
proximity operations including standoff inspection and
circumnavigation, which help Air Force Research Laboratory
officials test the limits of today's technology.

Editor's Note: Some recent UFO reports may be observations of
this new satellite.

Mars seems to have a Mount Rushmore
Recent European Space Agency images of Hale Crater on Mars
appear to show a series of faces similar to the four Presidents
on Mount Rushmore. It should be noted that the Mars Express is
orbiting at high altitude and it is difficult to pick out
cultural features from the satellite. Similar satellite orbits
above Earth would determine that there is no life on Earth. Each
time the Mars ground features are enhanced there tends to be
jpg-compression of the texture image causing some distortion. It
is quite apparent the images are being manipulated, smudged and
distorted. The end result is that it is very difficult to
determine if these cultural features really do exist on Mars.
However, careful analysis appears to show faces carved in the
rock inside Hale crater. One face can be explained as chance,
but not multiple faces. I'm not discussing the farmland pattern
that may result from jpg-artifacts, stereo processing and
digitization of the image. The face appears to be of a bearded
man. Many mountains appear to have faces carved into them with
eyes, nose, mouth, beard and headdress. They are often very long
faces made with multiple views. That is the face, and often
several can be seen from almost any direction of approach. Look
at the photo from various directions and several faces become
apparent on a 19 inch monitor. Caution these images are of very
low quality. [Image]


Below center appears to be the small face with a head dress
similar to those worn by Egyptian Pharaohs.


Arizona Sighting Report,

SEDONA =96 The witness at 3:13 PM, spotted an unusual egg-shaped
object flying on March 27, 2005. He states, "I was looking
directly east and I noticed a 30 to 40 foot long egg that had no
apparent wings or tail." It first caught my eye because of its
motion and its lack of reflectivity. Conventional jet traffic at
30 to 40,000 feet were leaving dramatic, growing contrails but
this object was flat white and did not appear to reflect much
sunlight. It was flying at about 7,500 feet and was about four
miles away above Oak Creek Canyon. I watched it fly a straight
trajectory (about 35 degrees) from east-to-north before it
disappeared. It covered 50 to 60 miles in 30 seconds. Toward the
end of the 30 or seconds, the object seemed to squirt forward
and instantly resume its normally constant speed. Thanks to
Peter Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

California flying triangle flies by skyscrapers

LOS ANGELES =96 A silent object glided through the skyscrapers in
downtown LA, parallel to the 4th floor of these buildings on
April 20, 2005, at 1 PM. The witness states, "I am a college
educated, Vice President of a corporation and the most normal
and skeptical person I know. I was by the downtown courthouse in
my car, when what appeared to be a stealth bomber flew in front
of me and flew off through the buildings. It was triangular
shaped, silver colored, flew silently and very low. I would have
completely missed it if I weren't looking in its exact
direction. Helicopters don't even fly this low within the city.
It was parallel to the 4-5th floor of the sky rise buildings.
Thanks to Peter Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

Colorado triangle and cattle mutilations

LOVELAND -- While sitting in the hot tub on April 20, 2005, at 9
PM, I was looking up for satellites and noticed a triangle
shaped object moving north about 500 feet high. It was a quiet
night and the tub jets were not on. The object was totally
quiet. It went over the top of the house and was gone. One year
ago or so I saw a similar black triangle much closer while
sitting in the hot tub with my 14 year old son.

We both saw this object. The bottom had 10 black circles in a
triangle pattern. This object was only 100 feet up or so and was
completely silent. We both saw it for about 10 seconds as it
moved north. The object moved slowly say 50 mph. Thanks to Peter
Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

SAN LUIS VALLEY-- After a seven year hiatus away from San Luis
Valley (SLV), apparently the mysterious cattle surgeons are
back. Although rumors of other cases have circulated over the
last few years, no official reports of unusual livestock deaths
have been filed until this past Friday. A rancher reported a
head of mutilated livestock found south of Monti Vista, near the
Wildlife Refuge. Another case may have occurred last month near
Jaroso, when a motorist chased an "'orange light" and returned
to the site two days later and found what he described as "a
mutilated cow."

I was told by the Sheriff of Conejos County of another SLV case
in December 2001, that featured a landed object and bright "blue
and red lights" but the witness refused to officially report the
mutilated cow found in the field where the lights were seen the
night prior. Since 2000 over 2000 cases have been reported in
South America.

DEL NORTE The Rio Grande Sheriff's Office is investigating a
cattle mutilation discovered in the county Friday morning. Rio
Grande County Sergeant Jon Gonzales said the sheriff's office
received the report on the mutilation, which was found in a
field off County Road 29, at 9:57 a.m. Friday. "The facial area
of the cow was removed from the back of the jaw to the front of
the nose by the eye line," Gonzales said. Gonzales said the cut
seemed precise, but there was a small amount of blood. Gonzales
said a person convicted of the mutilation could face cruelty to
animal and trespassing charges. Valley Courier Saturday April
23, 2005 thanks to Christopher O'brien,
Author of: The Mysterious Valley: http://tmv.us
visit the land of the Maya: http://mayasites.com

Connecticut oblong oval craft seen

ORANGE =96 The witness saw an oblong oval craft larger than a
blimp at 10:30 PM, flying extremely low with a streak of colored
lights about the length of a football field on April 9, 2005.
The object flew directly over our house and my parents house
down the road at tree line level making a huge rumbling noise .
It was a massive craft, oblong and oval in shape, bigger than a
blimp. It made a huge constant loud rumbling noise as it passed
by slowly. The lights were amazing with a white and green dot on
top with a long streak of lights along what looked to be the
bottom or side. The long streak had to be close to 100 yards in
length and the streaks changed color periodically from white to
red and to blue. I did capture the craft on video, with the
noise over our house, but the video does not do it justice. As
the craft moved overhead, every sensor light we have around our
house went off and continued to for about 1/2 hour afterwards.
Thanks to Peter Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

Florida flashing lights around moon

Pompano Beach =96 On a perfectly clear night April 11, 2005, at 10
PM, the moon was fully illuminated with a very bright crescent.
The sun light that was hitting the moon allowed me to see the
entire moon's shape in the northwest horizon. On the north side
of the moon I could see 4-5 very faint lights that appeared to
flash, move erratically and change color. My vision is excellent
and I'm not sure if this was an atmospheric phenomenon but I
would guess anyone staring at the moon tonight would easily see
what I saw. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
www.ufocenter.com http://www.stardate.org/nightsky/moon/

Indiana series of lighted disks spotted

LAWRENCEBURG =96 The witness has seen many images between
Cincinnati, Ohio and Indiana beginning in April 2005. They are
shaped like ovals and slightly pointed on each side. He states,
"I was driving home on Route 275 south, in the middle of the
night, and I looked up into the sky and could see a craft
hovering above me with different colored flashing lights going
around the bottom. There were more lights to the right and
lights as far as I could see, and none seemed to be moving
except for the rotating lights at the bottom. There were similar
objects 100 feet apart from each other arranged in a straight
line all with rotating colored lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Director, www.ufocenter.com

BLOOMINGTON -- Mark writes: After we taped the cigar shaped
object behind the farm on April 3, 2005, after midnight, we
moved to the front. We sat there for 25 minutes and photographed
what looks like a helicopter on camera, but it changed shape to
something else. - Alice Evans, John Tosti and I chased the
object, but ended up losing it. We went back to the farm and sat
there for some time again. I kept my camera running in Nightshot
"infra-red" and just moved it around. Then, to the west I saw a
plane and decided to tape it. The camera was on the hood of the
van, and off to the left. "I didn't notice this at the time but
object came in fast, then descended. We came back to our place.
I wanted to see the cigar shaped craft and the morphing chopper,
to end of the tape, and noticed the real fast object. In the
clip I slowed it down many times and you can actually see it
come from the south then drop. Video footage and photos are =A9
2005 Mark Evans http://JohnTostiStory.com Thanks to Brian Vike


Illinois large fireball meteor

EL PASO -- While driving home, 2:10 AM, on April 10, 2005, after
a night out with some friends I witnessed a meteor entering the
Earth's atmosphere for about 4 seconds. While driving I noticed
a large neon green light, with a short teardrop tail, traveling
at an obviously high rate of speed descending on a near vertical
path. There was a thin layer of clouds that the meteor appeared
to penetrate and a large flash of light, as the meteor then
exploded into numerous and smaller "shooting stars". As the
meteoroids continued to descend they all winked out prior to
striking the ground. Although I feel this sighting is of a
natural origin, last fall I witnessed three pale orange balls of
light in the northwestern sky that appeared to be slightly
ascending that slowly disappeared. The lights were the size of a
dime held at arm's length. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Louisiana flying triangle photographed

WESTWEGO -- My co-worker's 13-year old son was in his back yard
taking a picture of the sunset on March 4, 2005. When he
downloaded his pictures to his computer he noticed a spot in the
top center of the photo, and when you enlarge the area you see a
triangle with lights on each tip. If you look even closer, you
can see a black dot or craft to the right and above the
triangle. Westwego is directly across the Mississippi River form
New Orleans.


Thanks to Skywatch-International Web Site

Meteor shower sparks alarm in East

BOSTON - A meteor shower Sunday night sparked a flurry of
frantic phone calls to police departments across New England
from people who saw bright lights moving in the sky. The meteor
shower was seen as far north as Maine, and as far south as Long
Island. Some witnesses apparently mistook the meteor shower for
a plane crashing in Connecticut, the FAA's Holly Baker said.
There were no aircraft unaccounted for.

The bright lights apparently came from the Lyrid meteor shower,
which were visible between April 20 and April 25. Thanks to
Peter Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

Massachusetts triangular craft

ALLSTON =96 The witness was amazed to see stars when he looked up
and also spotted a large triangular shape glide effortlessly
across the sky on April 9, 2005, at 8:25 PM. The flying triangle
was extremely high and had 16 or so circular lights underneath.
No aircraft I know has so many or so large and round shapes
glowing from beneath. There was no flashing light like on
regular planes. It glided quickly, from west to east and
disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Minnesota silent boomerang object seen

HOPKINS -- The first sighting was about 11 PM, on April 7, 2005,
when my wife and I saw the triangle craft flying east to west.
It was triangle shape with five lights spaced about 8 inches
apart. There was one light in the middle and two on each side
none were blinking and as it came over we heard nothing. About
11:40 PM, it came back, flying south but as it went over the
shape started to change. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

EAGAN =96 The witness reports seeing a boomerang shaped object
flying from the southeast going northwest at 1:20 AM, on April
15, 2005. The object was boomerang shaped or possibly triangular
with a series of dull lights, like amber bicycle reflectors.
There were about six lights arranged in a chevron pattern along
the leading edge and the trailing edge of the object was not
clearly visible. The matte black color and motion of the object
caught my attention. It clearly occluded the stars in the sky
and traversed 120 degrees of arc in about 8 seconds. Thanks to
Peter Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

PLYMOUTH -- A Lead Operations Specialist (name deleted) was
driving northbound home from work at 9 PM, on March 2, 2005,
when she saw three huge white lights in the sky ahead and above
Highway 494. It was flying very low maybe a 500 feet high or so.
Really too low for an airplane to be flying. Was it going to
crash? As I neared it, I realized it wasn't moving and there was
no noise. The lights were so bright, there is no way this could
have been a plane. I drove directly underneath it and looked up
and saw a triangular shaped object like a scalene triangle, but
symmetric. I could see it was black on the bottom with some
sporadic little lights on it.

The weirdest thing happened. After I drove under it, I saw this
dark object in the air behind it. Thanks to Keezia

Montana five silver spheres

MISSION RANGE -- While driving east towards Mission Dam, St.
Ignatius about 8:30 PM, on April 7, 2005, we both saw at least
four large lights, which looked like large head lights of a car,
tumble through the sky, as if in leap frog. The speed was faster
than anything we knew of and immediately they were gone. As soon
as we saw them, we both questioned the other "did you just see
what I saw?" Sure enough we both saw the same thing.

My fiance is Native American Flathead born and raised here. I am
from Washington State, and we both have never seen anything quit
like that leap frogging in the sky and disappearing. Thanks to
Peter Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

New Jersey flying triangle

SICKLERVILLE =96 The witness saw a triangle shaped yellow light
moving slowly around a little forest that we have between our
Asten Woods complex. On April 20, 2005, at 9:32 PM, I left the
house to pick up my eleven year old daughter at a party. I
stopped the car on Dittest Street to look and the triangle
stayed in place for about two minutes. Then, the triangle light
disappeared or just faded away leaving a little circle of small
lights. I picked up my daughter and when I turned into Erial and
Williamstown Road, I could see the triangle light again. My
daughter also saw the ttriangle in the sky. It crossed the road
and disappeared again in the open clear sky. Thanks to Peter
Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

North Carolina flying triangle with lights

A CD containing photos like this is available by donating to
Filer's Files. The image was taken of disk over the center of
the state by the Carolina Research Project photographers early
this year. [Image]

MOREHEAD CITY -- The witness spotted a flying triangle with six
large rectangle lights at 9:50 PM, on April 4, 2005. Three
lights were on the left and three on the right They ran down the
sides and looked equal in size. There was also one round light
at the bottom in the back center of the craft. The light was so
dim it was barely visible heading north. Thanks to Peter
Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

GREENSBORO -- On April 8, 2005, my dad, my brother, and I were
watching our little three-year old brother get on his school bus
at 6:38 AM, when my dad told us to look into the tree. There was
a large disk in the tree that just shot away into the sky. We
spotted several perfectly cut branches in the tree. Many cut
branches were laying on the ground. It had been hovering in the
tree and many branches were bent as though it was sitting there
watching us the whole time. Earlier that morning we were in bed
and our door alarm went off. We thought my little brother left
the house again, but he was in bed. My Mother said, she heard
some sort of drone noise, saw something go around the house, and
couldn't see any of the street lights through the trees. Thanks
to Peter Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

Ohio UFO Video

FOSTORIA =96 George continues to send interesting images taken
with his RCA VHS video camera. This April 20, 2005, photo shows
a rod or disc. The craft are thought to be moving at over a
thousand miles per hour causing some elongating distortion above
the farm. Possible second UFO in the trees.[Image]

Oregon four early flying wings spotted

KLAMATH FALLS --My wife and I were in the back yard at 4:20 PM,
on April 5, 2005, when we heard a prop driven aircraft overhead
and began to look for it (as I am an aviation buff). I spotted
the plane heading north at about 3000 feet above us. We are
about 4100 feet above sea level. As the aircraft passed
overhead, I noticed a metallic silver and reflective object that
resembled the shape of the early flying wings. I estimate the
wing was 35 feet across and flying at an altitude of 18,000
feet. There were no visible lights or strobes.

The object was moving much faster than a jet and made no sound.
A minute later we noticed two more objects of the same shape
flying in the same direction, altitude, and speed as the first.
They flew parallel to each other about 800 feet apart. A minute
later another object was spotted that flew overhead. Then, it
performed a single roll and showed a distinct reflective
property. The prevailing wind at the surface was from the
southwest. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

Rhode Island triangular ship spotted

EAST GREENWICH =96 The witness was driving south on Route 4 near
the Quonset Point exit when he saw a flying dark triangle craft
with three white lights with one on each corner on April 13,
2005, at 12:30 AM. There was a blinking red and white strobe
light dead center. There were two state policeman pulled off to
the other side of the road even though there was no construction
and no accident. They were side by side with there windows down
watching. I did not stop, but slowed to about 30 mph and rolled
my window down. There was no sound coming from the craft and it
was surely not moving. The object was stationary and hovered in
place for several minutes just blinking its lights. The triangle
was 1-2000 feet altitude. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

South Carolina pilot sees meteor-like UFO

HARTSVILLE -- Jimmy Howell writes:
Did anyone report the large meteor on April 29, 2005 at
approximately 20:45? I was in eastern South Carolina and
witnessed a HUGE object enter the atmosphere in the eastern sky
traveling south to north. It created a comet-like tail for 30
seconds, split in half and the trailing portion exploded like a
4th of July firework!!! I was awed and frightened at once. The
entire sighting lasted for three minutes which seems too long
for a meteor. I had my 7 year old daughter with me and she awoke
this morning still talking about it. I'm a private pilot so I'm
familiar with the night skies. Not sure who tracks this info but
saw your website. Thanks to Jimmy Howell Hartsville, SC

Texas UFO sighting

KATY -- The balcony of my apartment has a direct, unobstructed
view of the north and west and at 9:30 PM, on April 13, 2005, I
witnessed what appeared to be a typical aircraft light moving
from west to east at normal aircraft speed over North Houston.
The light stopped its forward progress NNW direction from my
balcony, and seemed to hover for a couple of seconds. It then
abruptly soared upward at a fast rate of speed, then shot
straight forward rapidly east. It hesitated again, momentarily,
and then the light disappeared. A few seconds later, at least
three normal aircraft appeared in the sky. Thanks to Peter
Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

Washington object with red lights around it

RITZVILLE -- At 9:15 PM, my husband, our grandson and I were
driving west on I-90 on April 8, 2005, when we saw a solid flash
of red that went completely around the object. It would stay on
for two seconds then go off and come on again after two seconds.
The object was outside my window about 50 feet up and 30 feet
away from the car. We were driving at 65 miles an hour, so it
was hard to tell if the object was moving. When the red lights
came on I could see the bottom of the round object. When the red
lights went off I couldn't see the object at all, only when the
red lights came on, was I able to see it. There was no sound
from the object. I have never seen anything like it before. I
told my husband to pull over, so I could watch it, by the time
we got pulled over it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Director, www.ufocenter.com who spoke with the witnesses, and
said, they sounded to us to be quite credible.

Western Amtrak trip photographs triangle

I assure you I took the photos below. I did not see the object
until I had been home for a while, and was looking at my
pictures from my Amtrak ride across the country. The second
photo is a blow up of the object. I was shooting images of the
lava plugs... that is the formation of the volcano that shows
and eroded cone. Only two photos out of 300 on the train are the
only ones with this triangle probably shot over New Mexico.

The Skywatch-International Web Site

Australia UFO spotted up there

TOWNSVILLE =96 Ten minutes ago, my Mother and I we're putting my
pet into it's night cage when my Mum said to me, "What's that
thing up there in the sky?" We live in a rural area in far north
of Queensland, so we can seethe sky quite well at night. So I
looked up at 9:45 PM, on April 1, 2005, and it took me fifteen
seconds to see what she was looking at. The witness states, "I
saw a flashing red and green light, not like a plane since the
airport flight path goes across our area so we know what they
look like, but it seemed to be high up in the atmosphere." It
made no sound and seemed to be going very slow. The lights
'turned off' for about 10 seconds every now and then, and then
'start up' again in the same spot of the sky. This was not an
April Fool joke. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director, [
http://www.ufocenter.com/ ]www.ufocenter.com

VICTOR HARBOR =96 Kathy writes, "On the 24 of April, I was
visiting a coastal area about 2 hours drive south of Adelaide,
South Australia, when I noticed an object hovering in front of
the cloud mass. I managed to take a picture of the object with
my cell phone camera, hence the poor quality, however, I was
able to enlarge it for you. Time of the sighting was 6 PM Thanks
to Kathy...


Iran shiny UFOs seen in skies

My newspaper today reported an Iranian official as saying that
shiny objects seen in their skies were US drones. Well, maybe,
maybe not. I'm inclined to think that they are ours, a new UFO-
 type spy drone. We are certainly reporting a lot of them
around. These shiny objects are certainly not the conventional
type of drone we would expect to hear about. They could, of
course, be real UFOs, but some how I don't think they would have
the interest in them that we have. Thanks to HH

Steven Spielberg says aliens are our friends

Movie Producer Steven Spielberg says: "Aliens are more likely to
be our friends and space brothers than preparing for a hostile
takeover and colonization of earth" according to David Germain,
AP Movie Writer, San Francisco Gate. When the aliens finally
arrive, Steven Spielberg expects them to be galactic good
Samaritans like E.T. rather than the malevolent marauders of
"War of the Worlds." www.waroftheworlds.com/

"I have to certainly believe what my heart tells me. That the
first time there is a meeting of the minds between
extraterrestrials and human beings, it's going to be friendly,"
Spielberg told The Associated Press in an interview looking
ahead to his "War of the Worlds" saga, starring Tom Cruise.

Canada Flying Triangle

SYLVAN LAKE --The object moved fast in a westerly direction. It
was low with no sound.

As I walked home from a friends, I looked up into the sky to
look at the constellations. I saw an object move swiftly over,
low, no sounds and it was a Triangle V formation. It moved in a
westerly direction. The object passed overhead for roughly 30
seconds before I lost site. It was almost like a U-2 spy plane,
but they can't travel that fast and that low.

France =96 UFO Photographed
PARIS -- Valerie Delalieux writes: My friends and I went on a
school trip to Paris, and there we took a picture of the Eiffel
Tower. In the background, there is a weird black spot behind my
friends and we would like to know what it is. Maybe you can
help us ? That picture was taken on Thursday, April 28,-2005,
between 1 and 3 PM. We hope you can help us because we really
want to know what that thing is ! Thanks Valerie


Editor's Note: Thank you for your report to Filer's Files. We
will also attempt to analyze your photograph. Your sighting was
very interesting and appears to be a valid sighting of a
Unidentified Flying Object with a disc shape. The object appears
to be a disc of metallic design. There is a possibility that you
photographed a metallic looking balloon that could have been
floating in the area. Do you happen to know the direction the
wind was blowing and the direction you were facing at the time
of the photograph. Were there additional photographs taken? If
so we could determine the direction of movement of the object.

Iraq =96 MD Army Colonel's letter

Colonel Jesse Marcel writes, "Keep up the good fight on Roswell.
Sooner or later the whole truth will come out, but as you know I
am satisfied as to what was on our kitchen floor, and it WAS NOT
debris from a Mogul device."

I am going to take leave late June and get a time away from
here. It looks like I may be here till Jan of 06 however. I need
a break!! Winston Churchill once said that the greatest thrill a
guy can have in war is to be shot at without permanent result. I
can vouch safely that Winston was right on. What scares me is
that sooner or later there may be a result! ha. I don't know if
I told you about that helicopter that was shot down, but it was
in back of us. I saw it at the helipad in Baghdad before we took
off. It was just a few minutes in back of us but we did not know
it was downed until we landed at Balad. When you are flying, you
look at what is happening in front of you and not behind you.
I'm sure we were targeted but we have big guns and travel in
pairs so if one of us is shot down then the bad guys will have a
very angry Blackhawk sister ship on their ass with blazing M 60
machine guns. The bad guys only like to go after unarmed people.
There goes another red alert alarm so have to go---Jess

South Africa sphere switched on under water

PORT ELIZABETH =96 On April 9, 2005, the witness reports seeing a
blue sphere rise up from underwater and hang two or three feet
above the surface. He watched for thirteen minutes as it slowly
moved towards the dam up the river at 11 AM.. He states, "My
aunt's grandmother saw it back in 1936, I saw it 22 years ago
and now I know where they're hiding." Actually, this is the
third time I've seen it. Uitenhage , South-Africa, 6229.

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