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Are We Living In An Alien Simulation?

From: Mac Tonnies <macbot.nul> 
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 13:38:46 -0700 (PDT)
Fwd Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 12:30:27 -0400
Subject: Are We Living In An Alien Simulation?

'Are We Living in an Alien Simulation?'

by Mac Tonnies

From: http://posthumanblues.blogspot.com

A god-like intelligence wanting to understand the workings of
our civilization might not be content with occasional
"reconnaissance missions" or eavesdropping on our broadcasts.
Perhaps nothing less than a robust, interactive simulation --
 with the aliens playing the roles of indigenous inhabitants --
 would suffice. In this case, for the simulation to bear
anthropological fruit, it would behoove the aliens to think they
really were Earthlings, complete with artificial memories. Only
upon exiting the simulation would they remember their actual
nature. So maybe Earth as we know it is actually an alien
virtual reality constructed as a sort of "Jurassic Park" in
which to observe human society from the inside out. Or maybe,
less glamorously, we're all amnesiac participants in a vast
nonhuman chat-room or first-person video game.

As a (presumed) Earthling, I like the idea that there's some
nobler purpose to our existence, even if we're ultimately
nothing more than a flux of electrons inside from unfathomable
alien computer. Just as some of us enjoy historical simulations
such as Renaissance fairs, an arbitrarily advanced civilization
-- either alien or human -- might decide to reconstruct a time-
period for educational purposes. Indeed, we are fortunate (?) to
find ourselves living in such a pivotal time, possibly just
years away from achieving the technological "Singularity"
predicted by some futurists.

Humans have existed for untold thousands of years, but only
recently have we developed the capability to transcend our home
planet or, conversely, extinguish all life upon it. If we are in
fact experiencing the early 21st century in "real time" (and not
as a VR recording), then it's tempting to envision future
scholars, endowed with immense computing power, creating a
simulated version of our era -- and then, just maybe, immersing
themselves in it for the sake of understanding.

This scenario is unabashedly hopeful, as it implies that there
is a future for humankind. On a darker note, we could be the
computational spawn of alien archaeologists, doomed to simulate
our own impending demise.

Mac Tonnies <macbot.nul>

Website: http://www.mactonnies.com
Posthuman Blues: http://posthumanblues.blogspot.com
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