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Re: Exopolitics Courses & Seminars - Salla

From: Michael Salla <exopolitics.nul>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 06:07:31 -1000
Fwd Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 12:39:16 -0400
Subject: Re: Exopolitics Courses & Seminars - Salla

>From: James Smith <zeus001002.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 16:07:30 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
>Subject: Re: Exopolitics Courses & Seminars

>>From: Michael Salla <exopolitics.nul>
>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 05:49:48 -1000
>>Subject: Exopolitics Courses & Seminars


>>I think it very plausible that visiting ETs would have
>>known of the forthcoming test and arranged for a diplomatic
>>meeting with President Eisenhower to ask for an abandonment
>>of thermonuclear weapons testing.

>Cool. These aliens sure are nice folk. I would have
>thought they would have mind controlled the Administration
>or at least blasted a few aircraft to show they mean
>business. Oh yes, they are too incompetent for that.
>They keep crashing (their spacecraft) all the time like
>drunken sailors.

Aloha James,

Thanks for your humor. It's good to have a laugh over the
ridiculousness of the situation we face. Some are convinced we
should be doing exopolitical analysis over the secret
agreements, etc., that exist between ETs and 'shadow government'
agencies (my position), and others convinced we need more data
before we conclude that UFO's are intelligently guided and that
ETs are visiting our planet (your position?). So we debate, make
fun of one another, and hope that through all this we arrive at
some consensus about what is really going on. There are however
some facts that can't be dismissed here. On February 20 1954
President Eisenhower went missing for an evening and a number of
military whistleblower testimonies exist that he visited Edwards
Airforce base. On March 1, the Bravo test of a thermonuclear
device occurred, the largest ever in US history. If the
Eishenhower administration were mind controlled, the test
probably would not have happened. As for ET's incompetence in
flying interstellar craft here, there seems to be a lot of
evidence that crash retreivals are caused by a number of
factors, some natural others artificial, eg., the Earth's
fluctating magnetic fields, military testing of radar systems,

>>The course systematically examines data from >>whistleblowers,
witnesses, contactees/abductees, independent >>archeologists,
remote viewing, and, yes, 'channeling to provide >>students some
exposure to the main data circulating in the >>field. > >I get
good luck having my questions answered using my Magic >Eight
Ball although I have heard dowsing and Ouija boards are
>effective. EVP can be used to contact Carl Sagan and even
>President Eisenhower, although he is rather busy recently with
>golfing with astral Pleiadians, so I just get his answering
>machine. > Thanks for your outlining your esoteric
communication methods. For me, I like to develop the right
premises upon which the rules of logical deduction give us some
sensible conclusions about what's happening. That means looking
at ALL the evidence, coming up with means for weighing and
testing these different sources, ranking them, and then reaching
some conclusions about what's happening.

>>The second course is "Citizen Diplomacy with
>>Extraterrestrials" which examines the kinds of issues
>>that private citizens have when establishing
>>communications and interactions with visiting
>>extraterrestrial races.

>A definite issue is how to keep the aliens from making you drop
>your trousers since they seem so prone to anal yzing people
>against their will.

Yes, I've heard that too so I'll be sure to have the right belt
if ET ever approaches. Perhaps trouser suspenders would be
better so maybe we can do a quantative analysis of abduction
reports to see what percentage of males wearing suspenders do go
through an alien anal ysis as you suggest.

>>Information about the "Citizen Diplomacy" seminars
>>which are held in Hawaii and include dolphin swims is
>>available at:....

>Uh, are dolphins aliens? Or do aliens like dolphins? Whats this
>about dolphins?

I haven't yet checked the dolphin's passports and whether when
swimming in Hawaiin waters they are bona fide American dolphins
or non-resident aliens from elsewhere in the Pacific. If you
like, I can check with the USCIS (aka INS) to see if they have
an ethnic category for dolphins and whether they can apply for
US residency like the rest of us 'aliens' resident in the US. As
for swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, evidence points to them
being highly intelligent with brains as large as or larger than
humans, and they have advanced communications abilities and many
claim they are telepathic and have other unique abilities. My
experience is that swimming with dolphins is an excellent way to
prepare for contact with off world races, or at the very least
not freak out when suddenly immersed in an off world 'alien'

>>Finally, I believe that those who thoroughly familiarize
>>with the various issues concerning exopolitics and
>>'galactic diplomacy' through courses and seminars similar
>>to those I'm conducting, will be best placed to deal with
>>the challenges that lie ahead as we move into an era of
>>open disclosure of visiting extraterrestrial races.

>More likely, you need some courses in survivalist training to
>help the citizinery survive encounters with "our friends the

Sorry, I don't watch the Survivor show so I'm not up to the
latest survivor tips. However, I don't think we should assume
that off world visitors are our friends. Evidence points to ETs
being as multifaceted as your 'typical American' so I'd
recommend some training in the protocol of communicating and
interacting with ETs. But I know, you are still waiting for more
hard evidence before you take any of this 'citizen diplomacy
with ET' stuff seriously, so perhaps I should come up with a
more basic program for what kind of trouser suspender best
protects one when meeting ET.

Bottoms Up!

Michael Salla

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