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Project Beta And Underground Bases

From: Stuart Miller <stuart.miller4.nul>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 18:52:03 +0100 (BST)
Fwd Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 14:46:40 -0400
Subject: Project Beta And Underground Bases

Project Beta and Underground Bases
Air Force Files And Strange Tales

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

By: Nick Redfern
Co-Editor Phenomena Magazine

Several weeks ago I highlighted a new book titled Project Beta:
The Story Of Paul Bennewitz, National Security And The Creation
Of A Modern UFO Myth. Written by radio host, author, and the
editor of the magazine The Excluded Middle, Greg Bishop, the
book is arguably one of the finest and most important, published
contributions to the subject of UFO research.

And, as I also mentioned previously, the subject matter of
Project Beta is an unusual and bizarre one. And were it not for
the fact that the story is meticulously detailed, referenced and
researched by Greg, the reader might be forgiven for thinking
that they had stumbled upon the ufological equivalent of a high-
tech, X-Files-meets-The Manchurian Candidate-meets-Robert
Ludlum-style thriller.

In essence, the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction book relates the
fascinating and compelling story of New Mexico-based physicist
Paul Bennewitz, who - after stumbling upon Air Force and
National Security Agency (NSA) secrets at Kirtland Air Force
Base, New Mexico, that he believes are connected to the
activities of sinister extraterrestrials forces flying around in
their UFOs - is literally bombarded (both physically and
electronically) with a mass of disinformation, faked stories and
outright lies, all carefully provided to him by the Air Force
Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and the NSA, with the
express intent of diverting him away from his research and
leading him down the rocky path towards mental and psychological

In reality, what Bennewitz perceived to be alien-connected
activities at Kirtland were instead directly linked to a number
of distinctly down-to-earth operations, including a new
technique for tracking and photographing the movements of Soviet
space satellites, a classified communication system developed by
the National Security Agency, and the test-flight of prototype,
"drone" aircraft.

As Greg carefully and skillfully demonstrates, many of the
sacred cornerstones upon which much of today's ufological lore
are constructed, had their origins not in the far corners of the
galaxy, but in the fertile and imaginative minds of American
military intelligence and the behind-the-scenes spook-brigade,
who came up with bizarre tale-upon-bizarre tale to divert
Bennewitz=92s attention away from Kirtland.

One of the most controversial stories fed to Bennewitz by the
AFOSI - and one that still persists to this day - centered upon
the alleged existence of an underground "alien base" deep in the
mountains at a town called Dulce, New Mexico. According to the
tales fed to Bennewitz, hostile aliens were living deep under
Dulce, they were abducting American citizens, they were
implanting them with tracking devices, and -- most disturbing if
all - they were almost ready to launch a planet-wide assault on
the human race.

Horrified by this "official lie" Bennewitz began contacting
congressmen, senators, the Media, even then-President Ronal
Reagan in an attempt to reveal the horrible "truth" and to warn
the world of the impending, alien threat.

It is perhaps easy to see why, when bombarded with such data
Bennewitz finally had an almost complete mental collapse. The
UFO truth that has captivated so many for so long might not be
"out there" after all - in fact, it may all be one big con
behind which a veritable plethora of classified, military
projects have been carefully hidden.

And although many of the tales told to Bennewitz by the military
on the subject of "underground, alien bases" were merely
elaborated upon by the Air Force - having been based upon the
man=92s already-existing beliefs in this area - it is curious to
note that this was not the first time that the AFOSI had
involvement in the subjects of UFOs and secret, underground

For example, AFOSI documentation of 1949 covers similar ground.
Titled Flying Saucers, Aerial Phenomena, dated 29 June 1949 and
prepared by a Special Agent of the AFOSI at Scott Air Force
Base, its contents concern a woman (whose name is deleted from
the declassified documentation) then living in Missouri but who
had previously lived with her former husband in Mexico.

She had informed the AFOSI Special Agent that while in Mexico in
1944 "she would hear talk of secret weapons" that were being
built in "an underground aircraft factory" and that was situated
"beneath a mountain near Monterrey, Mexico City..."

According to the story, the woman=92s husband (whose name is also
deleted from the official documentation) "had been given the
privilege of visiting this underground factory where he saw
thousands of aircraft which were being constructed of some
metallic or plastic material that could not be seen in flight.
The crews of these aircraft could see out but on-lookers were
unable to see in..."

The document continued that: "these aircraft were being prepared
for a special operation against the United States and were

Interestingly, a somewhat plausible theory was discussed by the
AFOSI concerning how and why the woman=92s husband was granted
access to this presumably Top Secret underground factory: "...[He]
is a member of a famous singing combination in Mexico City, and
as such, has privileges granted by high standing Mexican

The document reveals little more. Curiously, however, a further
document found in the declassified files of the AFOSI focuses
its attention upon a letter written in December 1967 by a
concerned resident of Staten Island, New York, to FBI Director
J. Edgar Hoover, that discusses the letter-writer=92s knowledge of
"stolen children" kept captive by aliens in "Mexico City inside
the tops of mountains..."

Does this tantalizingly fragmentary body of official
documentation mean that there really are aliens living deep
underground and kidnapping American citizens, as Paul Bennewitz
believed? Probably not. However, it may well be that, in part at
least, the roots of these tales acted as the foundation for the
later, more elaborate (but very similar) disinformation accounts
weaved by the AFOSI to destabilize Paul Bennewitz.

If there is any justice in the world for the now-deceased and
tortured Bennewitz, Project Beta will lead to the opening of
floodgates of cosmic proportions that lead to intense questions
being asked at a higher, official level about the Bennewitz

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