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Re: Area 51's 50th - Friedman

From: Stanton Friedman <fsphys.nul>
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 22:33:18 -0300
Fwd Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 09:00:37 -0400
Subject: Re: Area 51's 50th - Friedman

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>Subject: Re: Area 51's 50th

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>>May 7, 2005

>>Area 51: UFOs

>>George Knapp
>>Investigative Reporter

>>Bob Lazar, former government scientist, said,




>I have two masters degrees; one's in physics; one's in
>electronics.  I wrote my thesis on MHD, which is


>>From the Pre-Sentence Report, dated 7/27/90,
>for Lazar's pandering conviction. This was as related by Lazar
>to the Parole/Probation officer preparing the report:

>8-76 - high school graduate, Westbury, New York (verified)

>1978 - Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics and Electronic
>Technology, Pacifica University (correspondence university).

>1982 - Masters of Science in Physics, MIT, Cambridge,

>1985 - Masters of Science in Electronic Technology, Cal Tech,

>Unfortunately, Pacifica University has proven difficult to
>locate. A number of national college directories were consulted,
>including those listing vocational and correspondence schools. A
>few of the guides were "The College Blue Book", "American
>Universities and Colleges" and "The McMillan Guide to
>Correspondence Study". Nowhere was there a Pacifica University

>The State of California Department of Education's Council for
>Private, Post-Secondary and Vocational Education was contacted.
>They regulate all vocational and correspondence schools within
>the state. They informed me that they had no listing for a
>Pacifica University within California, either now or in the


>Pacifica is an accredited graduate school offering degree
>programs in the fields of Psychology and Mythological Studies.

>Electronic Technology?


>Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


>Electrical Engineering

>Suggested Class Schedule:


A few facts should be added to Lazar's mythology.

He was in the bottom third of his high school class and had one
science course: chemistry. This essentially rules out admission
to MIT. I checked the Physics Dept., the registrar's office, the
office that kept commencement lists, the office that kept
Masters thesesis.

Nobody ever heard of Bob.

I talked to the legal counsel. There is no way to wipe out
somebody's records.

Others have looked at all the yearbooks... no Lazar.

Cal Tech never heard of him.

Bob mentioned a William Duxler as having been his physics prof
at Cal tech. I located Dr. Duxler who never taught at Cal Tech
only at Pierce Junior College where Bob did take a course from
Duxler... at the same time he was supposedly at MIT 2500 miles
East of Pierce (San Fernando Valley in Calif).

Nobody who can get into MIT (Bob couldn't) goes to Pierce JC.
Somebody with an MSc from MIT wouldn't be accepted for an MSc
program at Cal Tech, only a PhD program.

Bob has never shown a diploma or a transcript even from his high
school, also no resume.

When asked what year he received his MS from MIT he said "let me
see now, I think it was 1982". Nobody with an MS from MIT
wouldn't know what year.

There had to be a Professor's name on the MS and a copy of the
thesis on file... nothing.

He is a total fraud. Bright and glib.

When he went bankrupt he listed his occupation as a
self-employed film processor... many debts were connected with
film processing equipment.

The Los Alamos phone book indicates he was employed by Kirk
Meyer not by the Lab.

There is more but why bother?

Stan Friedman

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