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A Brief Starchild Update

From: Lloyd Pye <lloydpye.nul>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 17:44:01 -0400
Fwd Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 18:18:05 -0400
Subject: A Brief Starchild Update

May 11, 2005

It is exactly 90 days since the last Starchild update, and much
has happened to it and to me. In late February I moved from
London to the U.S. because the cost of living here is
substantially less. Also, I returned with a new partner, Amy
Vickers, an Aussie lass I met in London. We intend to be happy
and productive.

Productive is the key word. I=92m here to write a book about my
six-plus years as caretaker of the Starchild skull. I expect to
finish all of it by the end of this year=97except the final
chapter. That will be revealed to all of us over the next few
months as the final rounds of technical testing play themselves

Another major event for me is that my personal website,
www.lloydpye.com, has been completely overhauled for the first
time in seven years. It has entered the 21st century with a
dazzling array of new pages and features. The most important
addition is 15 slide shows of about 10 slides each. Some are
more than 10, some less, but all are designed to graphically
illustrate the differences between Intervention Theory and
Darwinism or Creationism.

Together, those slides make an overwhelming case for outside
Intervention is all aspects of life on Earth. Let me politely
but firmly urge everyone to find time to view those few dozen
slides and read the few lines of text under each. Those images
and that information will shake at least some of your mental
foundations and rattle around inside for a long time to

There are, of course, other pages of interest. I have my three
best screenplays posted with thumbnail descriptions, detailed
synopses, and the full text of each script. Each one is
topnotch, having been optioned multiple times by Hollywood
producers. That means they seriously tried to arrange financing
for them, but none was ever successful. You want a hard game?
Movies are a hard game.

Something else new is a humor page. That one you have to see for
yourself. Essays and short stories remain, but with additions
and subtractions from the old pages. My books are presented, the
two available now and the four that will be available as Amy
formats them for Print-On-Demand. If any synopses or sample
chapters ring your bell, let us know and we=92ll let you know when
it=92s ready. Oh, and there is new biography text and a new photo
with it. That obscured one in front of the pyramids is finally

With that said, let=92s turn to the Starchild. When last I
reported in February, we had been gifted with enough funding to
continue testing its bone for the next six to ten months,
expecting definitive results to be achieved in that time. We
remain hopeful that will be the case. Further testing is
underway, and will continue until nothing more of significance
can be accomplished.

Let=92s pause for a quick but critical review of our recent past
so we can better envision our potential future. When the
Starchild=92s DNA was tested, its mitochondrial DNA (very durable)
could be easily recovered. That revealed its mother was a
typical Amerindian who would have lived in northwestern Mexico
900 years ago. However, despite being well preserved by spending
nine centuries sheltered from outside elements in a mine tunnel
under a thin coat of dirt, the Starchild=92s nuclear DNA
(relatively fragile), containing its father=92s genetic package,
could not be recovered=97in four attempts! Why not? Because the
primers were not picking it up.

Nuclear DNA primers are designed to recover from humans, not
alien-human hybrids. So while the Starchild=92s entire nuclear DNA
package could well be recoverable (and very likely is), there is
no way to go after it until geneticists WANT to, enough to
design new primers to search beyond strictly human parameters.
This effort could be paid for with a small fortune, but since we
continue to struggle merely to survive, this is not in our
immediate future.

The lack of suitable primers leaves us holding a kind of genetic
bag that has to be filled in other creative ways. One of those
ways is to break the Starchild bone down into its constituent
elements, taking it apart almost molecule by molecule to compare
it with a similar breakdown of human bone. This is happening

As of late last week, much of the chemistry analysis had been
done on the inorganic constituents. When that is complete,
analysis of organic constituents will begin. When both are
completed, those doing the analyses should have a much clearer
picture of what is and isn=92t human-like about the Starchild=92s
bone. From there we will follow their advice regarding where and
how to proceed.

I plan to begin actually writing the book about the Starchild in
July. Recently I=92ve been collating notes, arranging them in
their proper sequences. I also intend to ask a couple dozen
people who were closely involved in it in one way or another
(you know who you are) to send me an essay about their
experience with it. I will insert those comments throughout the
book so it=92s not just me, me, me for 300 pages. Other voices
should be heard, and they will be.

Between now and July, I have two major speaking engagements in
Washington State, both highlighted in the =93News=94 page on my new
website. On Saturday, May 28th, I speak in Bellingham at the
Sasquatch Research Conference. This one is about Hominoids, and
I intend it to be one of the most important ever given in this
field. Seriously. If you know anyone in the Seattle-Bellingham
area, please give them a heads-up about it. I=92m one of a dozen
speakers, and the cost is only $40 for the weekend. Contact
Jason Valenti at 360-758-2443, or go to

The following weekend I=92ll be at the 5th Annual UFO/Paranormal
Conference AND the 1st Annual Sasquatch Symposium in Seattle.
I=92m the first speaker on Saturday morning, and I=92ll be giving a
visual tour of what we=92ve been through and where we stand at
that point with the Starchild. It will be the most up-to-date
information I can provide, and by then there should be a
completion of at least the inorganic testing. If you want to
know about it first, be there in Seattle, Saturday morning, June
4th. Contact Charlette Lefevre at clefevre.nul or go to

Okay, that=92s it for now. Thanks for listening, and be sure to
check out the remarkable changes at www.lloydpye.com. For that I
owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mark LaRose in Louisiana for
designing the original format, to Andrew Johnson in England for
formatting the slide shows, and to my partner Amy for doing
everything else.

Lloyd Pye

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